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What are a few quotes that show signs of maturity in Jem Finch? Top Answer. Wiki User. 2014-05-06 15:42:24 2014-05-06 15:42:24 Anne Frank: 17 Really Amazing Quotes Show Maturity Beyond Age On June 12, 1942, as a gift for her thirteenth birthday, Annelies Marie Frank (aka Anne Frank) received a white-and-red checkered diary. The little girl poured her heart into the little diary for the next two years, detailing her life in hiding from the German occupation. Maturity Quotes. View the list Learning lessons is a little like reaching maturity. You're not suddenly more happy, wealthy, or powerful, but you understand the world around you better, and you're at peace with yourself. Learning life's lessons is not about making your life perfect, but about seeing life as it was meant to be. ... Quotes tagged as 'immaturity' Showing 1-30 of 107 “Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.” Quotes tagged as 'maturity' Showing 1-30 of 736 “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” ― Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds A mature person is one who does not think only in absolutes, who is able to be objective even when deeply stirred emotionally, who has learned that there is both good and bad in all people and in all things, and who walks humbly and deals charitably with the circumstances of life, knowing that in this world no one is all knowing and therefore all of us need both love and charity. Mar 14, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Camélia. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Signs of Emotional Immaturity. We all have bad days and at times have our own individual temper tantrums. Sometimes, we simply feel bored and need to look for something to do. But for some people, these traits can get in the way of having a good relationship. Consider the following signs of emotional immaturity: There is a special formula to friendships to take into account when it comes to creating lasting relationships. These quotes about maturity and friendship capture the essence of building lasting friends. “A mark of maturity seems to be the range and extent of one’s feeling of self-involvement in abstract ideals.” “A person’s maturity consists in […] Immature Vs Mature quotes - Read more quotes and sayings about Immature Vs Mature.

Demand for Perfection (Part 3 of 8)

2020.06.16 20:43 anonaluz Demand for Perfection (Part 3 of 8)

This is the third in an eight-part series on how to identify brainwashing in a destructive group or cult.
The third element that destructive religious groups use to control their followers is the demand for an unreasonable level of purity. I say “unreasonable,” because the Bible does command followers of Christ to strive for holiness (1 Peter 1:15-16) and completeness (Matthew 5:48), yet cult leaders twist these scriptures to mean “perfection.”
How do they do it? They use five methods.
1.) Shame and Guilt
First, cult leaders capitalize on universal feelings of shame and guilt. We are all born into the world as sinners. We all know intuitively that we fail to measure up.
Shame and guilt serve as emotional levers which a group leader can pull to get a reaction of cowed obedience. For example, if a church member wants to go on vacation with their family, the group leader might say, “Well, I suppose you can go if you really feel you need that. I gave up vacations years ago when I decided to follow Christ whole-heartedly. God never goes on vacation, and Christ said that he is always at his work, even as God works every day (John 5:17).”
Do you hear the not-so-subtle manipulation? The follower has just been told that he or she is weak, uncommitted, and essentially sinful for wanting to spend time with family members away from the group. The issue here is not one of purity or sin, but rather of the group leader’s preference which has become a culturally enforced system of perfect attendance. But such reasoning creeps insidiously into a follower’s thinking, giving power and control to the group leader’s preferences.
2.) The Razor Path of Purity
In many unhealthy groups, leaders set up a standard of extreme purity which they say God requires of true believers. In these systems, the narrow path of scripture is sharpened to a razor-edge. Followers teeter precariously on this razor path of purity, cutting their feet to ribbons as they try desperately to avoid falling into chasms of “sin.”
The problem with this system is that “sin” is defined so broadly that “good” becomes an almost impossible thing to attain. Indeed, cult leaders often teach that even a person’s natural desires are evil—love of ice cream, for example, or wanting to spend time with natural family—and that in order to follow God they must crucify such desires. The group leader constructs a polarized system of right and wrong, black and white, with no room for personal preference or natural inclination. People who subscribe to such a system make themselves susceptible to a leader’s manipulation and control, since it is the leader who interprets right or wrong.
We need look no further than the Pharisees in the New Testament to find such a rigorous system and what Jesus thought of it. While God gave the nation of Israel many laws in the Old Testament to set them apart as a people, the Pharisees considered these laws inadequate. Instead, they were so fearful of transgressing the laws of God that they set up “hedges” of additional man-made laws to keep from breaking God’s laws. From the outside, the Pharisees seemed incredibly holy because of their many religious devotions, but on the inside they were proud and fearful.
Jesus spends most of Matthew 23 rebuking the Pharisees for their legalistic, self-serving laws. He gets to the heart of the issue by showing that the Pharisees believed themselves better than other people and enjoyed gaining the praise of men (Matt 23:5-7). Instead, Jesus says, “The greatest among you shall be your servant… and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted.” And in Colossians 2:8-23, the Bible shows the difference between a rigid man-made system of religion and the gracious reality which is found in Christ.
3.) High Commitment Zombies
Unhealthy religious groups often maintain control over their followers by keeping them exhausted through religious activities such as prayer, Bible study, mandatory fellowship, and long instructional times. While all of these areas can be good when kept in proper balance, they form a crushing burden when linked to salvation and legislated by men.
Such continuous activity serves two purposes: it keeps group members from spending time with people from outside of their group (see milieu control in part one of this series); and it cultivates altered brain patterns and a state of suggestibility through sheer exhaustion. Prisoners in various wars have testified how prison guards sometimes kept them awake for endless hours in attempts to brainwash them or break down their mental and emotional defenses. Cult leaders may not understand this technique officially, but they master it intuitively. Through exhausting activity, they take insecure people and turn them into highly-committed zombies.
For example, a cult leader might quote Hebrews 10:25 to require members to attend every function of the group. If followers miss a meeting, the group leader might question their commitment or even their salvation. Yet while the goals of the group may seem good (a questionable thesis), rest is also a necessary component of a productive life. God himself rested on the seventh day to set an example for all people (Gen 2:3). Group leaders who fill up most weeknights and the majority of the weekend with mandatory group activities have missed the whole concept of Sabbath rest.
Jesus, for his part, recognized the importance of rest. When exhausted by ministry, Jesus took his disciples away with him to a quiet place to rest (Mk 6:31). Elsewhere, Jesus tells people who are exhausted and burdened to come to him for rest (Matt 11:28-30). Jesus’ light yoke contrasts markedly with the heavy burden of the Pharisees which they commanded people to bear. And what was this burden? It was none other than a works-based, man-made system of rules and regulations which kept people fearful and exhausted (cf. Lk 11:46; Mt 23:4).
4.) Sins of Attitude and Immaturity
A fourth method of controlling followers is to catapult attitudinal sins and immaturities to the level of more grievous sins. Cult leaders often focus on followers’ attitudes and rebuke them for apparent “rebelliousness,” “pride,” or “unsubmissiveness.” But what do these words mean, anyway? In a cult, they mean whatever the cult leader wants them to mean.
For example, the leader of an unhealthy group might rebuke a member for asking too many questions, charging them with “intellectual pride.” Or a cult leader might order followers to give large portions of their income to their ministry, saying that they are “selfish” if they refuse. Or they might command women to submit to their husbands—but more especially, to the leader—in everything, no matter what. Such submission might even involve tolerating verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. If a woman speaks up against such behavior, she is labeled as “unsubmissive” and the group leader trots out numerous scriptures to rebuke her. God hates such twisted use of scripture.
Regarding immaturity, cults demand that people change now. Leaders of unhealthy groups often focus on normal immature behavior—not necessarily outright sins—and demand that followers exhibit maturity immediately. Yet what followers really need is the grace, space, and time to grow organically as the Spirit continues to refine them. Grace allows for growth (Col. 2:18-19; Eph 2:19-22; 4:14-16; 2 Pet 3:18). And in Romans 14 and 15 and 1 Corinthians 8, the Bible proclaims a rich theology of growth through personal decision-making in many disputable areas. But to the cult leader, nothing is disputable—everything is either wrong or right.
5.) Human Works vs. God’s Grace
We can subsume all of the previous categories under the umbrella of a works-based system of righteousness. This can look very subtle, so catch this point carefully. While the group may proclaim orthodox theology from the pulpit—namely, that they believe salvation is by grace through faith in Christ Jesus (Eph 2:8-10)—in practice they actually believe that they have to work hard to attain their own salvation. They may deny this endlessly, but the proof is in the pudding—cult members live in a constant state of fear and look to the group leader to tell them whether they are saved.
By focusing so much on fruitfulness—and linking it with a person’s salvation—cult leaders can control a follower’s life. Such people disregard grace as they try harder and harder to measure up to the demands of the group leader. The pronouncements of the group leader become the measure of salvation, and followers live in a constant state of guilt and shame rather than in a secure place of God’s grace.
Do you see the problem? In this system, the cult leader takes on the role of mediator between God and people, since only he or she is allowed to proclaim someone saved based on their apparent fruitfulness. Fruitfulness—rather than grace—then becomes the means (not just the measure) of salvation, and so the cult practices works-based salvation rather than grace-based salvation.
Leaders of unhealthy groups demand perfection as proof of salvation, with themselves as arbiter. Is it any wonder that such a person can exercise almost complete control over their followers?
Group members believe that their anointed leader holds the keys of eternal life and death.
The stakes could not be higher.
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2020.06.11 21:13 laceyluci A Walk Down Mutter Nutter Lane: What is Nutter Immaturity?

If you're new here, welcome! Please go see my other MNL posts for more details.
I ended the last chapter of Mutter Nutter Lane by speaking briefly about dog nut immaturity, and its role in dog culture personality makeup. We see this immaturity everywhere, but what constitutes the immaturity? What are the clinical terms for the behaviors? Why do they exist?
And most importantly: why the @#* is no one seemingly putting a stop to this gravy (diarrhea) train?!?!?!
Firstly, guys, welcome back. It is wonderful to see you joining me again as I walk further down the Lane. Oh look! Over there! I see a wild Karen letting her Pit Rescue Mix chase the geese! Wow! And ooh ooh, on the right I see a dog who just finished rolling in and munching on other dog's poo - sigh. Now he's licking his "dad's" face and mouth.
I apologize. We are entering the dog park part of the Lane. There's no shortcut. The Lane cuts right through this Park of Dogshit and to stray from it is to risk stepping in mess...or worse.
What we've just witnessed are some examples of the exact theme I wanted to chat with you about on our walk today: stifling immaturity.
In all people who exhibit strong to severe traits of narcissism or other Cluster B personality disorders, immaturity is the cardinal red flag. Below you'll find general videos from professionals in that field of study, but as no one yet is professionally discussing and dissecting dog lover immaturity openly, I am going to do that today, in detail, and with as much clinical knowledge as I possibly can. Please kindly note that I have studied psychology for going on 10 years now. I've studied it seriously with working, licensed psychologists in multiple States over that time, and studied it online from professionals' own videos and resources, and I've read many clinically written books. I've also taken specialty courses in trauma, human development and more. All this being said, I am not a psychologist; I seriously considered becoming one when I was a little younger, but decided against it after taking on some courses and apprenticework because I encountered traumas and personality disordered individuals that I decided were too intense for me to handle healthily. This is my way of giving back to those in need without sacrificing my entire soul to the practice...I admit, I am not as strong as the brave specialists.
My posts are meant only to educate and to encourage more enlightened discussion of these personality issues. I am not diagnosing any person, but am commenting on common behavioral threads and themes, and giving my personal opinions backed by professional sources for the behaviors discussed.
Also, I do not shame or judge anyone for the choice to stay in an unhealthy relationship. It took me 3 1/2 years to become upset enough to leave. It took me losing all I had: my health, my sanity, my ability to support myself and care for myself, before I was ready. These posts are essentially a guide for others in situations like mine was, in hopes that it will save as many people as possible as much pain, money, health and happiness as possible.
At the heart of it all, immaturity is the key word. Let's begin!
What is immaturity exactly? The literal definition says that it is, "the state of being immature or not fully grown." Fittingly, the sentences used to contextualize the word immaturity are, "*behavior that is appropriate to someone younger, as in,
"They were shocked by such immaturity in a grown man"*".
Simply Google searching the word "immaturity" gives us these quotes.
The dog culture is just filled to the brim with serious immaturity. So much so that it's difficult to pick only one leaping point! My favorite and perhaps the most pervasive example is that dog nutters, like little children, feel entitled to behave impulsively in most all situations; they lack empathy, insight, and inhibition. What's this look like? What the popcorn paws did I just say?! It's a fancy way of saying that dog worshippers do whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want to, IrRegArDLesS of potential consequences (societal, environmental, to animals involved, or most tellingly- to themselves.).
Here's the tricky part, and this is why I say that Segregation is the Only Liberation, my friends..
These people are literally missing at least a whole suit of cards from their deck.
They are not well. They are not adults. They are stunted children living adult lives, empty life-shells; take a peek under the shell and you will quickly see that the facade is hollow. They may present to you as being confident, professional, clean, happy folks and it is all a lie.
Think of the people who do things like...
*Let dogs illegally off leash
*Let dogs off leash in unsafe places
*Take dogs into places where human food is served, prepared or kept
*Allow dogs to "kiss" their bodies- anywhere!- and who probably don't immediately go scrub themselves clean with bleach (joking...use antibacterial soap!)
*Sleep with, snuggle, hug or cuddle, or share furniture with, dogs
*Forkfeed, emotionally feed (ie give dogs human food), or allow dogs to eat/beg at the table
*People who allow dogs to harm children or other people or animals, or worse, encourage it
*People who spend far more on their dogs than they do their human "loved ones", themselves, their homes, or their own passions and joys (if they have any)
*People who allow their dogs to terrorize or frighten others, or to destroy others' property
*People who treat dogs better than other people, who would rather invest in dog- human relationships
*People who drive in their cars/ on other vehicles with dogs minimally or just not restrained
What do all of these have in common? All of these people sadly are too immature to see the effects and or potential consequences of their behaviors and mindsets. The reason that dog nutters do all of these awful, frustrating, infuriating and dangerous things is because they literally lack the ability to foresee any harm, discontent or negative natural consequence coming down the pipe. And, truth be told, also like children, even if they could or did see something on its way, they contribute any harm as being the fault of someone else, or they flat out do not care about the harm unless it directly affects themselves or their dogs.
It's one thing to have a toddler who cannot see or care that he hurts himself, someone else, or breaks a nice vase if he rough houses too hard. That is normal and the child needs to he showered with empathy, love and care to begin to learn boundaries and acceptable ways to expend energy. It's another entirely to have a 40 year old woman who behaves much the same way, but with dangerous temper tantrums, potential violence and worse following an episode of immature accountability.
I recently had this very talk with A. I mentioned in the last chapter that he had finally struck the very last straw with me, and believe it or not, it had nothing to do with dogs! Gasp! One evening a few weeks ago, I was trying to get back in to my Corsetry (shoutout to Mystic City Corsets, the best and only brand I'll ever use thanks to the crazy curvy cuts of her her corsets, the awesome quality, quick shipping, luxurious satin laces and beautiful designs!). I had been sick too long and desperately needed a pick me up. Enter my corset. I get into it and realize that I'm having serious trouble lacing up because my ribbon laces are old and breaking down. I got pathetically stuck, and I flailed about til admitted needed his help.
A was in the garage, working on his computer for some reason. This was before we decided on a new permanent dynamic, so I was in the midst of pain and upset, now also stuck in my corset and doing all I could not to panic. I politely ask him for help, expecting the worst because he hated being expected, contribute, take care of anyone but himself.
And I was right. He looks at me and rolls his eyes, slowly standing up, asking some question about why I'm stuck at all. I saw red, and I told him that I only want help from anyone who actually wants to love me and make sure I'm safe. I snapped at him that I was so very sorry to inconvenience him, and that I'll go cut the bitch off myself. Then I walked away, to the bedroom, where I locked him out, to the sounds of his pleading on the other side of the door. I ignored him, got myself out after about 10 minutes of struggle, and sat down to write him a long message.
In my message, I told him that I was over his one sided marriage vow, and done being there for him whenever he needed me, big or small. I let him know that he's a trash person, that I was stuck and panicking, in physical danger potentially, and had really needed his help, that me going to him was vulnerability and a chance for him to have showed me love. I told him not to touch me, approach me in any way sexually or romantically, and that our marriage was over, and that I would file myself in the morning for divorce. I told him that I'm leaving ASAP and that after the papers are signed, he's never to contact me again for any reason.
Then I blocked him as I saw that he was writing back, and I proceeded to watch a good YouTube video as I ran myself a warm, lavender oil filled bath.
He came rushing to the door again and said that he'd seen I hadn't read his message.
"Nope," I said calmly, "I blocked you. I have better things to do than to interact with a leech."
He said that I was right about all I had asserted in my message, and that he was very, truly sorry. He said that I didn't deserve this treatment and that the message made him realize that in his family, no one was taught to think about the effects of their behavior.
Later, after he begged my forgiveness for about an hour, and I told him that we are not together until he has his act fully together, he explained that in his family, there are no boundaries and "s/he'll get over it" is the overarching attitude. No one changes. No one self reflects. There is no accountability, only blame.
This connects directly to dog lovers' attitudes. Like kids, they assume wrongly that everyone else is overreacting, and so they gaslight, making it seem that everyone else is in the wrong for not wanting to put up with their insanity.
This is also why it is wise never to trust a nutter's words. Because they lack empathy and behavioral inhibition, they fundamentally have no integrity.
Let's say that again. Please, if you get only one lesson from my series, let it be this:
Because dog nuts lack empathy and inhibition, they lack integrity.
These mechanisms are at the core of dog worshipper immaturity, and also at the core of Cluster B immaturity. Without empathy (and therefore, the reasonable understanding of how potential consequences work), one cannot have self control. Without self control, one cannot have integrity. This is why dog nuts' morals, promises, stances and behaviors change with the wind. It's why your dog nut spouse, partner, friend, whomever, cannot actually change, why they break promises over and over. Tbey may sincerely promise something in the moment, but the moment will end and a new one will begin. If the next moment has any hardship or inconvenience, the promise is out the window (and to you it'll look like this person is a liar out to take advantage, which is overall true). Sure they'll tell you all you want to hear, they'll beg and chase, but ask yourself....
What is this person's word really worth? Does s/he keep their promises? Or do I need to keep reminding them, threatening them, manipulating them into keeping their word?
This is the dynamic I spoke about in Hott Dogg, Part 2. The unhealthy mommy or daddy role we take on when in relationship with narcs n nutters. We become overly functional, compensating and thinking for our immature partner so that they never have to, so that they may be free to be the toddlers they are.
This is a form of over loving. I won't call it codependency because this kind of love stems from truly wanting the best for the other; not needing the other for our own fulfillment (though it may become that as we get more and more invested in this dynamic and it overtakes all of our time and other priorities). This is a dangerous type of relationship and I advise everyone to examine their dynamics closely. The next chapter will be about overcoming overfunctioning, what narcissistic n nutter advantage-taking looks like, and how to set boundaries as peacefully as possible.
A told me recently too that he was never taught to control his temper, moods, energy, words or behavior until he met me.
"In my family, we make each other miserable all the time... it's like, home is the ONE place I can come to and let out all that I feel, think... my mom and dad especially do that. Our parents taught us that we really only have to respect our bosses at work, or people who are doing business with us. Well of course the exception being that if any of us kids got nasty with our parents, then it was a huge issue...but everyone else was fair game. I felt like it was my right to take out my moods on everyone and everything around me, and like my parents I guess I came to expect other people to make me happy... But like you pointed out very clearly before, I dished out tons of behavior I would never tolerate in a million years, because in my family the right to be miserable and make other people miserable goes only one way, and my parents taught us that we shouldn't have to consider anyone else in most capacities...Until you, I surrounded myself only with people who agreed with me and who made me feel good, or who were givers. Anyone with standards or who demanded equality I saw as a horrible person, all bad. Anyone who wouldn't gladly tolerate my bad moods and instability I would either tear down over time or ghost. I don't want to be that anymore."
This is huge. Firstly, taking out bad moods on others and making others responsible for your happiness is called an "external locus of control." The opposite, when we control our own experiences and live a life that puts responsibility on our own shoulders, is called an "internal locus of control." When we are little, we have no ability to self soothe. We rely on our caretakers for everything, including emotional needs. We have no ability to foresee cause and effect either (a form of empathy), and so we see ourselves as powerless in the world until we learn to navigate these internal landscapes independently as we grow and mature.
Dog worshippers are, sadly, stuck at this very young toddler stage of maturity. They cannot see why allowing the dog to run leash free is a bad idea; they cannot understand the consequences. They also cannot see that they had the power to prevent the consequences (Fluffy got hit by a car, let's say), because they see the world as happening to them, not because of them; this is why when there are awful consequences to their actions, they are genuinely shocked to see that consequence and immediately blame someone or something else.
Another example: A dog nutter husband promises his wife for years that he will not allow Max to use the bathroom in the house anymore. Swears he'll walk Max twice a day and Max will wear a diaper in the house. After a week of keeping on his schedule, husband feels angry that he has to get up and walk the dog at 8 am every day. So he stops. Wife gets upset, reminds him that he promised, and they fight. It always ends with hubby renewing this promise and saying, "This time is different! I SWEAR! I was just in a bad mood!"
This time is different though. The wife says to him, "I can't take your broken promises anymore, or seeing our beautiful home destroyed by that dog. I hate smelling dog urine and feces every day. I'm tired of you taking advantage of my forgiveness. Get out!"
The wife, because of other issues in the marriage, his broken promises and his awful attitude/lack of self control, has finally had enough. She kicks him and the dog out. They stay with a bachelor friend and the wife files divorce. The husband is sincerely bamboozled, though. What does he tell his friend?
"I don't know what happened. Everything was going really well, then she just blew up at me! She's so petty. She's divorcing me because Max peed in the living room. Are all women this crazy?!"
The friend sympathizes with him, tells him he can stay as long as he needs, and says that yeah, his soon to be ex is crazy and way overreacting. The husband in this scenario has no empathy for his wife, and no understanding of her emotional limits. Because of this, he cannot respect her as a person, nor can he feel remorse for his behavior, see where he is wrong, or see how precious forgiveness is (see the link below about how narcs view forgiveness).
Splitting is another major theme of immaturity here. Dog nuts view people as either with them or against them, all good or all bad. It's very simple, black and white thinking. This is why dog nuts and people with personality disorders are so vicious. People who split others into "good vs. evil" against them are again lacking the empathy that allows them to see nuance, gray, and to see that others also have the rights to their own opinions, needs and desires separate of others.
These two immaturities (stubborn victimhood external locus and splitting), when woven firmly together in an adult, cause serious harm to the person in question, their mates, families, friends, work environments, children, pets, neighbors, schools and society at large. These are the people highly unlikely to change because they cannot, 9 times out of 10. They cannot self reflect because they are too immature, too stunted, to take responsibility for their actions. They need serious help, and to be reparented by a professional, because without deep psychological help, they will most likely continue on creating havoc everywhere they go.
This is why the dog nut creates misery with you, and why after you've broken up with them, they'll find another person to drain dry without a second thought. These are not people fit for any kind of relationship, be it friendship or otherwise. They are emotionally and physically irresponsible, dangerous people.
How to spot these folks in your life.
Look out for classic sayings that put dogs (or cats, or any other animals) over people in this person's mind.
How clean is this person's home and how much dog paraphernalia do they possess?
How much do they fawn over the dog? Dress the dog in clothes? Use of baby talk = NUTTER. ...RUN.
Watch out for telling signs: does the person allow dogs off leash inappropriately, take dogs into cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, home improvement shops or other businesses, allow the dog to beg for food, or any of the other signs listed at the beginning of the article?
Ask this person, "If you were married, in love, etc and you had the choice to be marooned on an island for a year, would you rather have me or your dog?" If the answer is anything other than a puzzled look and, "Honey, that's such a strange question...I would die without you!" RUN.
Ask this person how they feel about dogs running loose and generally being off leash in public parks and neighborhoods.
Ask how they feel about pit bulls.
There are many more, but those will weed out most nutters.
When it is all boiled down and distilled, it comes back to the simple fact that these people are ill and need real help which the average person is unable to provide. It's also not our jobs to do this. If we separate ourselves from them, though, at some point, the ones who begin to have some self reflection may seek therapy on their own. Leaving my husband has been the only motivating factor for him in all his 31 years of life. To children and the emotionally stunted, words are a handy manipulation tool; only swift, firm action with rock solid boundaries (and that may very well include going no contact!) is going to provide the consequences needed to fuel any remotely potential changes, and it's a win win! They are served consequences and we are served peace.
Segregation is the Only Liberation. Stay sane, my friends.
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2020.05.01 00:31 DDuukkhhaa How To Fix NA Teams and Grow Talent (In-Depth)

This post is about venting more so than expecting anyone to listen. I don't think the community would respond well to most of these changes in LCS teams, and I don't think most LCS teams are even open to this type of infrastructure. That being said, I'm going to speak my mind anyway. Futile as it may be.
TL;DR: All-star rosters aren't the answer. Moneyball isn't the answer. Stats aren't the answer. Tired veterans aren't the answer. Imports aren't the answer. The community punishes teams for investing in new talent and taking risks and also punishes them for spending money on veteran players who don't perform well. It's a lose-lose for teams and fans, and both sides are to blame. The answer is spending more money on coaches and scouts and less money on star players, but this approach will only work if your management is intelligent and savvy.

Section 1: Veterans vs. Rookies vs. Stars; where is the real value?

What's the difference between a veteran and a star? A star player is someone who is proven to carry a team. Think Doublelift or Licorice. A veteran player is someone with a lot of experience who has proven to work well within a professional environment. Think Xmithie or Pobelter. A star isn't necessarily a veteran, and a veteran isn't necessarily a star.
Where should money be spent? How many veterans need to be on a team? How many star carries do you need who are already proven? How many rookies can you take risks on? Do rookies need veterans to learn from?
There is no perfect ratio, like 2 veterans to 3 rookies. One of the biggest issues I see from the outside in terms of team building is that teams view players as individuals instead of understanding them as a whole team. Are Pobelter and Damonte good mids? That's the wrong question. What are the right questions you should ask before scouting and recruiting a player?
  1. What synergy role (i.e. vocal, aggressive laner, low/high resource play, etc) are they going to play on the team, and how good are they at that role compared to their same-role peers?
  2. How easy are they to coach/How quickly and effectively do they apply macro and micro lessons?
  3. How well do they fit into a team atmosphere, especially our team atmosphere and why?
  4. What is their work ethic and guiding principles? For example, do they believe in a coach first or player first hierarchy model?
  5. How willing are they to adopt the team culture (i.e. workout routines, practice schedule, communication style, discipline, respect, etc)? Were they already exhibiting these behaviors prior to scouting/recruiting them or do they have to change?
Game knowledge and professionalism are the primary difference between a veteran and a rookie. Rookies are usually mechanically better than most veterans, but they don't know what to do and when to do it, so their mechanics can't translate into pressure and strategic advantages. The reason you purchase veterans isn't that they are going to teach the rookie players how to play the game. That's ridiculous. It's the coaching staff's job to teach players. The reason you select veterans is that they help enforce good habits in-game, their skill set is already tested and measurable, and their professionalism on a team is proven. In other words, veterans provide structure in and out of the game because they already know how to follow instructions and already know the playbook. Arbitrarily putting veterans into a team just because they're veterans doesn't actually help anyone. They have to be the right veterans in and out of the game. They are basically pieces that the staff doesn't need to coach as much, which means the veterans you select should already exhibit the play style and behaviors (in and out of the game) that the coaches are going to be teaching and implementing. Otherwise what value are you getting from them in terms of growth? None. You're just paying for a player who doesn't suck, which is what the vast majority of LCS teams seem to do.
I don't think veterans are absolutely necessary on a team. What makes them necessary is the poor culture in America and the fact that most of the soloQ players a team can recruit domestically are going to be immature and unprofessional. If you have five 18-year-olds on a team together the coach will become little more than a babysitter, unable to enforce rules or structure on the team. This will impede progress and the results will be bad. Not because of the lack of veterans, but because of the low quality of the human beings involved. This is a theme I will repeat many, many times in this post. The quality of the humans involved is what determines the results. Period. Adding a couple of veterans to a team provides the coaches with cornerstones to build from. They are professional, well-tempered players the coaches can rely on to echo their own opinions and to help set a good example for the rookies on how to behave and play based on the culture the coaches and management are trying to create.

Section 2: How many carries do you need on a team?

The idea of a carry is terribly misunderstood, and the sad reality is that the truth often ends up being closer to the misunderstanding than it should. A carry is a type of champion, not a type of player. If a player simply does their job correctly, they will carry whenever they have drafted a carry champion, assuming their teammates support them in doing so. I will have to praise LS for being one of the few League personalities who emphases this point. If your players are competent, you shouldn't have to worry about anything other than drafting the right champions for the situation. No matter how good your player is, they don't bestow the champion with different stats or abilities. So why does the misunderstanding of "carry players" end up being more true than the correct analysis exhibited by someone like LS?
Personality is a huge, huge part of the game. The human playing the champion determines how the champion behaves in-game. Take Dardoch and Blaber for example. These are junglers who are known to be highly aggressive. Because the player is aggressive, they're more likely to look for opportunities or attempt to create opportunities to fight even when they aren't there. This leads to both favorable and unfavorable situations on a team. Without at least some aggression though you end up with a play style that looks like farming passively and waiting for the enemy to make a mistake. This shouldn't be the case. If coaches are doing their job properly and players are applying what they learn correctly, they should identify the right opportunity for aggression regardless of their personality type. Due to the fact that coaches don't successfully establish proper triggers for identifying and categorizing situations rapidly in-game, you end up relying on the instincts of the players. All other things being equal, an instinctually aggressive player will take a reasonable opportunity to go in, while an instinctually cautious player will hesitate and prefer to wait for a situation that they can plan out more. Dardoch and Blaber are aggressive players. Bjergsen and Froggen are cautious players. It isn't good or bad, they are just different play styles.
You don't need a "carry" player on your team, technically speaking. What you need are people who are learning how to play the game properly from an exceptional coaching staff. Then you draft carry champions so the team composition is balanced, and you let the players play those carry champions properly. In the absence of strategic understanding and proper training/conditioning, you leave the decision making in-game up to "instincts" which will play out based on the player's personality rather than their training. This is actually a BAD thing, not a good thing. A mechanically competent player with good instruction and lots of practice will make the right choice 9/10 times regardless of their personality, so long as they're a good student and have a good coach.

Section 3: Sure, good player + good coach = success, but how do you find them?

A team is not its players. A team is not its coaching staff. A team is its management. Everything grows from the management like branches on a tree. The management are the seed, and eventually the roots and trunk of the tree. A player or coach can be removed, but the heart and soul of the team are the people making the final decisions. If they aren't high-quality people, the team is doomed unless they throw a dart at the right coaching staff and give them all the power. You see this time and time again. Management doesn't really play the game, they just have the money, social skills, and business acumen to run a company. So how does a manager with little to no experience playing League of Legends make decisions on which coaches/scouts/analysts to hire, and which players to recruit? It all comes down to how smart and talented the manager is.
The manager chooses the staff. The staff chooses the players. It trickles down from the top. If the top is corrupt or incompetent, the organization is going to fail unless they get lucky. So how can a manager choose the right staff if they lack the experience? All sports are alike in the way you have to succeed. You need staff with strategic vision who can execute on plans and discipline players to make steady progress toward specific goals. If you don't possess those skills, or the ability to identify those qualities, then you need to consult with someone who does. I understand that it's unlikely any eSports team can afford to steal away an NBA or NFL coach, but that doesn't mean you can't get people from that sector to help you. It costs a lot less to invest in a team of top tier consultants for a few months to weed out the best possible coaching staff for your team than it does to spend several seasons failing as a team because you chose the wrong coach.
Before anyone freaks out and says "But what does an NBA or NFL coach know about League of Legends? How does that solve the problem of ignorance?" It doesn't solve the problem of ignorance in terms of the game itself. Not yet. That's the coach's job. 90% of managers aren't going to know the game well enough to quiz a coach on strategy and mechanics. What the manager and their consultants are looking for is the coach who understands how to coach. Coaching is an art, and as such it is universal. The game or strategy might not be universal, but there have been many books written about what makes a great coach. Whether you're playing basketball, football, hockey, soccer, or an eSport, coaching shares certain fundamental principles. Most important of all, you have to be able to create a winning culture, execute a plan, and discipline your players.
Imagine if you will a group of consultants sitting in a room interviewing a potential coach. On this board of consultants, you have a retired NBA coach, a retired NCAA coach, two highly qualified psychologists, and a couple of available League of Legends experts like YamatoCanon, LS, and Dom. You try to tell me that that group of people won't make an infinitely better decision than a couple of investors and a manager who can't break out of silver ELO. Yes, it might cost you some money, but not that much for a few months, and then it will also save you millions of dollars on the backend when you implement a discovered talent style of recruiting and training. If you don't have to pay players like Huni millions of dollars because you don't know how to find fresh talent who will perform just as well or better for 1/10th the price. Spend money on what really counts. Infrastructure and coaching staff. Stop leaving decisions about a video game to people who don't know how to play it or coach it. Most managers are hired because they are good at networking, business, and public relations. That doesn't qualify them to make ANY decisions about the game itself. They need to hire consultants and not cheap ones. Choosing the right consultants to trust, and knowing how to get the right information out of them is the management's primary job when it comes to making decisions about the game itself.

Section 4: Scouting players and teaching them how to play like gods

If you think there aren't at least a dozen players in challenger right now who can compete toe to toe with the best in the LCS mechanically, you're absolutely wrong! Mechanical skill isn't the hardest thing to find, even in NA. The pitfall of recruiting rookies is that mechanics aren't enough. Just look at Keith, Dardoch, and other mechanically talented players who have struggled to find success.
Going back to the difference between a rookie and a veteran, the value of a veteran is that they can behave professionally in a team environment and they already know how to play the game according to a specific style they've learned from a good coach. What a rookie lacks is the ability to plug and play in a team. They need to be taught everything from how to behave, how to communicate, and how to play. It isn't mechanics they are learning mostly, it's social skills, strategy, and good habits. Keep in mind these are young kids, usually around 18, who are being placed into their first-ever job and it happens to be playing a video game. It's not surprising that most of them end up being very immature, unprofessional, and undisciplined.
As someone who has personally coached diamond level teams, I can tell you from experience the hardest part about coaching isn't knowing what to teach, it's getting players to listen and practice what you're saying. If I tell a player how to recognize when to rotate, dive, or play safe, but they don't practice or apply it, then my knowledge is useless as a coach. This is why culture is such a HUGE deal in a team sports environment. Think back on absolutely anything you became the best at in your life. How did you do it? You practiced the right way until it became second nature. The coach knows the right way (or if they don't, they shouldn't be coaching!). The player's job is to do what the coach tells them to do over and over until they can do it in their sleep. This requires an incredible amount of humility and discipline. Why do you think playing soloQ is such a big deal? Because that's where you practice individual skills like recognizing when you're vulnerable to a gank, etc. These skills also decay, just like your LP. Just because you know something doesn't mean you will do what you know. It's muscle memory. If you are forcing yourself every day to check for specific triggers like who is missing on the map and where you have vision before you go aggressive, you will do that when it counts in high-pressure situations. If you know you're supposed to, but you haven't done it 1,000 times in the last few weeks, then guess what, you aren't going to do it when it counts. That's why players like Doublelift decay so fast when they don't practice. You can't rest as a professional athlete. You're never good enough. You have to keep practicing.
A coach's worth is the value they add to the players. If you are just letting players play soloQ and you aren't giving them exact skills to practice while monitoring their progress, you are failing as a coach. Most teams pick up players and barely improve them compared to where they were before they joined that team. If a mechanically skilled rookie doesn't become an absolute monster within one year, your coaching staff should be fired. It doesn't have to be that big of a risk to recruit a rookie! Within two seasons, a properly scouted and coached rookie will become as good or better than any veteran, and you get them for 1/10th the price. That means you should be spending your money on your coaches, scouts, and analysts, NOT your players! I'm not saying players should be short-changed, especially when they become vital to a team, but this idea that talent has to be traded as a commodity instead of grown is absolutely infuriating and ridiculous. By all means, reward a flagship player YOU COACHED, like Licorice, with a contract that makes him want to stay on your team instead of becoming a mercenary for hire. That's a good business decision. Just know that if you don't feel totally confident you could grow another Licorice within a year, that means you have absolutely no faith in your coaching staff.
Results will not come immediately, because good habits aren't formed immediately, but if the player actually does what the coach tells them to do (discipline culture) and they don't become an absolute beast, then your process is broken, not the player. If your coaching staff isn't adding value to every player you recruit, then you are nothing more than a team of mercenaries and you might as well import your pre-trained talent like every other garbage LCS franchise.

Section 5: Fans won't tolerate losing, so we can't invest in rookies

This is partially true, but it doesn't suffice as an excuse because it's still a failure on the part of the management. Fans hate losing, and they don't want to support an organization that's losing. That's reality, and it's part of our crappy human culture. Still, what fans love just as much as winning is quality branding, content, and interaction with the team. If you are getting your public relations correct, you will still be popular and marketable as a brand even if you aren't winning. People look at groups like Golden Guardians as an example of what happens when you try to put forth a mostly NA and mostly rookie team. It's true they failed, but they didn't fail because they were recruiting NA players and rookies. They failed because they didn't do anything right surrounding that strategy. Just like Clutch Gaming, Golden Guardians failed to engage their fans directly, even despite having so few of them. When you have a few hundred fans, you should basically know all of their names and send them personal birthday cards. To do any less and call yourself an ambitious fan-based brand is pathetic. When your team is in last place, have them take 30 minutes a week and play a streamed game with the fans where you split up your players across red/blue side and recruit 5 fans to play with them. Do you have any idea how happy small, inexpensive things like this will make your fans? If your social media manager isn't personally getting to know all the fans and rewarding them with attention for choosing your organization despite its shortcomings, then you don't deserve those fans and you should fire your PR manager. Your content game needs to be even STRONGER, not weaker, if your team is unpopular. I don't care if you get 3 views for every video you produce at first, you invest in your fans.
There are two points I want to make on this topic before moving on. First, you don't have to recruit 5 rookies. You can and probably should recruit a couple veterans. Just make sure they're the right veterans, and you aren't paying them to win, you're paying them to set a good example and synergize with the coaches in terms of playstyle and culture. Second, just like the team has an internal culture, the team needs to have an external culture for the fans they want to attract. That sort of culture is grown and structured through content and interaction with the fans. If you do this right, it won't matter if you win or lose, you'll still have loving and loyal fans to support you. Maybe you'll have less than the first-place team, but you'll have a hell of a lot more than you do now with your pitiful marketing campaign of releasing the same tired video formats and pointless fluff player interviews.
Consider the alternative. You pay for a mediocre team of mostly veterans and maybe a single star carry (usually an import who barely speaks English and comes from a completely different culture). Your team places 7th and misses playoffs, or places 6th and gets eliminated immediately in the most unmemorable and disappointing of series. Your only fans are loyal to the veteran players you paid to play on your trash "knew we'd lose but it's a paycheck" team. They will leave as soon as the player does. You've grown nothing. Your organization can't grow talent, you can't grow your fan base. You are a barren wasteland and you should give your LCS spot to someone else, or take a chance and do something you actually believe in instead of playing it safe. Losing safely is still losing.

Section 6: Why "Moneyball" and statistics-based analysis don't work in League of Legends

Let Clutch Gaming be a lesson to you all. They tried this model and it failed for more reasons than I can count.
Moneyball, for those of you who don't know, is a term that comes from baseball. It's a statistics based scouting method used by the Oakland A's to win on a budget. They bought players based on how many runs they could offer, rather than their popularity, synergy, or overall skill level. It worked for Oakland A's, so why won't it work in League? Because League of Legends isn't baseball.
Baseball is a very specific game. Yes, you're on a team, and teamwork counts, but realistically speaking the game is divided into phases where it's mostly one individual's actions that count. When a pitcher is throwing to a batter, it doesn't matter how good your man on first base is until the ball is hit. If the batter hits a homerun, it still doesn't matter how good your first baseman was. This is NEVER true in League of Legends. It always matters how good all of your teammates are at all times. League of Legends is increasingly a teamwork-based game where the synergy of your team is too important to rely on individual skills. I'm not trying to make the point individual skill doesn't matter in League. I'm trying to make the point that there is no situation similar to "being up to bat" in League. Where it's just you and the pitcher, and you can hit a home run that makes everyone else in the game irrelevant. If my bottom lane even messes up their wave management slightly, it can ruin the whole rest of the game for the whole rest of the team. League of Legends is a highly sensitive strategy game, and how your team works together is just as important as how good they are mechanically. Perhaps even more important, truthfully. As a result, there is no equivalent to "buying runs" in League of Legends. You are buying a whole player and their impact on your whole team, not a single aspect of their play style. Any weakness they have will affect the whole game and team.
Statistics, in general, are a terrible way to determine talent and potential in League of Legends. Because you are so dependent on your teammates, a winning team will always make a player look better than a losing team. Not just that, but also the fact that having good stats can even be a bad thing. Consider the example of a KDA player who doesn't die because they don't commit with the team on aggressive plays. Also, consider a player who has really high farm because they never roam or leave their lane. We should also mention that a player with lots of good stats may have demanded more resources from the team than necessary, leaving their teammates vulnerable and weak. I could go on and on, but those examples are good enough to make the point. Statistics are obnoxiously subjective in League of Legends. It doesn't provide enough context to base a decision on. The more context you have, the less relevant the statistics become. If I know that my mid lane has low CS because they are roaming with their jungler and getting the jungler ahead, I don't care about their CS numbers. That's different from saying I don't care if the mid laner is capable of CSing.
Fans get excited about statistics, but statistics are written by the victors. If a player plays wrong but ends up winning anways, you can use statistics to justify his play style. If a player plays correctly but loses, you can use statistics to punish and criticize him. Something that volatile and flexible shouldn't be relied upon to tell us anything objective about reality. You don't have to throw statistics out the window, but they have to be used properly. Proper use of statistics is mostly for things like tracking trends, not judging talent. Are the winning teams putting all their gold into their top lane? Maybe you should review the VODs to see why. Are games running shorter than they were before the last patch? Maybe you should review the VODs and patch notes to see why. Is one of your players doing less DPS or getting less CS than you intended based on the draft and strategy? Maybe you should review the VODs to see why. You get the picture. Leave moneyball to baseball.

Section 7: Synergy, synergy, synergy

Why did Zven play well on C9 but not on TSM? Why did Huni play so well with Reignover? Why did Doublelift play so well with Xmithie and Pobelter?
The answers to these questions are very complex, but the basic concept is always going to be synergy. Doublelift is a high resource bot lane who wants to play aggressive in lane. Aggressive lanes often push. A pushing lane gets priority and can roam faster than the enemy in that lane. This provides an opportunity for the mid/jungle duo to make plays on that side of the map. It also creates a need for the mid/jungle duo to play toward that side of the map or the pushing bottom lane will be overextended and vulnerable. This is just one oversimplification, but it's a good example. All the pieces here need to line up. Pobelter and Xmithie are both naturally role players. Role player is a term used to mean someone who plays toward their teammates instead of toward themselves. They do their job instead of demanding the strategy to bend toward them. Doublelift is a high resource player, which means he wants the team to play around him and he will perform best when he has a lot of momentum. Broxah is a mechanical jungler. Jensen is a mechanical mid. These terms shouldn't even exist, because every player should be well rounded if they are a good student learning from a good coach, but natural playstyles will always come through to some degree. More so when coaches are weak or passive. Either way, Doublelift plays better with Pobelter and Xmithie because their playstyles and habits synergize and they have history so they trust each other. A team is a type of relationship. Just like in a romantic relationship, it's difficult to have two leaders or two followers. Not everyone is going to be vocal in comms naturally, and it takes extra time and effort to train each skill properly, so you don't want to force people to go against their nature if you can help it. Just because you can train something doesn't mean you want to invest the time and resources into it, given time and resources are so limited to begin with. As a result, it's best to choose a team (and staff) who synergize better from the beginning, rather than trying to develop synergy later on.
How many times have you heard a player interviewed saying "We all have different ideas of how to play the game, so we have to work that out in practice." This is the sign of bad decisions along the way of forming a team. It shouldn't be like that. Blaber and Nisqy work well together because Blaber is really aggressive instinctively and Nisqy is also aggressive, but is more willing to play toward his teammates, while Blaber is more inclined to play toward himself. That doesn't mean he's necessarily selfish, or unwilling to support his team, it just means his natural style is to get himself ahead and play aggressively based on his own opportunities rather than putting resources into creating opportunities for teammates. I'm not trying to analyze C9, I'm going based on what they've said in interviews. The point is simply that good teams work well together because they have a similar culture, similar vision, and complementary instincts/personalities.
Few mistakes are repeated more frequently in the LCS than recruiting players based on their individual skill without understanding the value they bring to the team environment. A great individual player won't necessarily play great on your team just because they played great on someone else's team. Synergy also has a huge impact on how your team drafts, which is why these sort of decisions have to come from wise coaching staff. TSM has an aggressive Jungle/Top duo in Dardoch and BrokenBlade, but Bjerg, Kobbe, and Biofrost are all very cautious players. If you draft a split pushing top laner like Gangplank, you are losing your primary engage duo in team fights by putting BrokenBlade on a champion who can't play aggressively with his buddy Dardoch. As a result, you'll see Dardoch going in on his own and getting caught more often, whereas if BrokenBlade was on a more mobile and aggressive champion Dardoch's decision wouldn't have been punished as easily. That doesn't necessarily forgive Dardoch for making that choice regardless of the situation, but that is either bad coaching or an unwillingness for the player to learn, which is a different subject. Your players are your tools, and if the tools don't work well together then you end up trying to eat pasta with a spoon and steak knife. Can it be done? Yes. Will it cost you valuable resources dedicated to solving problems you shouldn't have in the first place? Yes.

Section 8: Summary and Conclusion

NA isn't a bad region because we don't have any good players. NA is a bad region because we have a culture of throwing money at problems and running dysfunctional corporate environments with no creativity or courage. The spoiled, selfish fans and player base don't help that problem, but the organizations could be doing so much better than they are with the resources they have. The fact that they continue repeating the same mistakes despite knowing those strategies don't work is on them. Yes, fans are frustrating. Yes, players are undisciplined and immature. Those are problems the organizations can help solve by creating the right culture and scouting the right talent. Cloud 9 doesn't win because they buy the biggest contracts. They don't consistently make it to worlds and out of groups because they have all-star veterans. They win because they have a winning culture, because they are run by a competent manageowner. Other teams flounder because the people at the top don't know any better, and they don't know who to listen to. As I said the whole time, as harsh as it may sound, it all comes down to the quality of the people in charge. If they can't make good decisions, they will end up with bad staff, bad players, bad results, and no fans. They can blame NA, Riot, and everything else, but it's their own fault. Leadership is responsible for results because they have the power to make decisions.
Let's just take a look at the finals for this split as a good example. Who were the teams in the finals? C9 and FLY. Go over their rosters with me one by one and think about what I've said while you do.
Cloud 9
Out of 10 players in the finals, four of them qualify as up and coming NA talent (Licorice, Blaber, Vulcan, Solo). 60% of Cloud 9's roster is up and coming NA talent and they won the whole split with the best performance in NA's history. How?
Look at the players. Look at the roles they play for the team. Look at the culture they fit into and why. Go back and look at who they were and how they played/acted on the teams before. Vulcan patiently while Piglet and CG underappreciated him. Licorice maintaining a humble attitude after instantly becoming a powerhouse. Nisqy listening to Reapered when he was told to study and copy FPX Doinb's style. Blaber waiting and learning gratefully while Svenskeren got MVP and most of the play time for a long time. Zven blaming himself for TSM's underperformance despite instantly finding success on C9 while TSM performed even worse than they did with him.
Even Solo, who I am happy for, said in his interview before the finals he's just here to do whatever his team needs. He's here to be a role player and to boost everyone's morale. WildTurtle, one of the nicest and most selfless people in the LCS. Santorin, PowerofEvil, all of them. What do all these players have in common?
None of them are selfish. None of them have big egos. All of them are good teammates first and stars second. All of them care about and fit into their team's culture. All of them are patient and good students or mentors. These are the types of players who make good teams. Players chosen by wise coaches with a plan they execute meticulously. Coaches who are empowered by wise managers who know their own strengths and weaknesses.
Everyone deserves better than what we've been getting. There's plenty of blame to go around, but at the end of the day, the organization is only as good as the people who make the initial decisions. If they're lost, then the whole organization is lost with them, and they don't even know who to hire to guide them back to safety.
Spend your money on the right consultants, coaches, analysts, and scouts. They'll find you the right players and train them in a way that adds value over time. Even if you don't win right away, you'll know that your team will be able to compete within a year. There is NO EXCUSE for recycling mediocre talent just because they're better than an untrained rookie. Learn to grow your fanbase and your talent base or pass the opportunity on to someone who deserves it more and knows how to spend their resources wisely.
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2020.03.24 17:34 JojoGreaves01 My personal Top 20 Episodes of the Show!

There's something so effortlessly beautiful about 'It's Always Sunny', 14 seasons of some of the most brilliantly obtuse comedy ever made. The show uses the question 'what if the worst people in the world had a sitcom' and this premise is airtight for comedy. The 'Gang' are a fantastic satire of white trash Americans and how easily they succumb to greed, jealousy and lust without an inch of self-awareness. Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton have created this perfect blend of taking these characters just over the edge of absurdity to make them seem like inhuman filth and as a massive fan of the show it is so entertaining to watch them destroy everything and everyone around them. The show has been going for an almost record-breaking 14 seasons and has constantly adapted to creating consistent satirical comedy and I have decided to choose my top 20 favourite episodes.

20. Mac Bangs Dennis' Mum

I see this as when the show really turned a corner, the first two seasons are a bit rocky as the show is still finding its feet but after this episode the show hits it's stride and finds its feet. It is a sharp half an hour as the Gang goes down a rabbit hole of deception, through having sex with each other's parents. Each character has so much to do in this episode, Dennis questioning himself as he tries to use his gross seduction techniques to no success, Mac's pathetic relationship with Dennis' mum, Charlie acting like a genuine psychopath to get back at everyone, Dee getting caught in the middle of this and finally Frank delivering the best punchline of the episode in those closing moments. But the real standout is The Waitress who finally gets to prove her comedic worth as she is used and abused by the gang resulting in a beautiful climactic explosion. It's a simple airtight concept with just so many hilarious moments that do not disappoint, for early Sunny it is a masterpiece.

19. Mac and Charlie Die

An episode that is mostly on this list for one scene which may be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Mac's dad Luther is going to be released from prison and a very terrified Mac and Charlie decide to fake their death in the stupidest way possible. There is so much in this two-parter but honestly it is all about that suicide scene that cracks me up so much, from Charlie's scream as Mac drives full-on into the wall and then a conquest Mac playing brilliantly against a rare straight-man Charlie, every part of this scene works so well. But then the episode even has fantastic sequences such as Frank and Dennis visiting an orgy, the funeral scene that is brilliantly dark (any appearance of Bonnie is a win to be honest) and of course Frank with that uncomfortable Charlie doll is hilarious. It is a bizarre episode that leans into everything these characters do well and I love every second of it.

18. The Gang Goes on Family Fight

This is one of those examples of an episode basically writing itself. There isn't a single doubt in anyone's mind that The Gang going on a Family Fortunes/Feud type gameshow would disappoint and this episode certainly does not. It plays right into the vanity and lack of self-awareness of these characters perfectly as none of them know how to appropriately act in this situation yet they all commit to their brilliant personal dysfunctions. It's all brought together by a fantastic guest star appearance by Keegan Michael-Key who is honestly my favourite part of the episode, he bounces of these characters so well and his growing irritation coming through his gameshow host facade is just perfect. Everything is set-up and paid off wonderfully, as Dennis gets more frustrated by his team embarrassing him resulting in that hilarious buzzer breakdown in the finale is one which is one of my favourite moments in all of Sunny.

17. The Gang Beats Boggs

An episode so brilliant they did it twice! This is an episode that is just so full of memorable moments that it is in the hall of fame for Sunny fans and deservedly so. The Gang attempt to break Wade Boggs beer-drinking record by attempting to drink 64 (apparently he actually drank 107 beers on the plane which is just insane). If you are a fan of just watching these characters drink themselves to death then this is by far the episode for you, another example of using the sitcom-style by just letting each character run free in the situation to brilliant results. It is a surreal cabin-fever like the episode as we watch Frank and Dennis compete to join the Mile High club, Charlie and Dee getting extremely wasted throughout the flight and Mac trying his hardest to keep the gang under control. It also features one of my favourite final scenes with Charlie and Mac playing baseball, I quote 'What do now?' far too often. An undeniable classic in every single way.

16. The D.E.N.N.I.S System

An episode that cemented Dennis as the genuine psychopath that he is. Dennis is the closest thing Sunny has to the 'straight man' sitcom trope and this is the episode that completely deconstructs him and proves he has always been a predatory sociopath. The episode revolves around Dennis showing off his D.E.N.N.I.S system that he uses on women to the gang in order to show off his 'seduction' skill. It is a gross and unnerving system that is manipulative and honestly really dark, even for this show. But the beauty of this episode is watching the rest of the Gang attempt to recreate the system or create their own systems to many hilarious results. It is one of my favourite episodes for Frank, watching him be as sleazy and gross as ever is always a delight. A dark brilliant episode that proves why this Gang are just the worst people and why we love watching them.

15. Mac Finds His Pride

Throughout the series there is this recurring joke about Mac and the punchline usually is about him suppressing his homosexuality, it is a fine joke that isn't meant to offend but in early series (15 years ago) comes off as slightly immature in retrospect. So in a beautiful show of maturity, in series 13 Mac comes out and his character doesn't undergo a massive personality change, instead it is a matter of fact adaptation of his character. In the next series, the finale takes a massive gamble and is one of the only times that Sunny has genuinely moved me and attempted something other than satirical comedy. The episode see's Frank trying to understand Mac, who is depressed about coming to terms with his sexuality, this climaxes in Mac coming out to his father in a interpretive dance sequence. This is played completely straight, it almost takes you by surprise when the show attempts something genuine and full fo heart, the dance sequence is absolutely breathtaking and genuinely full of subtext about Mac's feelings. It is a gamble of an episode and although it might not be the funniest (Frank's nose gag is still hilarious), it is an impressive feat and show of maturity.

14. The Gang Hits the Road

If it isn't clear by now that I love when Sunny commits strikes gold at a concept for an episode. It is why I really appreciate the satirical take on a sitcom, that is essentially just using the sitcom formula but creating characters that act unexpectedly in these situations. 'The Gang Hits the Road' is essentially a bottle episode except in a car. The Gang decide to all go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon however, of course, things don't go to plan. I love how the whole episode plays out as musical chairs as they bicker over who goes where and fight for the best place to sit, relax and drink. It is a study in how ridiculously incompetent these characters are as they bicker and fight the entire journey, all end up wasted or seriously hurt and wind back exactly where they startup. It is without a doubt the most Sunny set of events in the series.

13. The Gang Turns Black

I'm a big fan of attempting something big and off the wall and what is more absurd than a complete 4th wall breaking musical about The Gang waking up in the bodies of African Americans in a sort of Quantum Leap situation (or is it more like The Wiz?). This is mostly on this list out of pure admiration for this episode's commitment to its insane premise and leaning right into the surprising musical talents of the group. I genuinely love all the songs written for this episode (it is scary how often 'What are the rules?' gets in my head) and they all work so well in context to the episode. It is admittedly light on the show's traditional satire but I love how the concept is basically the Gang trying to work out the message they are supposed to learn from this experience, which distracts them from what they actually need to learn. Genuinely some of the most fun you can have with an episode of Sunny, full of amazing memorable moments and a catchy and hilarious pace and energy that is just infectious.

12. The Gang Gets Quarantined

This one hits a bit too close at the moment but it is such a classic in its own right not just because of its relevancy. A dangerous flu is going around Philadelphia so the Gang decide to quarantine themselves in the bar till further notice (something everyone should be doing right now!). It is an episode that utilises this fantastic snowballing pace as each of the Gang slowly get ill and Frank sentences themselves to personal quarantine in the bathrooms as he goes completely insane. I love how it is one of the only episodes with genuine stakes and a narrative that uses jokes to compel the plot really well. Surprisingly low on gross-out humour, instead relying on jokes that see these characters react completely unnecessarily over the top to this situation the comedy never fails to leave an impact. It finishes with a series of just hilarious punchlines that expand on the last so well capping off an brilliant episode.

11. Reynolds Vs Reynolds: The Cereal Defence

My favourite ability the Gang has is to derail any situation they are in, to the point of absolute ridiculous nonsense and this is one of the best for that. When Frank accidentally hits Dennis' car, resulting in him spilling cereal on his car, the Gang decide to hold a trial to determine who is guilty in this situation and this then results in rabbit hole after rabbit hole. Although the title might not suggest it, it is a Mac episode through and through where he gets to shine in so many ways. The 'science is a liar sometimes?' is one of the best monologues written for the show and cracks me up every time. I adore watching these characters scramble to one-up each other in the most ridiculous ways, where a simple cereal liability discussion turns into a conversation about evolution and atheism. Every hole they go down is entertaining and ridiculous and every character gets to shine comedically, with a climax that is hilariously subversive and brilliant this is an incredible episode.

10. Frank Reynolds' Little Beauties

I was surprised to see how little this episode is mentioned when discussing the best episodes of the series, I think it is an absolute marvel of an episode. Somehow Frank manages to accidentally get a kids fashion pageant to take place at the bar resulting in him desperately trying to prove he is not a paedophile to the audience of the kids' parents. Once again it is an episode that utilises the fantastic vanity of these character as they believe they are incredibly talented and this is the perfect opportunity for them to demonstrate this talent. It works so well as a concept you wouldn't think would work, every character gets their moment to shine and be highly inappropriate in this situation. The highlight by far is the actual pageant itself, the opening dance number being confusingly vain and about the Gang more than the children, Dee's hilariously sad attempt at reliving her pageantry days and Frank looking like a walking corpse trying to remind the audience that he is not a paedophile. A hilariously dark and brilliantly ridiculous episode that I think is criminally underrated.

9. A Very Sunny Christmas

Who would have thought Sunny would work so well in the happiest holiday of the year? 'A Very Sunny Christmas' is downright the best thing you could hope for in a Christmas special and one of the few examples of heart in the series. It basically revolves around that idea of reliving the Christmas Past as these 30-somethings attempt to rectify and compare their traditions and hardships from Christmas' gone. Dennis and Dee attempt to 'Christmas Carol' Frank to teach him a lesson whilst Mac and Charlie attempt to rectify the criminal traditions their families had. It features some of the darkest and most shocking moments of the show, Charlie attacking a Santa and Frank crawling out of a sofa naked, which is so brilliant for a Christmas special. But the charm really comes from seeing these character's pasts and actually adding a bit of depth to these characters is really nice, seeing how they spent their childhoods makes so much sense to why they are the way they are. And after they have tried just about everything to relive the joy of Christmas, they find solace in something as simple and as trashy as throwing rocks at trains. One of my favourite Christmas Specials of all time and a truly wonderful episode to get you in the mood for the holiday season.

8. The Gang Dines Out

I haven't got much to say about this episode other than it's a downright classic in every single way. Not often do we see this other side to the Gang's life as they attempt their own private fancy meals, separately from each other as they seem to spend so much of their time with each other. But here we get to see them attempt their best interpretation of a 'fancy night out' where they all obviously pretend to be so much more than they actually are. It manages to narrow down my favourite ways these characters interact in just a perfect way, from Dennis and Frank's fight to be the alpha to Mac being as pathetic as always towards Dennis and Dee being left out of everything as per usual. It also features one of my favourite recurring characters in The Waiter and the start of his endless torture from the gang. An absolute romp of an episode as we see these characters bicker among themselves in a way that we have never seen before, by paying tribute of course.

7. The Gang Goes to the Water Park

Whenever anyone says modern Sunny isn't as good as classic Sunny I point to this episode as a brilliant example of the show remaining as fresh and as exciting as always. Again it is an example of a perfect sitcom situation by placing these characters in a water park but they manage to create three plots that are equally as hilarious and each one just gets darker than the last. Dennis meets a child whom he takes under his wing to teach to become the perfect grifter, Charlie and Frank race around the park to go down every single ride using a 'fake AIDS' scheme whilst Mac and Dee get wedged in their favourite ride as children keep piling into them. My favourite is watching Dennis grift everyone in the water park that actually ends with a brilliant unexpected twist, it blends in a Scorsese film in the middle of this water park romp. The rest of the Gang's plots are fantastic dark humour, with a sprinkling of possible child murder and they climax in a hilarious disgusting scene. It is disturbing, entertaining and some hilarious dark fun watching these characters turn a day at a water park into a day in hell.

6. CharDee MacDennis: The Game of Games

In an almost meta opening to the episode, the Gang complain about having no news or schemes to do today and decide to reminisce and play their own invented board game resulting in possibly the best bottle episode of all time. Seeing a board game invented by these absolute sociopaths is just pure joy, the fact that the whole game is a long-winded drinking game comprised of every single board game in existence just about sums up the Gang perfectly. They really create a sense of history behind this game and having Frank as an outsider works well as an audience surrogate and allows Devito to play a lower status than usual. It is a brilliantly conceived episode watching how needlessly invested these characters are in this pointless game with way too many stupid rules and watching as Mac and Charlie try desperately to win for the first time against the ever smug Dennis and Dee is just hilarious. It contains so many brilliant memorable moments, every challenge is insane and super entertaining and has a genuine compelling third act twist with an even better reversal. A true classic and I have always wanted to get my hands on that damn board game.

5. The Nightman Cometh

For a long time, I thought this was going to be my number one episode as it is so many people's go-to favourite and I've seen it so many times I could probably quote along with the whole episode. But needless to say, I still have a few preferences over this shining star of an episode which says a lot about what is to come. Every second of this episode is pure gold and there is no denying that. I think Charlie might be my favourite when he plays his version of the straight man and as he slowly unravels whilst trying to contain the Gang's utter incompetency is downright one of the funniest things I have ever seen. The musical itself is where it truly shines, every set-up of a joke pays off as well as it could possibly pay off and the songs are genuinely entertaining and worryingly catchy. I like how you can't quite figure out if the rest of the Gang are doing this on purpose but I love how vastly they mess things up (Frank's song still makes me cry with laughter every single time). It is one hell of an episode and I feel like I don't need to tell anyone why it is amazing because it holds such an iconic place in Sunny history.

4. The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award

What can I say? I love meta Sunny and this is the best meta episode they have ever done. In a response to the show running for 8 seasons and never even being nominated for any major awards, the creators decided to make an episode that is such a thinly veiled attack on award season and the show's own reputation. I love how this episode manages to be such an outright metaphor with no reservations yet works so well as an episode in its own right. The Gang go and visit this award-winning bar where there are clear satirical takes on the 'will they? won't they?' trope and the use of the laugh track (with the ringing of the bell telling everyone to drink) and try to replicate it themselves to hilarious results? It is an episode that reminds the audience why they love Sunny, the lack of conformity and the fact the show will always remain as this ridiculous gross and unpredictable mess and that's how it hasn't slowed down over the years and kept such a loyal fanbase. This episode also features Charlie's incredible musical numbers and Dennis trying to get chemistry out of Dee and Mac (the real-life couple) which are just iconic moments in the show. A genuine meta masterpiece that cements my love for the show through and through.

3. The Gang Gets Analysed

This is probably the one that is going to surprise the most people by being this high up on the list but it is a personal favourite and I love it when Sunny takes time to deconstruct these messes of human beings. You can tell the writers had an absolutely brilliant time coming up with what these characters would do in therapy and that is how the episode earns its spot on this list. I love how ultimately this is just about who needs to do the dishes and it snowballs into a breakdown psychologically of each member of the Gang yet the punchline reverting back to that first point is such a perfect structural comedic beat. Each therapy session feels varied and each actor gets to really shine in their own personal way. Charlie immediately breaks and is as unstable as ever, Mac doesn't seem to care about any of his deep issues, Dee is clearly broken and blames the rest of the Gang and Frank gets completely unzipped in a sequence that is Devito's best performance in the series. It is a simple brilliant premise that uses these characters so well and is so dense with jokes, a genuine brilliant screenplay that is vastly underrated.

2. Charlie Work

This is the episode that is often deemed the greatest the show has ever produced and there is a very good reason why it is so greatly appreciated. It is rare that I get to call Sunny a 'technical masterpiece' but this is the closes the show has ever got to being genuinely impressive in its construction and development not just from its writing. Once again Charlie gets to play his version of the straight man (I'm telling you all the best episodes are when Day gets to be in this kind of role) and it is a high octane masterful lesson in comedic timing and comedic construction. In a homage to 'Birdman' the episode is made to look like it is shot in one continuous take, following Charlie as he tries desperately to make the bar look acceptable for the health inspector, meanwhile, the rest of the Gang are for some reason doing a Chicken/Steak/Airline Miles scheme that drives Charlie insane. It is a delight to watch as everything is so precisely constructed and the episode almost works like some sort of magic trick behind the scenes as we watch Charlie piece together so many brilliant schemes on the go to fool the health inspector. There is so many 'blink and you miss it' details that make this episode feel so rewarding yet it also remains incredibly funny with moments such as 'LOOK AT ME WHEN YOU'RE TALKING TO ME' that crack me up every time. One of the most impressive feats of the show and deserves its place in the shows hall of fame.

1, Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs

This has and always will remain my favourite episode of Sunny and I have no doubt in mind at all. I think it combines everything I love about this show in a succinct, well-paced and satisfying half an hour and I have watched it more times than I can count at this point. It's almost like the shows attempt at a Hitchcockian episode that sees Mac and Dennis slowly go insane from their comfortable life in the suburbs. It is a ridiculous concept based around the idea that Mac and Dennis are 'city trash' that can't adapt to the peaceful and comfortable life in the suburbs because they are that far gone into their world of filth and hatred in the city. It is paced so well, their slow descent into madness is done at a rate most thriller's failed at and it keeps it fresh and interesting by having each character go down a separate path of insanity and play off each other. So many memorable moments that have become a staple of the show since such as Old Black Man, Dennis the Dog, Frank and Charlie in the Russian hats. Mac's Famous Mac N' Cheese and of course the poor Wally. I think it is the funniest episode the show has ever done and that is almost purely down to Rob and Glenn's mind-blowingly committed performances, I lose it every time at Dennis' breakdown to Wally. It is without a doubt my favourite episode and one that I can always enjoy. Bizarrely this is from Season 11 of the show and that's what keeps me watching Sunny, the joy of wondering what they will do next and the possibility that the next season might feature a new favourite is wonderfully excellent. Long live It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
submitted by JojoGreaves01 to IASIP [link] [comments]

2020.01.05 08:28 them_amino_acids Before You Do Or Post Anything

Look, in my opinion, I absolutely hate cancel culture. I'm still very neutral in this issue. We just got Stephan's side of the story. I'm just waiting until Dan says something about this. I won't be unsubscribing or trash talking about Dan or the channel.
(What I'm saying is from my point of view and I'm trying to remain as objective as possible, I'm not telling anyone to support or hate on one side, just to be clear with my contention,) I feel like people should look at this in both sides: I understand that Stephan getting less than 1% of revenue is unjustifiable. However, if a group of people are going to start a YouTube channel, at some point very early on in the channel, the group should have signed a contract on how much revenue each of them were to earn. Even though Stephan doesn't care about the amount of revenue he gains on YouTube, he should have at least set the amount of revenue he were to earn (monthly or weekly etc.) so complications like this do not occur.
Consequently, I also feel like Dan should have been more reasonable with this issue. The whole group started off as very good friends, so to tell your friend, who has been by your side for more than 5 years that '[he's] just an employee' and not be aware of how Stephan took that comment or even apologize later, was very insensitive and in a way, disappointing. In some way, I believe 'fame, money and a fat bank account' has changed Dan (to quotes Tati, although I'm still neutral about the James vs Tati scandal.) It would make sense that this tension between their relationship, that ultimately Dan was responsible of, would be responsible for the downfall of the channel Danplan and their friendship. As a 'leader' of the channel, I believe he should show more responsibility for his friends and the way he dealt with the finances gained via Danplan.
In conclusion, until Dan brings light to this issue, we shouldn't be pointing fingers at Dan so suddenly. We have only Stephan's video as evidence, and it's not enough evidence to suddenly accuse someone and cancel them. I hope Danplan viewers and subscribers think about this issue maturely instead of sending hate (and hopefully not death threats) to Dan or others involved in this controversy.
I'm sure we don't want another James Charles vs Tati scandal again, so I hope Danplan subscribers don't suddenly become immature and send hate to Dan over the internet because in the end it ultimately solves nothing.
(Like I said this is just my stance on things so don't send hate to me. It's completely fine if you have a different opinion or side in this whole issue. Peace.)
(I commented this on the post that posted Stephan's video.)
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2019.03.24 00:37 squashyVN New Interlude translation round-up: Consort Yu, Semiramis, Hijikata, Lobo, Nightingale, Yagyuu, Cu Alter, Danzou, Circe, and a lot more!

It has been six months since my last interlude round-up, so here we are again with the latest translation from various sources!
We starts off with a detailed summary of Yu-senpai's interlude, credits to good Castor from Beast's Lair. The original text is a bit crude so I have edited it down below:
the story begins with we basically doing whatever Yu wants, and she is now pissed because of that gdi what do you want then woman. We do this because she is our superior, but she is still pissed.
Anyway she asks Lanling for advice. This Lanling remembers Yu, because she was there during his dying moment. So Yu is confused on how she should approach us, because this is kinda the first time she can hang out with somebody w/o having to hide her lineage. Lanling was about the only human to ever hang out with her w/o hesitation even knowing her real identity.
Lanling solution is for her to first change her clothing. Yu is pissed because we already know her true form anyway, what's a change of clothing gonna do? Lanling remarks that that is exactly the problem. Basically, Yu as a vampire is a bit unrestrained; to know each other is to slowly interact in moderation. Lanling said that while we are a very open minded person, it also means that we would treat one we see as royalty as a royalty; we would treat one we see as eccentric as an eccentric.
however, that's not the case. Yu is not doubting our character; it's simply the matter where she is summoned as a servant but then she meets someone who she really wanted to but didn't successfully kill during her life. Lanling and Yu tries to consult non human peeps (rin, sakura, taiga) and of course those 3 direct Yu and Lanling to freaking Emiya. After we force him to follow about this hypothetical scenario:
Emiya: ............. (face is saying I SO not want to deal with this) Is this for real? Are you setting up a camera here or something?
anw emiya then admits to Yu that yes, there was someone alive whom he harbors grudges against as a servant. But for the current him, as one of the Counter Force, it doesn't matter anymore. It wouldn't change anything, just like it wouldn't change him. Stuffs like that better left in the hands of the living.
Emiya's advice to Yu is then simple and very shonen: just have a fistfight. After that, be done with the "old" relationship and focus to the one "from now on". Yu proceeds to actually ask to beat the shit out of each other to us.
first we fight emiya, lanling, and yu. This doesn't work because this is just gonna get ugly according to Yu (even thought Sion completely embraces the shounen trope and affirms that just a little bit more violence and we and Yu gonna be the best of buds)
So Mordred, with the rest of china gang joining the discussion, follows up with let's do a return match with equal position, meaning Yu vs Us as Master vs Master. To make it more interesting, make that Yu directs our Servant (Nezha, Spa, Jingke, Red Hare, Mordred, and Mashu) while we direct Lanling.
When we win, Yu is like: "What the hell, Lanling?! Why are you this strong?! Were you skimping back in China!?"
Lanling can't really say anything; Mordred remarks that in terms of being a Master, this simply just show the differences. As shown during battle where Yu basically debuffs her own Servants, freaking Spartacus of all people criticizes how she do her "support".
In a hindsight maybe someone doesn't really fit to be a competent Master in more of an indirect way. Akuta Hinako data in A team shows excellence in terms of tactics, but apparently that's Holmes' pranks? anyway she isn't the best Master there is in terms of tactics. Too much time soloing in her life, teamwork forgotten.
Mash again feels for Lanling's hardship--i mean, devotion. But Lanling himself thinks that he would have been glad to be able to fight for her. He's glad that he had been the one to be employed by her during hard times. That he gets to comply with their agreement during his lives. (This sort of relationship really shoulda show in the LB itself)
anw Xiang Yu shows up and then says thank Yu for being able to put an effort in saving Human Order. She blushes form that. It was very cute.
but then Xiang Yu comments that if we are to completely do this right, shouldn't Xiang Yu also be employed under us?
Yu : "WHAT"
Mordred : "Bwahahahah! I can already see how this is gonna end, but this shit is hilarious, so im down!"
during battle, her support was "eternal shy" which totally debuffs her own team lololol
Yu depart with some serious acidic remarks on us. "Guda! Y-You coward! No matter how much you're seeing me as a potential enemy, you..! There's no way I could've ever defy Xiang Yu-sama! Such an atrocious Master you are! I'll curse you! I'LL CURSE YOU UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD!"
Xiang Yu apologizes; he sorta offs his own Prediction because it's boorish to do so against fellow warriors vying for supremacy. "But my wife is no warrior; she is a lady. Were we to presume of that mild nature of hers, this consequence foretold itself..."
Spartacus: (...Lady?)
Red Hare: (...Mild?)
Then Lanling said that Yu has some very unique circumstances, so please have a big heart in handling her. But then Xiang Yu intercedes and said:
"Ah, yes, Bellwether. Since the chance present itself, I would like to be done with last week's calculation. Four yakisoba bread, three weekly magazine, miscellaneous expenses, sundries, all amounts to 2,7 million QP. I have prepared the amount; please accept it."
Lanling: "...hah?"
Mashu: "Um, Senpai?"
Us: "Thanks for the patronage."
Xiang Yu: "Our thanks as well for setting the right price. I shall be counting on you again for my wife's serving. Until then."
anw after a stern scolding from lanling we promise to return the margin back. Mordred says that, might as well return it to the wife. If she sees the husband's payment she'll probably take down the selfishness a notch. NeZha says, bad idea, too much violent impulse, so much that probably gonna change class assassin to avenger.
as a wrap up, Mash said that Yu's hate towards mankind cannot just disappear. The only thing to do is getting them used to Chaldea's atmosphere, slowly.
Summary of Semiramis' interlude, yet again thanks to good Castor:
Semi asks Shakespeare to reconstruct her past with his NP. She knows that it wouldn't actually change the past, but she just wants to see an "if" possibility. Together with Guda, they get into the simulator combined with Shakes' NP and talk to an old man. The old man is depressed because he is about to meet his young bride and feels that if they get married there's nothing that he could do to make her happy. He would just treat her as a daughter instead of a wife, but still, he feels that she would be happier without him. Semi said that this bride has nobody but a single adopted parent, and if even the old man refuses to marry her then no one would take her. They would think that this bride is diseased, or there's something wrong with her, etc. Old man gets more depressed and he turns into enemy, cue fighting. After we beat him Semi says that the old man is the one who would probably be happier if he didn't marry the bride. He would he able to live and die in peace. As it were, he did marry Semiramis and had been nothing but virtuous. But by marrying Semiramis, he had to die out of depression and suicide because that king, Ninus would take Semiramis away. But if he didn't marry Semi, Semi would not become what she is: she would become a nameless girl who would probably die in the street. We asks if the changing of the past is for the sake of saving Onnes. "If I could save this old man, who had taken root so deep in me, then I could probably even lead astray a saint. That's about it." And then something something memories and fragments that she sees in her garden is not of her, but of a different her. To encroach that area would be most impolite to, above all else, herself.
Full translation of Hijikata's interlude, all credit goes to DecJacky on FB. Really intense interlude, damn...
Full translation of Hessian Lobo's interlude, all credit goes to, you guess it, Heroic Spirit Castor.
I personally really, really like this interlude. It's prolly one of the best I have read in the game, so far.
Full translation of Nightingale's interlude, many thanks to ComunCoutinho for his great work translating this short but wonderful story of our iron nurse. Just look at her smile at end of it!
Yagyuu's interlude summary, credit this time goes to rxrx from Beast's Lair:
Yagyu's past time is using the simulator to tour and enjoy food of different country and time. His frequent visits worried MC whom doesn't know this, so he follow Yagyu once with Diamuid, Chiyome and Tomoe as company and knew about this past time of Yagyu from the men himself. He revealed that this time is a little different since a bushin of Caster Limbo is sent by the guy to assassinate MC, so he is here to slay the bunshin.
Douman tries to use his trick in 1.5.4 to alter Yagyu's SG and turn him into Eirei Kengou, but Yagyu easily slashed off the justu and finish the bunshin off with ease(as shown in battle with all those buffs). It is revealed that the actual Yagyu whom died of old age in pan human history achieved Kensei eventually and thus more powerful and mature than the 1.5.4 version, whom even Yagyu agreed is shallow and immature. In a flashback, MC remembers Musasshi admitting she is no match of servant Yagyu for now due to his perfected skills and mentality, but that's okay since she is climbing higher with her knowledge of zero.
It should be noted the interlude reveals that Tomoe has problems with her sense of taste: sometime it works normally, but sometimes it went nuts which is why she can cook well on Valentine's Day but is so wacky during Beni's event. It is a born problem it seems and there is little she can do about it. Also, it is revealed that Jyubei is male, and he admitted on his father's grave that he thinks he is the best of his time.
Full translation of Cu Alter's second interlude, credit to Deirdre on tumblr.
I think the last summary kinda made me understand this interlude the wrong way. It's not about wanking Cu Alter to Karna's or Herc's power level, but about his nature of fighting, or die fighting. Still a good dog.
Full translation of Circe's interlude, still from Deirdre's tumblr. Yorokobe, kykeon fans.
Currently Danzou's interlude only has a portion of dialogue translated, so here is a summary with more context of what's going on. By Arha from BL:
Danzou was having a dream, which shouldn't be possible blah blah so you go into her memories to fix a bug in her brain. Nothing happened in the dream though apart from blank dialogue boxes and a gray static screen because she doesn't remember anything about her life. Kotarou comes with you cause he is a diligent son but she's really formal with him. You come across Douman, only this version isn't a heroic spirit. Danzou flash step attacks him fast enough that Kotarou is impressed. Then you beat him up with double chuuni NPs and go home. Danzou has the dream again only she remembers what it was about with kid Kotarou calling her mother and Danzou dropping the honorifics to just call him by his name. She sees him again and he's continuing with just calling her Danzou instead of mom, but then she calls him Kotarou because she remembers she's Robomom again. It's cute.
And then Douman is like Mwuahaha I gave you your memories back so I could crush your happiness later. Iono why you value these so much but if you do then I will let you have them back so I can DESTROY THEM.
There's a little more like how the place in her memories is somewhere she shouldn't have been and Kashin Koji stuff plus some Shimosa feedback but whatever.
Yan Quin's interlude is summarized here, by GundamFSN from BL:
The interlude opens with a monologue regarding the status of Yan Qing and Doppel. Mostly onto doppel, that whether he's real, having a self or just a figment of imagination and so on. We went to Shinjuku with CA and Geronimo since we detected that Yan Qing reishifted to Shinjuku. CA pinpointed Yan Qing in mere seconds and we fought him to take him back to Chaldea.
After the fight, Yan Qing plead Guda not to get in his way as he has something that he needs to do in Shinjuku no matter what. That something, CA knows of. Then he ran away.
We tracked him again thanks to CA. Fought one more time and ran away. This time really begging Guda not to interfere. CA revealed that Yan Qing wanted to atone for his sin, as he had off'd CA during the Shinjuku incident. Something that he can't forgive himself of and wished to be killed to atone for it.
Geronimo interestingly notes that HS doesn't have memories after death -just records- because their sins would grow if that was the case.
Guda and co chased him one last time. This is where CA reveals everything. The one Yan Qing wants to be killed by is none other than CA himself.
-Flashback to before Guda arrived in Shinjuku-
Yan Qing doppel had cornered CA, and he forfeits his defeat. But instead of his demise, Yan Qing wants to copy his Saint Graph.
Look, this scene is really badass, so >>>Castor has translated it all here.<<< You should do yourself a favor and read it just to see how much of a badass Cursed Arm is. It's a different link with fully translated dialogues inside.
To prevent that from happening CA Zabaniya'd himself. For he knows, despite being a stray Servant, perhaps by divine revelation or his own sense of justice, that someone will come to save Shinjuku. And in order to help that someone, he did what he must to assist him, lordless as he was. By killing himself he had prevented Yan Qing doppel from copying his Saint Graph perfectly. Thus something will become amiss sooner or later.
"Farewell, O' you who will someday save this city."
In the present, it is revealed that CA is actually our Yan Qing and the Yan Qing who we chased after was actually the doppel. Yan Qing intentionally fooled us so he can settles things with doppel. Doppel goes haywire and starts transforming into many things, doll Christine, ghost, CA, Yan Qing, etc. We subdues him.
Doppel reveals that he wants to be killed because he is nothing, has no identity, ego, nor self (existential crisis basically). That's why, if he tries to kill then he thought he will finally be put to an end. Instead of killing him, Yan Qing offers doppel to become one with him, so that he'll be able to obtain an identity, at very least that of a scoundrel who pursues righteousness. Doppel is really grateful, and he unites with Yan Qing. Yan Qing's Espionage Skill is changed into Doppelganger B+.
Oh and Geronimo is prob here just to quote good shit "By having no identity, one cannot be evil. By having an identity, one can achieve goodness."
CA is secretly the hero of Shinjuku. -salute-
Also the tracking thing is a lie.
Oh and guess what, I manage to dig out a summary of Gorgon's interlude! You have BL Castor to thank, as usual.


Last time I did a round-up, I said I would translate Touta's interlude just to finish the 3rd Interlude Campaign batch. Guess what, now I'm doing it. Just because there is a cute Kiyohime scene in it.

Oumukade Extermination

Tawara Touta's is basically a sum-up of his legend, or rather, a reenactment. You start with Gudako and Mashu finishing their simulation practice. Doctor Romani compliments how Mashu’s defense has improved considerably even though she can’t attack directly. “You must fight with the least degree of collateral damage possible, always keep this in mind.” Mashu expresses more confidence in defensive fight after learning of Galahad’s true name in Camelot. She describes her new ability to be able to direct strength to her legs and shoulders so that she can reflect attacks rather than endure then.
“I know how mentally strong you are.” / “Finally, we’re getting a counter-attack skill…!”
(flustered) “C-Countering…? I guess that’s where Galahad-san specializes in… But I’m still… not very good at reading my opponents, so it’s still difficult for me…”
You are then greeted by Touta who appears to be on kitchen duty today. Touta laughs heartily and claims that even though his food is the unrefined kind from warrior, he won’t lose in terms of amount. (If you recall, Touta’s claim to fame during the Camelot singularity was to flood the damn road with his rice to obstruct the Enforcement Knights).
Mashu: “No, I find your cooking very delicious. How to say, Tawara-san’s food is rich and filling.”
Touta: “You flatter me. Mashu will become a fine bride, yep.”
Mashu: > ” <
Then Touta praises white rice as the best source of energy for you. Looks like he’s good at making food to go with white rice, plus he guarantees that there will always be enough for a second serving. As he lists out his dishes, from salmons to seaweed:
Gudao: “Gulp… / My stomach feels empty already…”
Roman: “If everyone eats only from Lord Tawara’s rice, we’ll be able to save a hell lot of budget.”
The conversation then shifts as Touta notices the simulator, looks like he hasn’t used it once. Roman wonders what sort of monsters Touta used to exterminate, and Mashu brings up Touta’s legend of defeating the hundred-legged centipede aka Oumukade, which she finds herself pretty interested in. This gets Touta in a good mood and he asks Romani to set the simulation for him to fight the centipede for real. However the system doesn’t have any record of such creature, nor does Mashu recall ever encountering an Oumukade in any singularity. The one Touta fought at mount Mikami also measures as huge as 7 mountains, so rendering one will take ages.
Touta: “Aww, no good? I sure wanna see it…”
Roman: “I wish we had more funding to work with. If everyone just eats Tawara’s rice, maybe one day…”
Gudao suggests going to get lunch, but Touta doesn’t feel like eating when left hanging like this. Mashu apologizes for asking for too much, but he also admits to be guilty of getting excited himself. So, where you lack, you improvise, he says. Leaving Dr. “Montblanc” to prepare some kind of environment, he leaves to “find actors.”
Gudao: “When are we gonna get lunch…”
So, the gang ends up entering a simulated ancient Japan.
“Huh, how are you gonna make an giant centipede?” / “Don’t tell me it’s Cu Alter…”
Then Touta starts to narrate his legend at Shimotsuke province. People there are gathering near a bridge. Not because it has collapsed, but because there is a 190-feet-long snake coiling under it. Though it doesn’t do much, the locals are just too scared to cross the bridge.


“Oh, that’s a big snake alright…”
Yep, you know that yandere shout.
Touta: “But what is a mere snake to a samurai! The hero just crosses the bridge without any fear of the giant serpent. Hmph!”
Kiyohime: (bonks) x(
Kiyohime: “Hey hold on what’s with stepping on me >:( Didn’t you say you only need to meet me at this scene?”
Touta: “Aw man, I just remember I was kinda drunk at that time. Anyway, I had to fight the snake afterwards.”
Kiyo: “So in other words you pick a fight with me? Then things are different… I, Kiyo… no, this Great Serpent shall not tolerate any lie!”
Touta: “Ooh, that’s what I’m talking about, Doujouji (the name of the Noh play of Kiyohime)! You sure know method acting!”
(cues battle in which Kiyohime turns into this giant… thing after gauge break)
Kiyo: “Haa… Haa… Somehow I feel like I just crossed a line that a heroine shouldn’t cross… Maasutaaa? Did you see things like me transforming just noooow…?”
“I didn’t see nuffink” / “I lost memory for a few minutes”
Then Touta tries to make peace by offering a direct apology to brighten the mood.
“You heard Touta-san…” / “So why don’t we eat together after wrapping up here?”
Kiyohime: “If Anchin-sama says so…” (blushes while thinking to herself) (Haa, this is the perfect place to demonstrate myself. In other words, Kiyohime-chan ON STAGE. There is only me in Master’s burning gaze!) Ehem… your fighting stance just now was truly magnificent so I just tried imitating you for fun. I deeply apologize.”
Yeah, I only translate this interlude for this Kiyohime bit.
So anyway Kiyo turns out to be a dragon god residing under the lake of Oumi since olden time. She reveals that Oumukade came from mount Mikami and has been destroying the area, eating not only livestock but humans alike. Touta courageously accepts her plea of exterminating the monster and immediately gets going to the mountain for the hunt. Mashu wonders if it’s better to prepare more thoroughly for such a big monster, but Touta finds himself excited enough that he doesn’t really feel like stopping. But he does realize he’s careless enough to only bring with him 3 arrows. “How can you fight with just 3?!” Mashu wonders.
Then comes the centipede! Which turns out to be…
“Oh heck, the Genji guys!” / “Why are you guys tied together like a train?”
So Touta’s idea is to create an impression that at least makes you break out in a cold sweat upon seeing it.
Raikou: “…Yes. Make a line with skipping rope, then run together. It’s so embarrassing to act like preschoolers… But I shall spare no effort if it’s a request from Lord Tawara Touta. Though I feel rather conflicted about playing the part of the monster – this Raikou, shall become a hundred-feet centipede!”
Ushi and Kintoki seem to be on board just fine.
Touta: “Yep. I planned this performance myself, but now that I’m looking at you guys, this is too scary. You guys overdid it. Lord Raikou in particular is terrifying. I can’t tell if you’re playing pretend or actually serious. (Don’t tell me she didn’t have anyone to play with during childhood…)”
So begins the fight. Rule: Touta must hit the bullseye on Raikou’s head to win. Seems to him that this is even trickier than actually fighting the centipede. His first arrow is intercepted by Ushi. Mashu then blocks a blow from Kintoki and urges Touta to shoot at Raikou from the rear of her guard. Though Touta has a different plan…
Touta: “I shall finish this now. Just stay like that, Mashu!”
Raikou: “How…”
Kintoki: “The heck… you deflect your arrow off Mashu’s shield to target the general? You’re not even firing a gun, that’s not how archery should work!?”
Ushi: “Strictly speaking the shot didn’t ricochet, but rather changed orbit. Still, to think he can one-hit-kill like that…”
Touta: “That aside, the shield of the Round Table sure is something. For my powerful shot to bounce off so easily, dear oh dear, that sure makes me lose confidence!”
Mashu: “No way… that was ridiculous, Lord Touta… just a single shot was enough to send shockwaves throughout my whole body… Now I have got it. I have understood what your godlike archery is like.”
And then she thinks to herself, if he’s so good with the bow, why does he keep throwing his rice bale around?
Really makes you wonder huh 🤔
Anyway, the warriors exchange words of respect. Touta wonders if Raikou would have chopped his head off if he were to miss that final shot, but Raikou laughs it off and guarantees that he would have parried her strike with ease (so you actually did plan to go for the kill…?) Touta finds the match beyond his expectation and feels chills for the first time since that battle against the centipede, to Mashu’s surprise. But he also notes that rather than letting fear take over him, his excitement of fulfilling the request of the dragon beauty made him more than ready for the fight. “You can only have adventures and life-and-death faceoffs when you are still young. They’ll become nice experiences.”
There is also an interesting bit where Kintoki is about to say Masakado’s name when Raikou interrupts him. Looks like they really fear his cursed name. Anyway, Raikou uses her pain from getting a shot in the forehead as an excuse to get piggybacked by Kintoki, as the rest of you return to Chaldea, awaiting a nice meal from the Lord of Rice Bale himself.


Guess what, I'm throwing in Vlad's second interlude as well.

Legend of Dracula part 2

(This is the direct continuation of Vlad’s first interlude, of which you can read the official translation here).
You and Vlad are at the London singularity again upon detecting a magical signal. After the previous demon extermination, Vlad wonders if we’re up for a similar fight again.
“…very well. Even if it’s just small fries, my victory against them would further adorn my legend. Although the name Vlad has been crowned to the devil, I am neither the likes of ghouls, nor the likes of vampires.”
So continues the journey of Vlad to clear his name of the vampire stigma.
The first sign points to the presence of a wraith/ghost instead of demon. However Mashu notes that due to the demonic fog dangling over London, at this point the wraith has transitioned into an not-so-harmless evil spirit that can kill the living.
“Help… me…” Spotting a survivor, Vlad gladly skewers the threat in bloody stakes. He ushers the woman to run away, lest she touches the ghost and die. However she seems too shocked to move.
“…Well then, there is no other choice. Master, take her out of there. I shall subdue this wraith. My stakes are originally the proof of punishment. To harm the living even after joining the dead, know your place, damn wraith. Now, accept destruction!”
Vlad finishes off the threat beautifully. He then laments how ghosts still cause havocs despite the singularity already neutralized. Meanwhile the victim gives her thank, as Gudao wishes her a safe journey home.
“Wait.” “Y-Yes?” “Mine name is Vlad the III. Carve mine title into thy heart, and henceforth lead a fine life. Understand? While mine way of battling is different now, that itself is completely irrelevant to any vampiric nature.”


After making extra sure that the woman has taken all that in before departing, Vlad is pleased, “ah, at least she won’t be thinking of me as a vamp now.” Mashu then reports that there is a signal quite similar the demon from the previous extermination at north London, though weak, so she speculates that it might be a demonic beast, demon in name only, perhaps brought forth by residue demonic fog.
Vlad however theorizes that the threat might have been summoned through magecraft. Speaking of the devil, the gang then find a summoning circle, fittingly with a monster running amok while the nearby citizens are running away terrified!
“Oh? You call such thing the devil? Looks not so different from a hungry, crazed beast to me. Watch as I tear its guts open alive!”
And he proceeds to do just that. Commenting that the enemy was but mass-produced trash, Vlad regrets staining his spear. Naturally, the citizens are bewildered by his power.
“Oh? Thou wish for mine name? Then receive. Mine name is Vlad Tepes… Repeat, the man over there.”
“Er, ummm… Vlad Tepes?”
“Indeed. If that’s too hard, then Vlad the III is fine. Nevertheless, bear in mind one important thing.”
“Pay attention. Vlad-the-III, is-NOT, a-vampire.”


“Vlad-the-III, is-NOT, a-vampire?”
“Well done!” :D
At least, Vlad comes face to face with the enemy magus. He doesn’t care if the enemy refuses to come out since no matter what nooks and crannies the magus hides himself in, Vlad’s stakes will eventually find their ways to. The magus disgruntles reveals himself and asks Vlad to identify himself, to which Vlad responds.
“Vlad the III… of Wallachia?” Nonsense. The Vlad house has collapsed since long ago!”
“Correct. I fought and fell as King of Wallachia. It’s already a part of history, an episode swallowed in the flow of time. However… I cannot contain myself from rectifying my failed past.”
The magus seems confused by Vlad’s words, but Vlad denies an explanation since he’s going to kill him anyway. Frightened, the magus desperately summons up a… freaking dragon, a very crazy feat in the 19th century according to Mashu, though Vlad isn’t impressed since the process of restoring the Human Order can result in oddities. The enemy seems very psyched to have summoned a dragon, gleefully daydreaming of wiping out the Lords and taking over Clock Tower before… the dragon promptly chews him up. Vlad pities him of his miserable, though predictable end.
“Very well. Come, Ultimate Phantasmal Beast – Dragonkind! Mine father honored thy name, and held thy image as the summit of violence! I however was condemned not only by mine enemies, but also mine people, and history itself, not as a dragon but as the devil! And I now stand facing thee, that which mine father dreamt of. How ironic, how laughable! But I am grateful for this absurdity! Boorish as it may be, thou suffice as a worthy opponent. Let mine fangs sink into thy neck, I – Vlad the III, I – Vlad Dracul!”
After the battle, Vlad is satisfied to see the creature bearing his name so powerful, to which Gudao discreetly corrects that it should be him bearing its name. Anyhow, Vlad is happy to be the “mysterious hero who saved London from a dragon crisis” (Mashu: wait but how is beinga “mysterious hero” going to help clearing his name…).
People start to gather, so the gang are to return quickly. But then a citizen timidly asks Vlad for a photograph, to which he… wholeheartedly agrees, so much that he tells Gudao to join in the frame.
“W-Wait, that okay?” “It’s okay. If St. George enjoys photography so much, it’s most definitely not of the unholy kind. fidgety Hey Master, check if my collar is crooked.”
It’s finally time to return. Mashu wonders if the photo will remain into the future.
“Do not worry. We don’t know how the photo turned out, after all. It is fated to return to the dust, not unlike the dragon we fought moments ago. Let’s return to Chaldea, Master… Thank you, for accompanying me in my boundless dream. It may be pointless. It may be fruitless. It may be a foolish, laughable journey. Besides, this power is its power. It’s not reasonable for me to consider it something shameful. And one more thing. Even if I savor every bit of it… I cannot boast of myself being a vampire. I never can.”
Well that was long. And with this, here is the translation progress of all of the Interlude Campaigns so far:
  • Interlude Campaign 8: Everybody has been covered! Though Semiramis' and Yagyuu's could certain use some more detailed translation!
  • Interlude Campaign 7: Only Medb's is left lol somebody get to it, I thought this sub loved Medb. Also, Chiyome's and Danzou's are only at the level of very minimal summaries, so we still welcome full translation! yo where da kunoichi fans at??
  • Interlude Campaign 6: Only Wu Zetian left. I would translate hers, but there is Hokusai in it. Her accent is... too much for me.
  • Interlude Campaign 5 have been mostly covered with the exception of Bryn's second interlude. I heard it's quite the great lore dump too so if anyone can give it a rundown that'd be great.
  • Number 4 is a 60/40. Quetz and Medulily are still neglected...
  • Number 3: with Touta's done, this batch is now complete!
  • Number 2: Hundred-faced is left. It's the one with a cameo of the little girl personality iirc.
  • Number 1: Been forever but the ones still left forgotten are Geronimo (feelsbadman), Li Shuwen, and Billy. If you wait about 3 more months, this batch should receive the NA official translation.
Remember to visit Fou mod's interlude translation compilation as it's updated frequently.
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2019.02.19 16:17 suchapain EVO Japan "Core Values" Nonsense - Liana K. - 21 minutes
Two beautiful women were having fun. Panic ensued. Kek. Clips can be found here:
Some quotes:
This is the thing about gaming: when women are told how to dress, and told what to wear, and everything seems super controlled, everybody's ok. Core values not violated. But when we start thinking for ourselves, and we start having fun, and we start behaving as aggressively and as playfully as guys in gaming media have been able to do forever. Then all of a sudden we are in breach of core values. And this is what pisses me off about the whole thing.
It was you know it was clearly something that it was just sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing that these two very beautiful women decided to do off the cuff, and people freaked out. And I can't help but believe that because it was off the cuff and because the male gatekeepers in gaming couldn't control it, That's why they freaked not for any other reason. And people will probably say this is conspiratorial and all this stuff but this not an isolated incident. I am really getting sick of the so called feminism that's being peddled in gaming just increasing the power of a relatively small number of male gatekeepers who feel like they have the right to dictate women's behavior.
In this case I think comedy is being used to protest something that's actually quite serious, which is male gatekeeping of women's bodies and what they do with it in gaming. And a lot of people jump on Anita sarkeesian and her ilk for why this is happening in gaming, and I actually think that's wrong. Anita sarkeesian is completely entitled to her opinions. I am completely entitled to strongly disagree with her opinions. But she did not single-handedly make those opinions become popular among the games press and gaming companies.
The reason those ideas caught on is because they appealed to, I'm gonna say it, the actual misogyny. The actual fear and and hatred of women in who have power by some people in the games press and game development masquerading as progressive. These guys are fine as long as women know their place, but the minute we start knowing our power then we're terrifying. And they will claim to be feminists, they will claim to be allies. They are not because you see them bristle the minute a woman disagrees with them and doesn't apologize for that.
I have seen it in person the number of: 'oh yeah we're we're we're great, woman, Oh amazing, let's welcome welcome welcome'. And then I'll point out an issue with what they're doing and they immediately hostile because I didn't realize oh I was just there to be a mascot. I was just there to be the woman that they can point to and say they're good people, what the hell are you doing actually having an opinion. You want to be equal to other professionals fuck that fuck that hard fuck that like that powerbomb in in the video. I'm talking this kind of fuck that right here fuck that that's how I feel about these these sorts of faux feminists in gaming. And they're everywhere and that is why tropes vs. women caught fire.
I've heard stories from people and I'm not going to name names because they told me in confidence and obviously I'm going to respect that that. A lot of some very talented women I know who work this industry think they were sort of used as a figurehead. That they didn't have nearly the control over various elements of game design that people thought they did. They got too much credit and too much blame for various decisions.
Others felt like they were set up to fail by being paired up with the most useless dude at the studio that everybody liked and because everybody liked him when the job didn't get done they didn't share equal blame. The competent woman got all the blame and the likeable guy just passed along because he had the right friends. Now it's much harder to make the right friends as a woman in gaming now because you know various reasons everybody's afraid of getting accused. And then everybody's afraid of saying the wrong thing it's it's very very tense right now and I really don't like that
That's what I liked about Ronda Rousey at the Mortal Kombat thing she just seems so damn authentically happy to be there that I shared her joy. And that's what gaming's about: sharing joy. Not being the tits and ass police right. Tits are joy, asses joy, we know this right. Like they're called fun bags for a reason. And I think even though it seems very immature to focus on these things, I think it's exceptionally mature to find your happy in a world that is very much trying to make you unhappy. That is the most mature thing you can do is find your happy. Especially when it's really not hurting anybody else.

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2018.09.23 18:18 Dinoken2 /r/FinalFantasy Character Contest Week 3

Poll for week 3

Results for week 2

Hey everyone! Welcome to week 3 of /FinalFantasy's favorite character contest! This week the matches are:
  • Yuffie vs Paine
  • Irvine vs Quina
  • Bugenhagen vs Penelo
  • Iris vs Edge
  • Maria vs Kain
  • Warmech vs Blank
  • Terra vs Seifer
  • Ramza vs Edea
  • Luneth vs Interceptor
  • Agrias vs Ariana Grande
  • Golbez vs Wakka
  • Seymour vs Rubicante
  • Barret vs Rydia
  • Ignis vs Locke
  • Delita vs Vaan
  • Ardyn vs Jecht
Here is the link to this week’s poll! If you're a bit behind, feel free to check out the full bracket here. Here is the official results post from last week if you missed that as well!
Yuffie vs Paine
Yuffie Kisaragi: Yuffie is the spunky, highly energetic “genki” girl of Final Fantasy VII’s party. While a ninja, she is forever a thief, attempting to steal materia from the rest of the gang to raise enough money to rebuild her hometown Wutai. While crafty and wily, she’s still a playful ally who’ll help her friends when they need them. As a ninja, she wield an oversized shuriken. Unlike her skills as a Materia hunter, she has high stats in Luck.
Paine: Terse, tough mostly quiet and harbouring a mysterious past, Paine joins the Gullwings as a the third, albeit sarcastic, member YRP (a group of sphere hunters). While not much is known about Paine, several clues throughout the storyline of Final Fantasy X-2 are given to help the player better understand her. Paine brandishes a sword as her default, but can also hold other weapons depending on her dress sphere change.
Irvine vs Quina
Irvine Kinneas: The lone gunman, the cool cowboy, the suave, stylish, charming ladies man. Irvine is the final party member to join Squall in FFVIII. A gun specialist, Irvine is a sniper by trade and it’s that skill that gets him into the party to begin with. Irvine is smooth,cocky, and has a massive crush on Selphie which confuses the poor girl greatly at first. Underneath his cool guy exterior though he’s a sensitive soul. He’s not as mission focused as his SeeD friends. He goes out of his way to cheer up Selphie while she’s down and encourages Squall more than the rest of the party to pursue Rinoa. Irvine is also the only one to remember the party’s shared past and is the one who finally sparks the revelation that they all (sans Rinoa) grew up in the same orphanage with Seifer and that Sorceress Edea was the matron of that orphanage.
Quina Quen: The best way to describe Quina’s personality is with one of their own quotes. “World only have two things: Things you can eat and things you no can eat.” Quina is a Qu a strange genderless race obsessed with food found on the Gaia of FFIX. S/he is the party’s blue mage, learning enemy abilities after she eats them and her Trance ability allows her to eat enemies with more HP remaining. More so than any other character, s/he is the comic relief of IX and only travels with Zidane to sample all of the world’s different food.
Bugenhagen vs Penelo
Bugenhagen: A former Shin-Ra employeed scientist, Bugenhagen is a wise sage who has made it his life's mission to studying and helping the planet in Final Fantasy VII. Cloud and the party first encounter him in Cosmo Canyon, where it is revealed he is the mentor and "grandfather" of Red XIII. He helps the party throughout the game, offering advice and wisdom whenever he can. Towards the end of the game, if the player returns to Cosmo Canyon, it is revealed that Bugenhagen is dying. In a final moment with Red XIII, Bugenhagen gives him his ultimate weapon and asks him to do more with his life then protect Cosmo Canyon, to see and experience the world.
Penelo: In FFXII, Penelo is a friend of Vaan’s who gets swept up in the quest to restore Dalmasca’s independence because of Vaan’s antics and her insistence on keeping him out of trouble. Penelo has high magick stats, but her physical ones are lacking, making her an ideal mage. In Revenant Wings, Penelo is a hybrid white mage and dancer, while her appearance in Tactics A2 has her as just a dancer. Penelo is kind and is always trying to keep Vaan grounded in reality. She befriends Larsa, and that friendship helps both Larsa and Ashe think that peace between the Empire and Dalmasca is possible.
Iris vs Edge
Iris Amicitia: The younger sister of Gladiolus, Iris has always been in the life next to royalty. Ever since Iris was a child, she has had an overwhelming crush on Noctis that carried on to adulthood. Iris takes refuge to Lestallum after the Fall of Insomnia. From here, Iris remains faithful to the companions to helps fulfill their duties and going on the occasional hunt. After the absence of Noctis, Iris becomes a daemon hunter.
Edge Geraldine: A hot headed, egotistical, womanizing ninja, Edge is the last party member to join Cecil in FFIV. Edge is on a quest for vengeance for his parents, who he believes were murdered by the fire archfiend, Rubicante. Edge has an infatuation with Rydia, constantly flirting with her throughout the game. In combat, Edge has the series traditional ninja abilities, throw and ninjustsu, as well as taking up the role of the thief with the steal command. Edge does eventually defeat Rubicante with Cecil’s help, but not before learning that it was Dr. Lugae, another of Golbez’ minions, that had captured his parents and transformed them into monsters. Realizing Golbez needs to be stopped, Edge continues on with Cecil for the rest of his journey. He attends Cecil and Rosa’s wedding in the ending and returns to his home country of Eblan to rule it as king.
Maria vs Kain
Maria: Female companion and voice of reason to Firion and Guy in Final Fantasy II. Along with the latter, she was orphaned when the Emperor Mateus destroyed her hometown. She joins the rebellion in search of her brother Leon, who turns out to be The Dark Knight: high commander of the Palemecian Army. While she starts the game with a bow, Maria can use a wide array of weapons, armour and shields. Maria also has high intelligence, which lends itself well to black magic.
Kain Highwind: Baron’s most talented Dragoon. Kain is both the childhood friend, and rival, of Cecil Harvey. While initially standoffish to their relationship, he’s secretly infatuated with Rosa (the lover of Cecil), which causes a of contention among and his friends. Easily susceptible to mind control, he betrays the party not one, but twice, before joining a final time to defeat Zemus on the moon, and seeking redemption for his betrayal. Kain usually wields spears, but can attack with swords. His jump ability allows him to leap out of combat for a turn, dealing heavy damage when he lands.
Warmech vs Blank
Warmech: "EXTERMINATE!"^(Not an actual quote) - The Warmech, also known as the Death Machine is heralded as the first Super Boss in the Final Fantasy franchise. An extremely rare spawning and ectremely deadly enemy on found by chance towards the end of the game. It automatically repairs itself every round, healing a portion of it's maximum hp, while it's Atomize ability will live up to it's name against most parties. An absolute terror in combat it stalks the halls, ready to pounce of unsuspecting Warriors of Light. Beware the Warmech.
Blank:) A dry-witted thief and reluctant older brother figure to Zidane, Blank is also a member of the Tantalus Theatre Troupe. Despite his scarred and stitched exterior, Blank has a heart of gold, and will help anyone who needs it. He's particularly close to Marcus and appears to have a soft spot for Ruby. Blank is especially notable for pushing Zidane to safety when the Evil Forest starts to petrify itself and anyone left inside of it. Blank remains petrified until Marcus is able to return with the Supersoft. As soon as he's able to move, Blank finds himself once again helping Zidane and his friends.
Terra vs Seifer
Terra Branford: Terra is a mysterious girl with high magical potential. Born as half esper and half human, Terra was captured by the empire and later raised to be a war machine for her powers. Wary of the destruction she fears she caused, Terra is initially distrustful and suspicious of anyone who might want to leverage her powers to harm others. Throughout the course of the game, Terra has to learn to control her powers, her fears and learn how to love, becoming a mature young woman in the process. Terra has high magical stats, can equip all swords and shields, and can transform into an Esper under Trance.
Seifer Almasy: Balamb’s head of the Disciplinary committee. He travels around the start of the game with Fujin and Raijin, his "posse," and is constantly bickering and picking fights with Squall and Zell. He attacks the preisdent of Galbadia early on in an attempt to earn favor with Rinoa, but is foiled by Sorceress Edea. Edea manipulates Seifer into becoming her Knight, by twisting his romantic dream and his rage and never making it into SeeD. Seifer spends the rest of the game as Edea's lieutenant and serves as one of the primary antagonists Squall and the party have to face. Defeated time and time again, eventually Seifer is abandoned by his posse who believe he has lost himself in Ultimecia's control. During his final confrontation with Squall, Seifer acknowledges that he has been manipulated the entire time but no longer cares and only wishes to resolve his rivalry with Squall. During the ending cutscene, Seifer is revealed to have retired to Balamb town with Fujin and Raijin, relaxing and fishing while looking regretfully at Balamb Garden.
Ramza vs Edea
Ramza Beoulve: Ramza Beouvle is the hero and chief protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. While born to a noble house, certain events lead him to change his profession. Instead of a squire enrolled in the Academy, he becomes employed as a mercenary. Due to a series of unfortunate events, and fate chance at the Orbonne Monastery, Ramza sets out on a quest to uncover a nation wide conspiracy, and the true meaning of what it means to do good. As a Squire, Ramza can use a series of movesets that can affect his speed, magical and attack power. He can use any weapon, and can learn Ultima.
Edea Kramer: The powerful and mysterious Sorceress, Edea is the first major antagonist Squall and company have to deal with in FFVIII. She rules over the country of Galbadia and uses its military and resources on a personal vendetta to exterminate SeeDs and find the mysterious girl Ellone. After several battles, it is revealed that Edea is much more complicated than she first appears. She's the wife of Balamb Garden's headmaster, Cid, the matron of the orphange where the main cast grew up and was actually possessed by the evil Sorceress Ultimecia the entire time! Following her final battle with the SeeDs, she passes her powers (and possession) onto Rinoa and briefly aids Squall and his friends against Galbadia before retiring with Cid to their home.
Luneth vs Interceptor
Luneth: A courageous orphan with a mysterious past, Luneth ends up discovering the Wind Crystal after a recent earthquake. There, he is chosen as a Warrior of Light, and is given the task of finding the other three warriors in order to protect the rest of the crystals. Passionate and impulsive, Luneth often runs into danger without thinking of the consequences. His heart is always in the right place, despite his reckless nature, and he serves as a natural leader of the Warriors of Light. He's especially protective of his best friend Arc, who is often bullied for his shy and studious nature, and is determined to always help anyone weaker than himself.
Interceptor: In Final Fantasy VI, Interceptor is Shadow's faithful and loyal companion, sticking by the assassin's side for the majority of the game. Mechanically, Interceptor has a small chance to block an attack for Shadow and then counter attack. If the player fails to save Shadow on the Floating Continent, Interceptor will follow and protect Relm, Shadow's daughter instead. If the player does save Shadow, Interceptor will end up with Relm in the game's ending, after Shadow sacrifises himself in Kefka's Tower.
Agrias vs Ariana Grande
Agrias Oaks: A Final Fantasy Tactics character, Lady Agrias Oaks is Princess Ovelia Atkascha most skilled sworn bodyguard. In the opening scene of Tactics, Agrias and the bodyguards are distracted by an outside attack of the Monistary Lady Agrias was praying at. Soon after that, Delita comes in to kidnap the princess while the bodyguards are outside distracted. The plot goes back to before Ramza was a mercenary, leaving her not to be seen until Monastery Scene is revisited. Agrias chases after Delita with Ramza only to find out the other mercenaries, Gaffgarion, betrays them in hope for coin in killing the princess. Agrias and Ramza eliminate Gaffgarion, and Delita leaves the Princess Under Agrias.
Ariana Grande: A beautiful singer from a distant world, whose goal is to bring love and grow peace in the realm. Raised with a flair for music, she started performing from a young age. Incited by her desire to create and share wonderful music with the world, she worked hard to become a successful singer.
Golbez vs Wakka
Golbez: The main antagonist of FFIV, Golbez is a constant threat to the party in his quest to obtain the crystals. In addition to his own incredible magic power, Golbez has a variety of minions under his command, including the four vicious Archfiends. This villain isn’t all about raw power however, Golbez is also incredibly cunning. He manipulates Kain into betraying the party and successfully lures Cecil into a few traps. It is revealed towards the end of the game that Golbez was in fact innocent and had been manipulated and controlled by the evil Lunarian Zemus. Free of Zemus’ influence, Golbez joins forces with Fuyosa to kill Zemus. When Zemus revives as Zeromus and defeats Golbez and Fuyosa, Golbez aids Cecil (revealed to be Golbez’s brother), giving him a powerful crystal that allows him to fight Zeromus. Following the defeat of Zeromus, Golbez retires to the moon, believe he can never be forgiven for his actions under Zemus’ control. In The After Years, Golbez returns assisting Cecil, his son Ceodore, and the rest of the party in defeating the Creator.
Wakka: Former captain of the Besaid Aurochs, Wakka retired from Blitzball to help him focus on his new role as Yuna’s Guardian. Wakka is a devout follower of Yevon and frowns upon anything that goes against the teachings. He especially hates the Al Bhed, partially because of their heretical views on machina, and partially because his brother, Chappu, used an Al Bhed weapon instead of a traditional sword the day he died. Wakka loved his brother dearly, and when Tidus arrives Wakka sees a lot of similarities between him and Chappu, causing Wakka to take an instant liking to him. Wakka is a light hearted, fun loving man and is constantly at odds with Lulu’s cynical personality. In X-2, Wakka and Lulu have settled down and have a son, Vidina. Wakka is insecure and worried about becoming a father, but with Yuna’s help he gets over his nervousness to be there for his family.
Seymour vs Rubicante
Seymour Guado: Seymour Guado is the half human, half Guado maester of the religion Yu Yevon. He is initially targeted by both races, and grows up in hatred and loneliness due to it. Not only content with murdering his father, he comes up with a plan to end all of life itself to keep life from suffering. He wields his special Seymour Staff and is a decent low level magic user.
Rubicante: One of the four elemental fiends, Rubicante is the Autarch of Fire and personal villain of Edge Geraldine in FFIV. Rubicante leads the attack that destroys Edge's home of Eblan. This attack causes the capture and corruption of Edge's parents, as the wicked Dr. Lugae turns them into vicious monsters in his care. Although a villain, Rubicante fights with honor. He abhors what Lugae does to Edge's parents and heals the party before they fight. He mocks and criticizes Edge's immaturity and his lack of control over his emotions, wishing for Edge to be a more worthy opponent. Cecil, Edge, and the rest of the party defeat him in the Tower of Babil, and again after Zemus revives him at the Giant of Babil. In The After Years, he appears before Edge testing the ninja's skills once again before providing a hint on how to defeat Ifrit. By the end of the game, Edge remarks that Rubicante is a worthy foe and it appears the two have made peace.
Barret vs Rydia
Barret Wallace: Leader of the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE, foul mouthed but good hearted, Barret begins his adventure with misguided attempts to provide a safe world for his daughter Marlene, while at the same time taking revenge against Shinra. Much of his actions are motivated by a passionate desire to do good, but often in violent and brash ways. Barret wields a gun arm with can be used for long range attacks. He also has high HP and defense, making him a formidable tank.
Rydia: A young girl, orphaned by Cecil and Kain in the opening act of FFIV, she journeys with Cecil as he struggles to find his redemption and stop the evil Golbez from taking the Crystals. Rydia has a strong personality, overcoming her grief and rage towards Cecil in order to save the world. She has the ability to use white, black, and summoning magic. At some point, Rydia is knocked off the ship the party is traveling on and swallowed by the Eidolon Leviathan. She’s thought dead by the party until she returns triumphantly as an adult to save them from Golbez. Leviathan had taken her to the realm of Eidolons where time moves slower. While there Rydia honed her summoning and black magic skills, but lost her ability to cast white magic. Rydia stays with Cecil till the end after her return. In The After Years, a young girl who resembles Rydia appears and causes havoc around the world with summon magic. The mysterious girl is revealed to be a member of a new race that resembles Rydia called the Maenads, made by the evil Creator. The party defeats the Creator and the Maenads save one sacrifice themselves to stop him for good. Rydia adopts the last Maenad, naming her Cuore.
Ignis vs Locke
Ignis Scientia: Ignis has been friends with Prince Noctis since early childhood. He received a special education for gifted children to work as a staff officer for Noctis and acts as the understanding consultant for him.A more serious and nurturing character, Ignis can be seen as Noctis's right-hand man and the brains of the party. Ignis is loyal to his prince and would do anything for him, and tends to stay near him in battle. Because Noctis lost his mother when he was young, Ignis has filled some of those duties for him, such as trying to make Noctis eat a healthy diet. Though austere and intelligent, Ignis struggles reading people's intentions, especially when something is a joke. He is a perfectionist and tends to lose his composure when things don't go his way. Despite his calm and serious personality, he has occasions where he jokes around, such as by making puns or sarcastic comments.
Locke Cole: Adventurer and thief treasure hunter, Locke the second playable character you meet. Throughout the game, Locke’s main impulse is to protect females. This is due to a tragic story in his past, in which he couldn’t protect his girlfriend Rachel. He joins the Returners through guilt and revenge against the Gestahlian army. As a thief treasure hunter, he can steal acquire items from his opponents, has high speed and evasion and can equip swords, boomerangs and daggers.
Delita vs Vaan
Delita Heiral: Being known throughout Ivilance history for his heroic efforts, Delita Heiral has a much different story than what the hidden church documents show. Delita was born into poverty but was adopted by Barbaneth, Ramza's father, after Delita's parents died from the black plague. Delita plays as a supporting character to the protagonist Ramza in the early parts of the game as they fight for the house of Beoulve. As the story unfolds, Delita is faced with the opposition of being born into poverty, which leads Delita to go off on his own personal endeavors.
Vaan: Vaan is part of a lost generation, trying to find purpose in a life reduced to poverty. Vaan adopts a leadership role, being the eldest among the group of orphans he spends his time in, and is seen as a fraternal figure to the younger children. Despite having been forced to look after himself from an early age due to the loss of his family, Vaan remains naive. He dreams of becoming a sky pirate to escape the Empire's hold and roam the skies freely.
Ardyn vs Jecht
Ardyn Izunia: The fedora wearing antagonist of FFXV, Ardyn is a figure shrouded in mystery. The Chancellor of the Niflheim Empire, Ardyn spends a good portion of the game helping and confusing Noctis and his friends. Ardyn reveals his true colors during the trial with Leviathan when he kills Lunafreya. From that point on Ardyn descends into true villainy, tricking Noctis into attacking Prompto, taunting Noctis, and worst of all, indirectly destroying the Regalia. Ardyn reveals his true name as Ardyn Lucis Caelum, and that he is an immortal man, cursed by the gods with immortality for his crimes. When Noctis enters the crystal and slumbers for 10 years, Ardyn encourages the spread of the Starscourge, causing an eternal night and bringing the world to ruin. With the help of the Astrals and his friends, Noctis reaches Insomnia and grants Ardyn what he wanted all along: a final death.
Jecht: The greatest Blitzball player to ever have lived (or so he’d tell you), Jecht is Tidus’ father and one of the main antagonists of FFX. In Zanarkand, Jecht was the most famous man in the city as the star player of the Zanarkand Abes Blitzball team. Jecht let the fame get to his head, and was a drunk, emotionally abusive, and mostly absent father. One day Jecht went out to train and never returned. Jecht had touched Sin and ended up in Spira, where he met Braska and Auron. Jecht, with Auron, was one of Braska’s Pilgrimage and together the three of them defeated Sin. We mainly see Jecht in flashbacks where he belittles and mocks his son, constantly calling him a “crybaby.” We learn through the Jecht Spheres and Auron’s commentary that Braska’s Pilgrimage humbled Jecht. By the end of their journey, Jecht sacrificed himself to become Braska’s Final Aeon, defeating Sin, bringing the Calm, and becoming the next Sin in the spiral of death. Tidus, Yuna, and the others eventually reach Sin’s Core and free Jecht from Yu Yevon’s control and end the threat of Sin once and for all
Feel free to discuss your opinions in the comments below, just remember to keep it civil! If you missed a week, don't forget to check out the full bracket
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2017.09.23 18:47 Lastrevio I don't even fucking know anymore... (Type Me) [Part 1]

Part 2
I think it is pretty clear I am in the 4-5-6-7-8 half of the enneagram and that it’s obviously obvious I’m not 9, 1, 2 or 3 so I will talk less about those 4 types. (EDIT: I actually seemed to talk a ton about type 1 surprisingly) This is my last trial until I give up completely on the enneagram. Here I present in 18 sections why I might or might not be each of the 9 types hoping that someone will find a logical loophole in my thinking because by formal logic in the knowledge I gained so far I have no enneagram type. After that there will be some additional information that may or may not help you, use it however you want or just skip it. If you find this post too long just read it partially, it’s not one of those posts that you have to read fully to understand. Sorry if the post is too edgy or looks like a rant, that wasn’t my intention.
(I will also NOT talk about wings, instincts, tritypes etc. as I don’t even know my core type yet)
First and foremost the integration and disintegration: If you had told me how each enneatype is without the directions of integration and disintegration and ask me where do I think I integrate and where do I disintegrate I would say I integrate to 7 and disintegrate to 4, which is surprising considering there are a lot of possibilities that don’t exist, for example I could say I integrate to 2 and disintegrate to 7 but there’s no type that does that or that I integrate to 1 and disintegrate to 6, again that type doesn’t exist, but the fact that there actually IS a type that integrates to 7 and disintegrates to 4 is quite huge evidence imo that I’d be type 1. I would only relate to 4 in my bad days or darkest times, overemotional, neurotic, edgy, reactive, a huge desire to be unique, hates stereotypes/gender roles, etc. and I only relate to 7 in my very good days/nicest times, cheerful, playful, enthusiastic, optimistic, excited, talkative, etc. I don’t relate to the type 1 profile at all though. Actually if I think deeper about it any normal human being on earth would feel like they disintegrate to 4 and integrate to 7…. Hmm…
Also I might be a freak in correcting others sometimes: I can sometimes play the ISTJ granddaddy “fucking kids these days respect the fucking rules” “you immature pricks why don’t you prepare for everything” “I care about your attitude” and other mature-ish stuff that you would get made fun of by Se doms. Wait, that could be disintegration to 1… nevermind, I’m going to write more about this in the “why I might be 7” part.
There is another thing that might be 6 or 1: When I was little I was never afraid to talk shit on bigger people or to defend myself, etc. just because I knew that it’s something they shouldn’t (should = superego type = 6, 1) hit me, etc. and that I’m protected by law. So if I just knew that I didn’t hit first that gave me confidence to defend myself because even if I am not always able to prove it, my little idiotic 7-year-old brain thought that a “should” is enough. I also felt protected by my father of the bad kids. Now I don’t do this as often as I know that in reality things are much more complicated (you might not be able to prove it, complications may arise, you might just have bad luck, you might still get severely hurt or dead even if they are pleaded guilty, etc.).
It’s obvious: No moral code at all. I don’t even believe good and evil exists which I think is enough to confirm I’m not a 1.
Other than that I just… don’t relate 1 descriptions. Not perfectionistic. Is that ‘nough said?
I don’t even know what to write here, there’s literally no reason at all I would be a two. This is the type I’m the least like out of all of them, even less than 9, although I think someone on discord told me I might have 2 in my tritype for some weird reason.
Every reason possible. I hate people, I’m not fake at all (I might talk shit behind the backs of people but I would never say something that I wouldn’t say in front of their faces… Because I talk shit in front of everyone’s faces if I want to), I am not aware of how I come to others/if I hurt people, I’m an asshole, heck, I don’t think I ever helped someone in my life… Ask anyone that knows me, jsn2917 (yea I don’t think I got his username right, I’ll edit when I can) sarcastically said on slack “oh Lastrevio the most helping person in the world”. Social status is a foreign concept to me, I never do something to please people. I don’t know how to manipulate people indirectly and never did it and never will (histrionic), if I want someone to do something I just use violence (verbal or physical although mostly verbal) or whatever 8-ish methods, threats, etc. (that is IF I need to get someone to do something for me but usually I don’t even do that because I get shit done myself)
Also, I NEVER FUCKING COMPROMISE. I’d rather die than make compromises. I’m the most uncooperative person you ever met: everyone do as I say + I acknowledge the fact that democracy is a thing and I have no right to tell a big amount of people to do as I say = there are two options: make a compromise (give up your needs) or leave (don’t compromise and go your own way alone) and I always choose the second option, in situations where I have to choose the first option (like where I can’t leave a community, classroom, a group project or just society (laws)) I feel like I go insane. This behavior of course leads to isolation, etc. I feel like this instantly rules out 2 and 9.
I don’t really know what to write here either tbh… Social status is foreign to me, not a 3.
Never wanted to be a role model. Don’t care about status. Not competitive at all, sport “competitions” or games are just fun activities to me, I might once in a while rage in a lol or csgo match but it’s rare. I never went to karate competitions or school Olympics just to be a champion and show off, like 3s do. I went to a few but didn’t get any recognizable place and didn’t care about it, I went more or less to see what it’s like. The only reason I might get extremely competitive is for money or material prizes, maybe for non-material prizes like friendship or meeting people (although I have no fucking idea how you can get those by being COMPETITIVE) but definitely not for fame/praise.
This is 100% real life experience no lie: Before I knew ANYTHING about typology be it MBTI, socionics, enneagram, etc. (I didn’t know these things existed) I said with my own mouth “I take pride in being different. I never saw “weird” as an insult, instead standing out is a pride to me”. Didn’t know typology exist so no bias. To be honest looking at it now, first off I care about that only when unhealthy (like I said, I seem to have disintegration to 4, the healthier I get the more I see the value in fitting in with the crowd), second off, it’s more of a fear of being a sheep than being normal. I don’t stand out just for the sake of standing out, I just don’t want to be a brainwashed normal sheep member of society who blindly follows authority or the crowd and doesn’t question anything, which can mimic 4-ish behavior. Other than that I don’t have many reasons as to why I’m a 4 other than neuroticism and a slight masochism (I sometimes want to be sad for a very weird reason, it fucks with my brain because it’s logically a paradoxical concept, if you are ok with having a negative emotion it’s not a negative emotion anymore, but to be honest emotions/feelings are way over the power of science or logic if you ask me).
I talked about it in the why I might be 4 part. Also I don’t care at all about how I look, I spend very little money on clothing. I either completely disregard my looks (90% of the time, the only thing important is that the clothing is comfortable) or 10% of the time I might dress how I want to but it’s rare.
Also, I don’t give a flying fuck if you are all like “aNy mBtI TyPe cAn bE AnY eNeAgRam type”, what I say is that E4 = Fi. The whole description is just Fi and Fi is absent in me (PoLR Fi), it’s a foreign concept to me… Heck, I should have taken parts of 4 description and used them for my Fi vs. Fe article no joke: Authenticity, special snowflake-ness, self-awareness, introspective, “in the search of itself”, identity-focus, “I’m so deep inside no one could possibly understand me, I want validation not understanding”, idealistic (cultivating a fantasy self); that is the definition of Fi and also E4 and I have none of it.
Out of all the 9 types, 5 is the one that fits me the most although there is a good amount of reasons I’m not one too. It annoys me when people give reasons saying how I’m obviously not 5 when I clearly stated that I just “identify” the most with 5. YES I KNOW I’M NOT A FUCKING 5 AND WHY I’M NOT A FUCKING 5, IT JUST FITS THE MOST OUT OF THE 9 TYPES BECAUSE I HAVE EVEN MORE REASONS AS TO WHY I’M NOT THE OTHER 8, GET IT?
Iconoclastic. Isolated (although I don’t fear social interaction and have confidence, the only reason I have no friends is my lack of will to compromise). Eccentric asf. Most stereotypes fit me. Out of all the 9 types this one fits me the most although there is a good amount of reasons I am not one.
I relate 100% to the withdrawing/getting knowledge to overcome fear of the world: for example when I go shopping I repeat a million times in my head what I have to say exactly or when I want to raise my hand and ask the teacher a question I repeat in my mind what I have to say a good amount of times. I relate to integration to 8 because the healthier I am the less I repeat.
And since we’re on that topic, this is the main and foremost reason I’m a 5: Fearing of the outside world. To first give an example, we had this shit in Romania where students had for a day (once every few weeks) to stay and do “school service” instead of going to class which consisted of ringing the bell for breaks (not a big deal for me), staying at the entrance and asking whoever comes what’s their name and taking their ID card so you monitor everyone who enters the school (hell for me and I’ll explain why later) and other than those two doing random shit like helping the teachers with stuff and trivial stuff. Most classmates were really excited for their day “YAY I HAVE A FREE DAY WHERE I CAN STAY ON A CHAIR AND PLAY ON MY PHONE INSTEAD OF GOING TO BORING CLASS”, for me it was torture (I eventually talked to the principle and stopped doing it, later this year no one can because of some weird new law??), first I was anxious as hell. I have no idea how people could just stay on their phone or stuff and say that “they do nothing”, don’t I have to be on the edge to see if someone is entering the school? Then how do I know it’s not school staff like teachers? My visual memory is shit and I don’t know each and every teachenon-pedantic-staff, what if I try to register someone who is actually a teacher and make a fool of myself? (actually I didn’t care that much about making a fool of myself, but still, it’s not that simple) I was always on edge and anxious when doing that shit, having an alert and focused mind because for me doing the “school service” was like being on a battlefield, I had to calculate ever move, repeat everything in my head but also focus on what’s going around me, etc. Which is exactly like how a 5 feels like doing trivial everyday life tasks from what I’ve read on the enneagram.
What I say is that I first must gain knowledge on a subject to stop my anxiety, that could be repeating what I have to say (in the case of buying groceries or asking a question in class) or being prepared for everything, having a plan B, etc. And now THAT is the reason I identify with 5 the most. Bad at directions, being thrown around in a scenario and told to “figure it out on the go” without analyzing it a million times in my head is torture. Simply impossible. This is the main reason why I identify with 5, below there are some other small details that also make me feel like a 5:
My anxiety is very 5-like: Instead of the panicked 6-ish “OMFG LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS THAT COULD GO WRONG, WE’RE DOOMED, WE MUST BE PREPARED FOR EVERYTHING” I’m more of the 5 “Ok there are a million things that could go wrong, let’s take each scenario separately in a calm way and analyze each and everyone to be prepared for everything”. Funny example: I was talking on the phone with my sister about my future and kept asking “what if” “what if” trying to be prepared for each and every scenario and always having a plan B for everything and she said I’m anxious asf when I was calm asf?? That’s just my main way of thinking, I calmly prepare for everything lol. No, she literally thought I had clinical anxiety when I felt nothing.
Also I over-complicate everything, my past religion teacher once started making fun of me “let’s say this is A and this is B, instead of going A->B you go A-H-E-T-2-9-4-T-B-D-H-0-E-%-$-B” (gave a real life example to prove its not my own biased perception, other people view me that way too). Also I usually ask a lot of questions, and my questions are often very weird, not usual questions someone would ask, very specific and complex. Just ask peppermint-kiss , again, giving real-life examples to prove it’s not my bias like trying to fit in with 5 or whatever.
Emotionally detached? Not sure if this is the right definition… Even though I’m reactive, temperamental, emotional; I put emotions into categories and observe them like they were another person’s, often even making witty remarks about them “lol why do I feel fear I shouldn’t be scared in this situation WTF BRAIN WHY AM I SCARED THERE’S LITERALLY NO REASON TO BE ANXIOUS” kind of thing.
Dark mind: When things go wrong I have dark fantasies that… wait lemme just quote a little form what I wrote a few months ago in the comments of this thread:
Also, not sure if that's the case but some fives might relate, a lot of times I use to imagine some random scenario that either happened or might happen and come to a very destructive and extreme ending in my imagination. Most of them are fights with parents or teachers. Example: I'm at school, the teacher told me something that upset me, I scream at them and call names, she slaps me, I pull her hair, hit her head on the floor, take a knife out, stab her heart, start a riot, principle comes, I kill her too, police comes, I go fucking rampage, I kill everyone, suicide at the end. These scenarios make me feel extremely angry and resentful at the end, getting in a very angsty and angry mood.
And then in the 5 vs. 9 article on theenneagraminstitute ( they say
Nines idealize the world and create imaginary worlds in which good always triumphs over evil; Fives analyze the real world and create horrifying scenarios in which evil usually triumphs over good or exists in tension with it.
Does this ring a bell? Also since we’re on the 5 vs. 9 article, EVERYTHING on that article about 5s fits me like a glove.
Fives are intense, strong-minded, argumentative, contentious, and highly resistant to the influence of others. (…)Fives tend to speculate on problems, then on the problems that their problems have raised, then on those problems, ad infinitum. (…)Moreover, their ideas may be so complicated that they are difficult to communicate to all but other specialists. Fives complexify. (...) Fives are theorists. (...) Fives are nihilists (...) Fives are resistant (..), defensive and contentious (...) Fives are in tension. (...), the thinking of Fives is complex. By attempting to arrive at a grand unifying theory that encompasses and explains everything, average Fives end up involved in increasing complications and abstractions. Their thought is focused on specifics, often highly technical and concerned with foresight and the consequences of acting one way rather than another. But at an extreme, Fives risk seeing reality not as it is but as a projection of their preoccupations and fears. They distort their perceptions of reality so that reality seems more negative and threatening than it actually is.
There was much more to 5s in that article but I picked out the ones that described me the best.
Too assertive: From what I’ve been told 5s don’t tell everyone to fuck off on the internet if they disagree with a person, instead they withdraw to gain more information. And from the words of almighty ihqsclerosis after I told him I’m much more assertive on the internet than in real life “the fact that you feel safe to talk shit just because it’s the internet and not real life rules out 5 for me” (paraphrasing because I can’t find the link).
Also walls of text? On here there are 75 comments and about 40-50 are mine, and they are not small, they’re walls of text. I even had to split a comment into four parts because it was too long for reddit, and I wrote it all in one take. I was told this was 7 behavior and not 5. Jacq from discord was all like “remember when you made 100 posts a day to prove you’re the 458 tritype or whatever? That’s more 7 than 5 to me.”
Also, I very rarely view myself as an observer, instead I view myself as the main character, in the middle of the action, the center of attention, the protagonist. I’ll explain more about this in the why I’m 7 part and the holy planning idea.
Jermofo also said something about asking too many questions: I do that and that rules out 5 for him because 5s figure it out on their own. My thinking is like this: I can figure stuff on my own but if I can ask people too and use that why not? I don’t lose anything, it’s more efficient that way, I don’t lose time.
Lack of fear of physical confrontation. I am overconfident in it, I actually am shit at fighting but I am not scared of fighting (And most of the time I got my ass kicked). Recently I started being more rational and realizing when I could get my ass kicked, and although my main instinct is fear in a normal mood (if I see like a 7 foot tall wrestler or just any big guy that I rationally can not fight) if someone makes me very angry, I swear half of the functions of my brain are disabled: I have no empathy, not decency and also NO FEAR. So it might be a completely rationally decision to not step in those dangerous situations but if I’m angry I have no ration, my brain is on KILL KILL KILL, even if the person I’m fighting could potentially hurt or kill me.
Oh, also, in jungian terms (At least this is what I think at the present) I’m not an introvert. I seek stimulation, I’m not overpowered by it. ‘Nough said.
I might not be a 5 because I also probably misunderstood the notion of “emotionally detached”. I don’t even know what it means honestly. I’m reactive, temperamental, emotional but I put emotions into categories and observe them like they were another person’s, often even making witty remarks about them “lol why do I feel fear I shouldn’t be scared in this situation WTF BRAIN WHY AM I SCARED THERE’S LITERALLY NO REASON TO BE ANXIOUS” kind of thing. My decisions are heavily influenced by my emotions though, everything reduces down to how I feel in the moment about doing something and I often feel like a slave of my feelings.
Still, could ALL OF THIS be explained by integration to 8? When I’m unhealthy I’m kinda none of these things other than viewing myself as the main character (which I thought was explained by tritype and some things) and the violent/confrontational behavior (which I thought were explained by 8 in my tritype). Still, walls of text and asking too many questions remain as points as to why I’m not an E5… It’s complicated.
My main desire in life is having a solution for everything, something to rely on, a plan B for everything although that could call to any fear type (5, 6, 7 each one wants to have a “strategy” for life): For example the fact that I’m a minor I think could be considered “Relying on an external authority” considering it’s not always people that it could be ideologies too. I know that I am protected by law until I’m 18 and that for most of my actions (ex: if I ever kill someone) my parents will be responsible and not me, which gives me security (I’m really curious how my ideologies will change when I get 18). So I never fear confronting people that are old for example and fighting because I just know that most of the time (I mean this is really context-depdendent) that they won’t be very hard on me just because I’m a minor so if both of us get hurt, THEY’LL go to jail, however if only the one I’m fighting gets hurt, my parents will and I don’t give a shit about them. This was just an example, it suddenly hit me when thinking of my last fight with my parents. I just know that they are obligated to take care of me so I permit myself to be the biggest asshole since I just know that they will never abandon me or something. It’s always half-consciously (super-ego) relying on an idea, ideology, fact that can give me security.
Since we’re on the subject of confrontation and fights there is another thing that might be 6 or 1 (if you already read this on the type 1 part then skip this paragraph): When I was little I was never afraid to talk shit on bigger people or to defend myself, etc. just because I knew that it’s something they shouldn’t (should = superego type = 6, 1) hit me, etc. and that I’m protected by law. So if I just knew that I didn’t hit first that gave me confidence to defend myself because even if I am not always able to prove it, my little idiotic 7-year-old brain thought that a “should” is enough. I also felt protected by my father of the bad kids. Now I don’t do this as often as I know that in reality things are much more complicated (you might not be able to prove it, complications may arise, you might just have bad luck, you might still get severely hurt or dead even if they are pleaded guilty, etc.).
Also I thought of something, considering that being dissatisfied with everything and always wanting more and more and more is 7 (gluttony) and that even if not always being satisfied with what you have you’re holding on it severely because you fear risking to go out in the world to get more is 5 (Avarice) I thought that because 6s are in the middle of the fear center, thus, a combination of 5 and 7, they do both? Because that’s what I do, no matter where I am in life and what I have, I am always dissatisfied, I always want more. At the same time, I never risk to try to get more because of the fear that the situation could get worse so I just hold on to what I have. I fear change; Occasionally there are instances where I risk to try to get more but that is either when I hit rock bottom/”it couldn’t ever get worse than this!” or when I genuinely don’t give a shit.
Other than that I’ll just quote a lot of arguments from Komatik and HehImNothing as they were convinced in the past I’m a 6:
In terms of more ordinary tone, the primary characteristic of Six is the need for and extensive use of outside anchors, and a relational way of thinking. If you take a look at your own post above: It's full of outside anchors you use to define yourself, you insistently use long-form titles of types and list them in full to define yourself more extensively. The thinking has the character of busy, endless chatter rather than truly overcomplicated thinking. The former is Six, the latter Five. Sixes are not all followers, but there is a characteristic affiliative, relational character to the way they reason about things - who do you stand for or against, what are you with, what do you dare to stand apart from, and so on. A Six responds to challenge as you do, stubbornly to defend their existing point of view. Fives are more likely to actively tear the opponent's argument down than to wear them down with stubborn resistance. In terms of the tone of the types' threat response, imagine being chased in a wintry landscape by a pack of wolves. They're hungry, ravenous and will tear you to shreds in a blink. This is how a Five who's afraid feels - the world is out to tear from them with its demands until there's nothing left. A characteristically Fiveish response is to cut off whatever need exposes them to the demand in the first place - you don't have to worry if the wolves can't find you. With the Six, the sight is a threat to yourself, and it won't happen. Why? Because the Six will make sure of it. They'd build the most impressive bunker in the world or just fucking kill them dead with extreme prejudice, machineguns and explosives and buzzsaws and all. End the threat utterly and with certainty. A third Sixish response would be to just calmly deal with it because they've made so very damn sure they know how to do this.
From this thread:
Ok before I move on to their next arguments I just wanted to point out (Again?) how fucking stupid the enneagram system is. He literally said that 5s always have complex paradoxical thinking while 6s have linear rigid thinking. Well he also at the same time said ISTPs, ENTPs and a ton of other types can NEVER be 5 just because they have rigid thinking. If you take a look at Gulenko’s cognitive styles you’ll see the causal-determinist style is exactly what he described as “6” (ENTPs, ESFPs, INFPs, ISTPs) and the holographical-panoramical style is exactly what he described as “5”. I swear that if you don’t forcefully make very strict enneagram-jung correlations, you can’t use both systems at a time, they contradict each other heavily.
Anyway moving on:
You're not a 5w4 or 548, you are most likely a 6. You're a bit young to know. me: Really? Counter-phobic I suppose?? him: No, you're fantasizing and romanticizing violence and revenge instead of being these two things. This reminds me of type 6 hero worship, which means projecting lost strength and courage onto an ideal, which is then worshiped.
From here:
Good reasons: Not a sheep, probably the most independent person ever, at least that’s how I come off. My reasoning is iconoclastic and from what I’ve seen on theenneagraminstitute on their 5 vs. 6 article
Of the two types, Sixes tend to be more linear and analytical in their thinking because they are interested in troubleshooting, in prediction, and in establishing methods that can be repeated. Thus, contrary to popular belief, the world of academia and higher education is more the realm of Sixes than of Fives. Academia teaches students to work with advisors and mentors, to cite sources and back up arguments with quotes from authorities, to follow proper procedures in papers and theses, and so forth–all type Six values. Fives are much more non-linear in their thinking. They are interested in finding out where established theories break down and in developing iconoclastic ideas that shake up structures and established methods. Fives are, generally speaking, bolder than Sixes in their positions and creativity, but also far less practical. Fives feel that they can only trust their own minds to come to conclusions–they believe that everyone else is likely to be less well-informed.
I’m a 5 by far. Really, I am pretty sure I told someone “Empirical evidence is for autists” and I wasn’t even really joking. I am not afraid to go against conventional methods, etc. and to sustain an argument by “quoting experts” is one way to get me from 0 to 100 as (the NTP stereotype tbh) I believe everyone has a mind and can think and come up with an idea so the source is not any more important than the information itself, even a homeless person or an uneducated child could potentially be true and even an expert/teacher, etc. could be wrong. I’m the most controversial person in the world.
Also _reLight_ was convinced I’m not a 6 when I asked him some time ago; “6s rely on external authority so they know when to keep their mouth shut, you talk shit on everyone and tell everyone to fuck off, you’re a 7 confirmed”. Then I asked him about Eminem, he’s a 6 too and he talks shit on everyone. Then he told that it’s because he’s a xSxP. Then I was confused and mad at him, first off he literally just told me that SPs can never be 6, second off his main arguments as to why I’m ENTP is that “I have role Se”. What the fuck bro? Anyway if “talking shit on everyone” rules out 6 for all of you then I’ll still keep this paragraph, the information should be useful to you.
Also I don’t feel like a compliant type or just not a 6, they seem very cooperative and interdependent from what I’ve gained so far and as pointed out in the “why im not 2” part, I ‘d rather kill myself than make a compromise, so that’s out of the window.
Also I rarely experience anxiety, I might engage in anxious thinking (as shown in the why I might be a 5 part with wanting to have a plan B for everything but thinking about it calmly) but actually experiencing the emotion of anxiety/fear is quite rare, below average I’d say; although this might not be the best thing I could say considering that IF I was a 6 I wouldn’t know how not experiencing anxiety all the time would be so if I truly am one I might just brush it off as a normal human experience. I still experience the emotion of anxiety from time to time but rarely. Basically what I hear about 6s is that they are always “on edge”, can never relax, always mobilized and prepared for anything and anxious and to be honest I didn’t do enough introspection to know if I’m really like that or not but I am about 70% sure I’m NOT like that.
Pretty much everyone thinks I’m a 7 now which makes me concerned since I just switched from being typed INTP to ENTP. When I typed INTP 5w4 no one questioned my 5w4-ness (a few did, but they told me I’m 6, not 7) but now that I type as ENTP everyone tells me I’m 7w8 and I’m afraid they unconsciously made that assumption just because ENTPs usually are 7… Anyway their main arguments are that I’m very extraverted in a 7-ish way (memelord and mocks everyone) (well first off I’m only on the internet like that, second off I’m only 7-ish when happy/healthy). I swear that if you talked to me 3-4 months ago you’d swear I’m a 4 by the stereotypes.
Also walls of text? (if you already read this paragraph on the why not 5 part then skip) On here there are 75 comments and about 40-50 are mine, and they are not small, they’re walls of text. I even had to split a comment into four parts because it was too long for reddit, and I wrote it all in one take. I was told this was 7 behavior and not 5. Jacq from discord was all like “remember when you made 100 posts a day to prove you’re the 458 tritype or whatever? That’s more 7 than 5 to me.”
I always need something to look after to, I don’t overcommit myself to activities but if I do nothing I get depressed however I would say I need to do work more than play, as in, something I can procrastinate on so that I get the feeling of achievement. A bit 3-ish, right? Keep in mind I had to DISOCVER this part of myself because my nature is to be lazy and get depressed, I had to do sever introspection to discover this “life hack”.
Coming back to this (I am writing this over the course of more days) I did some outrospection (introspection but outwardly, how you come off to others, I invented the word and named it outrospection lol) and just had the most 7-ish moment which is making me question the entirety of my personality. Ok so it went like this: I made this post: , had overconfidence in my extraverted feeling/how the masses will react (tertiary = overconfidence), everyone reacted negatively and it got controversial, comments were bad, then someone posted it here , got even worse criticism, someone even made an account “firstrevio” to mock me lolz. First off as _reLight_ pointed out, characteristic of 7s is to deal with anxiety with a “I don’t give a fuck attitude” first and foremost to others but sometimes even to themselves (even though deep down they know they give a fuck and are scared) and as you see I’m replying to everyone with “lmao lol ok” and even denied to myself for days I don’t care about what others think and how I “like when I make controversy because if it’s controversial then it’s good” until I (probably) finally integrated to 5 today and realized I actually DON’T like controversy and criticism and I actually DO care what others think, regretting that I wasn’t careful with what I said…. (7=recklessness, not being careful with what you say so talks shit on everyone and later regrets it). If it truly was the case I am 7, first off online descriptions MUST be shit, second off what about my temperamental/pessimistic/reactive/definitelynotpositiveoutlooktype attitude, or pretty much everything I wrote in the part 5 section? Being 6 could explain the things I wrote on 5 but 7s are supposed to embrace the outward world fearing inside world right? I fear the outside world a lot and am the opposite of “practical” (as Don Riso called 7s)
Actually all this time in this post I talked about unwillingness to compromise (which led me to believe 5 or 8) makes me think of 7w8 a little, considering I’ve always read that they have an “I’m going to have fun no matter what and you’re not going to stop me”, which is similar to my “I’m going to go my own way/do what I want no matter what and you’re not going to stop me”. Actually I believe that is not 8 considering 8s would look like they aren’t even bothered by lack of getting their way with a “You can’t get under my skin but I sure can get under yours” attitude, first off with indifference and still going their own way, then spending little effort that is rationalized in taking the threat down and still going their own way, which can even look playful and as a joke to them and their rationalization for their behavior is most likely to be that they're just having fun; because the 8 is trying to prove to himself that others have no real power over him, but he has power over others. Compare this to my over-dramatization of not getting my own way, which first honestly leads me to believe 4 or something, but I could see 7 as well.
Actually, weren’t E7 the “child archetype”? The overdramatizing bullshit when you’re not getting your own way is childish behavior. To be honest, if enneagram truly had basis in reality, I think we should re-make the E7 description, they surely presented the positive aspects of an “eternal child”, playfulness, curiosity, etc. and the only negative trait they portrayed was probably selfishness (children are selfish) and immaturity/irresponsibility. But what about all the negative traits they haven’t described that are typical in children?
Also my main philosophy of life is 7-ish although the way I present it is 5-ish (might be due to the fact I’m NT): The main goal/meaning of life is to increase your net-worth of happiness which is just a mix of dopamine, serotonin, etc. “Just have fun/be happy” sounds like 7 to me.
Since we’re on the topic of philosophical questions, another 7-ish thing I do is when I ruminate so much on problems that always end in some loop or can’t find their answer I just put them in the “ok this is paradoxical you can’t find its answer now stop fucking with it” and this includes question such as “everything religion related/meaning of life/etc.”, “Is the experience or the memory more worth?” and those are the only 2 that popped in my head right now even though I’m sure there are dozens of them. I either reason them out to infinity and my babby deterministic logic ending in a paradox (like religion) or they just instantly freeze me without even being able to START reasoning (like the experience/memory question). The act of categorizing certain things as “don’t think about this shit, it’ll mess you up” is 7, right? (Keep in mind I put them in the “don’t worry about this shit” box AFTER they are tested and proved “dangerous”) This is the only way I could “run from my mind” because other than that I face negativity straight on I swear.
I also relate to the holy idea of 7s: Holy planning. I feel like in a movie sometimes, like this whole moment was arranged for me, the main character, protagonist, “on a ride”. “this is my moment”
Also I could see disintegration to 1 a little if I think about it: : I can sometimes play the ISTJ granddaddy “fucking kids these days respect the fucking rules” “you immature pricks why don’t you prepare for everything” “I care about your attitude” and other mature-ish stuff that you would get made fun of by Se doms, or any teen. “oh look the granny telling us to be responsible”. Then going off about how fighting and proving your dominance is immature and how blah blah other bullshit but more of an excuse of being a loser. I’m just bullshitting when I do that.
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2016.11.07 00:04 guillaume958 Comparing Anime to other mediums.

TL;DR: This is basically me explaining how I came to my conclusions. Where I come from and what was my thought process. I basically outline some of my issues with anime at the moment and compare it to other mediums like Live action movies/shows, literature and Video games while inviting people to give me their thoughts on my post/opinion
I've been following the medium of anime since my early teenage years and I've obviously grown very fond of the damn thing as it has been very present in my life.I Remember always being "that guy" at the school lunch table, preaching to my friends about how underrated anime is and how shit western movies like Transformers and Fast and furious are. Now here's the part where I get all pretentious and say that I've since grown above the plebeian entertainment and have ascended to a new level of understanding and all that, bare with me for a second and let me ramble a little.
A few years ago, I started branching out to other mediums more. With the help of a knowledgeable friend, I started really getting into the movie scene and watching anything from old classics like 12 angry men to more recent hits like Pulp Fiction and Birdman. I found movies that I thought were overrated, like the LOTR trilogy as well as movies that I thought were underrated like The Prestige and Prisoner. I was also fortunate enough to get into Western TV shows at a sort of golden age of not only live action shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and True Detective but also animated shows like Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty and Steven Universe.
Furthermore, I found a neat way to pass the time, being a guy that likes to play multiplayer games like LoL, Starcraft ll and Overwatch, I found that listening to Audio books while doing so makes for one hell of a good time. Since then I've caught up on a lot of good literature, going through most of the A song of fire and Ice series, listening to very influential classics like 1984 and Lord of the flies. And as pretentious as it might sound, I also got a little bit into philosophy. As I'm Currently going through College in Quebec, I have mandatory philosophy classes and I've found them to be very informative and interesting. Since starting college I've dabbled into old philosophers like Plato and Socrates but also more recent thinkers like John Locke, Emmanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill.
I feel like I've grown a lot as a person and I'm no longer that kid shitting his pants while watching Death Note for the first time. This summer, I made an attempt to get back into the anime scene and started following airing anime for the first time, instead of just watching what all the reviewers were going apeshit over months after. I also wanted to catch up on well-received anime that I just hadn't come around to watching yet. Which finally leads me to the fucking point.
I've felt very disappointed in my return to anime and I'm starting to think that I've been a bit biased towards it in the past. While watching mostly unknown movies like Captain fantastic and Hell or high water, I began to wonder how I would see them if they were animated and made in Japan. And it's sad for me to say that I think that they would be obvious contenders for anime of the year despite barely turning any heads in the movie scene. I've started shaking my head at the sight of shows like Boku no hero Academia where most of the episodes were so cheesy and bland that I had trouble watching them without dying from cringing too hard. I remember how baffled I was at the reception of the show. "How were people liking this?" was a question that I seemed to be asking myself way too frequently.
I think most anime right now are style over substance. I think that the lack of money and funding in anime has lead animators to cheapen their products by constantly doing animation tricks(fillestill backgrounds/few action scene/few movements/etc) but also by pandering to a very immature community that will watch any show if the tits are big enough or if the characters are cute enough.And it's not like I'm anti-sex or anything, it's just that I don't understand why people would watch ecchi when there's actual porn and hentai on the internet. I also feel like most anime don't have the maturity to pull off a healthy sexually active relationship with its characters and instead of trying to do so, resorts to cheap accidental gropes and pantie shots that are obviously not there to move the plot along nor to developed characters but instead to make their shows more fappable to the horny hormonal teenage boy demographic. I also suspect that it has to do with something cultural. Japans seems to be a place where sex is a little bit more taboo and, don't quote me on this, but I've heard things about women wanting sex making them impure in the eyes of the older generation or something along those lines. I've done an student exchange thing in Japan back in 2014 and was warned by former participants of the program that Japan had different views on gender. I didn't actually notice this during the trip but I wasn't really paying attention to those kinds of things either. Hopefully someone in the comments will fact-check me on this.
Anyway, let's try to go back on track here, I think that the philosophies and ideas that are portrayed in most anime are almost laughably simple and cheesy. Shirou seems like the obvious low hanging fruit here and it's not like I can't appreciate characters with strict moral codes but think about Batman for a second. Even though he has a very strict moral code that he never breaks,he remains more interesting because he is punished and suffers the consequences that come with his devotion. If you look at the best works on batman, most of them deal on this very aspect. Think The Dark Knight(Great video here ) and that one scene (spoilers) from Under the Red Hood.
Moving on to humor focused shows,while I can think of a few shows like One Punch Man that have managed to surprise me, most of the shows that I've seen usually seem rely on a gimmick and abuse it until they no longer become funny, never really attempting to developed their characters nor explore them on a deeper level. (Think Tanaka/Sakamoto/Himouto!umaru-chan vs Rick and Morty/Bojack Horseman) .
And just to make myself clear,I don't think that all anime are bad(Something, Something, Sturgeon's law). I know that there's a shit ton of bad books, TV shows and movies out there but what I'm saying is that I think that other mediums are much more refined and pump out more quality content. Anime lacks the moral ambiguity that I've seen not only in books and movies but also in story driven Video games like the Last of Us. In fact it has such bland, unoriginal and overused character tropes that the community has started putting them into categories(Tsundere,Yandere,etc).
I find it sad because I think anime has a lot of potential and is being held back. I know there are a lot of talented people in the industry( 1 2 ) and anime has some advantages over some mediums like Live Action. What's sad about live action movies and such is that the presence of recognizable actors can break the immersion, after watching Django Unchained I didn't think, "Wow Mr.Candie was a great villain", I thought "damn Leo Killed it" which is one of the many advantages that animation has but that will never amount to anything if all studios want to do is make a boring Highschool slice of life and a cringy sport shounen every other day.
Now I could force some halfhearted message about how the anime community should come together and show the studios that they will not settle for subpar anime by buying blu rays to Cowboy Bebop or whatever but I think that a lot of popular people in the community have already made that point several times. What I will do instead is invite you to give me your thoughts on this post. What do you think about my current view on anime? Do you think I'm spot on, do you think I've missed the mark completely. Do you agree with most of what I've said but disagree with a specific point or do you disagree with most of what I've said but agree with a specific point.
While I don't expect this post to be very popular I don't mean for this to be some bitter pretentious pointless rant where the OP is stubborn and won't change his opinion on anything out of ego. I will however, remind everyone that the down vote button is not a "I disagree with this guy button". By making this post I wanted to explain my thought process,where I come from and how I came to my conclusions. I wanted to start a conversation on the medium of anime and get other people's take on it while hopefully giving some food for thought to others.
Edit: Thanks for all the great comments Y'all.
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2016.10.26 01:45 BanjoTheBear Should You Watch It? Fall 2016 Edition

Summer 2016 Edition’s Thread
(This season marks the two-year anniversary of this thread! Yay! :D)
Hey, /anime! Banjo here.
Another season of anime is upon us, and people are currently asking themselves the same question: What is good that is out right now?
This situation is where I and my “Should You Watch It?” thread come in!
Essentially, for many of the airing shows, I have seen the first three episodes and have made a judgment call for people looking to pick up those anime or not. In order to help streamline the process, I have created rankings to help with both clarification and ease of use.
To reiterate, this is the “three-episode rule” at work, meaning that these conclusions are not infallible. Yet it is a simple, early indicator for how the rest of the anime will generally proceed.
Whether you put stock into such a rule or like my view on the matter is entirely up to you. However, as a means to get the community involved and to have has many views about a particular anime as possible, a section is included entitled “Another Perspective.”
For each anime, I have acquired a few words (with the users’ permission!) that look at the anime from a different angle (often in opposition to my own thoughts!) in the hopes that you can make a more informed decision about picking up a specific show or not.
As always, this is just to help people figure out if a particular anime is right or wrong for him or for her. If you or anyone happens to disagree with my judgements (or the others), please voice your own perspective below. The more varying viewpoints that are had, the stronger the conversations will be, and therefore the better the decisions can be made.
No more rambling! Let us start my "Should You Watch It?" Fall 2016 Edition!
Here is how I rank the shows and what each ranking means:
Drop It – do not bother watching it now or ever.
Consider It – watch it if you enjoy the genre, or try it out once it is completely done airing, but, even then, you may not like it and forego it.
Watch It – should be enjoyable for most anime viewers to watch as it airs or at least enjoyable enough to watch to completion.
Must Watch It – if you are not watching this as it airs, you are seriously missing out.
Using this system, you can just quickly check out each show's "ranking" without having to read every little detail that I put for each one. I will be going through these alphabetically with MAL links as well.
(NOTE: Due to timing issues, the following anime are judged based on their first two episodes and not their first three episodes: Fune wo Amu. Apologies! :3)
(NOTE: The “Another Perspective” quotes received total permission for usage before being written here!)
3-gatsu no Lion
Must Watch It
Banjo’s Perspective:
Almost everyone has experienced struggle, and Rei of 3-gatsu no Lion is no exception. This anime has a somber tone that isn’t just there but is something one feels. It's felt from the characters: their personal, emotional moments, their heartfelt reactions. It's felt from the visuals: the feinted and varied coloring, the contrast between light and dark. It's felt from the themes themselves: the importance of family, the prevalence of hardship. All of this says nothing about how fun and awesome Akari, Hina, and Momo are, the symbolism introduced through shogi, and the musical touches here and there. In other words, this one marches ahead of the pact with relative ease.

Another Perspective, courtesy of IHatloWomen:
“3-gatsu no Lion follows the solitary life of Kiriyama Rei, a 17 year old professional Shougi player. Right off the bat it's easy to tell he struggles with himself and life, however it's not void of passion and purpose giving it a light yet melancholic feel. A bit of a pushover, polite, mature and immature, he's a likeable character with great monologues that remind me of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, and there is great potential for character development. This is something I look for in every season, something abnormal in the normal, very lax, serious, and lighthearted. In one moment we're presented with ponders on mourning, in the next a typical overenthusiastic rival providing comic relief. While there are a few clichés that would preferable not to see rehashed, it still feels very fresh, especially how our main character is introduced to the side characters. The Shogi part of the series seems a little pointless so far, like an excuse to tell the story instead of a tool in the story, much like Chihayafuru. I'm hopeful for a treat, (it feels that way so far) I've not yet been bored, it looks absolutely fantastic and I'm loving the music. Please give this a go, even if you have no idea what Shogi is. You'll be pleasantly surprised.”
Consider It
Banjo’s Perspective:
Classical music has always been an (ode to) joy for many people. ClassicaLoid understands this notion, bringing about a marriage (of figaro) between anime and the geniuses behind the classics. From Beethoven to Mozart, from Chopin to Liszt, their so-called “Musik” turns their (toccata and fugue in D) minor shenanigans into crazy, over-the-top performances. The anime has yet to establish an enticing plot, and the characters, while apparently reminiscent of their historic counterparts, won’t receive any (nocturne in E-flat) major (Op. 9, No. 2) development anytime soon. Still, if one is simply looking for a bit of fun and a whole lot of classical music, his or her dreams (of love) have finally come true.
Another Perspective, courtesy of Cacophon:
“What do you get when you put one soon-to-be ex-homeowner together with three musically aspirant freeloaders? Well, if one of those happen to be the overly eccentric, occasionally perverse Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and one other is the brooding, perfectionist edge-lord Ludwig von Beethoven, you get ClassicaLoids. After three episodes, I'm not really sure where the plot is going. It's been an over-the-top comedy at its bright moments but there's equally dim moments where it falls into either flat or just confusing territory. There are these extended musical performances that play out like your stereotypical what-is-wrong-with-Japan Music Video, where at least one character has undergone a transformation sequence but these almost seem meaningless. It's being directed by Fujita Yoichi, director on just over 100 Gintama episodes, so maybe that's part of this slow burning start. If I can credit them for nothing else, they've done a great job of capturing the essence of their historical figures and using it to create comedy, but... As of right now, I can only give a luke-warm recommendation toward it and say that if it resonates with your interests, give it a shot.”
Another Perspective, courtesy of Durinthal:
“Did you know that Beethoven was obsessed with making the perfect gyoza and Mozart was a pervert? Well, one of those is a lie, but they're both true in ClassicaLoid. Kanae, an average teenage girl, inherited a music-themed mansion from her grandparents but two masters of the craft are already living there and causing trouble.
ClassicaLoid is an affectionate parody of the titans of the classical world, an exaggerated send-up of the composers often seen as stodgy by modern standards. Sugita's take on Beethoven does well to capture a sense of tortured genius, but his specific focus on gyoza makes it absurd rather than serious. Chopin takes the virtuoso's known reclusiveness to an extreme as a hikikomori and Liszt is now a flirtatious buxom blond, a nod to the mesmerizing personality and stage presence of the real artist.
Most of the show entails playing the characters off one another for humor with Kanae being the one sane person present. The first episode also has a few heartfelt moments nestled within the comedy, a theme sometimes seen in a few of Director Yoichi Fujita's other projects: Gintama, Binbougami ga!, and Osomatsu-san. We've only seen the smallest hint of a real plot so far (Bach's menacing presence is tempered by wearing sunglasses with his wig) but as the series runs for 25 episodes it's taking its time on character introductions.
If you ever thought classical music would sound better in the form of J-pop, you should definitely give it a shot. I won't claim that the show is a masterpiece or even the best anime of the season, but if you're looking for a comedy with weird characters this is worth trying.”
Flip Flappers
Must Watch It
Banjo’s Perspective:
Many people have lives filled with monotony, a sense of not knowing which direction to take next. Enter Cocona, a girl whose life (appropriately enough) gets flipped upside-down with the help of her newfound friend Papika. For in Flip Flappers, a dull moment does not exist as each new world in Pure Illusion switches personality. Yet there’s so much more. Their duo represents a strong bond with lots of contrasting traits, potential growth, and a fun dynamic. The shrouded plot ups the intrigue. And best of all is the art: its beautiful colors, slick animation, and a charming style amplify the designs, prettiness, and general wonder. Alongside a theme on the emotions that drive people forward, it needs no help in flapping to the top.
Another Perspective, courtesy of Karmic_Thread:
“Flip Flappers is probably the dark horse of the season. It comes from studio 3Hz, whose two only major works consist of Dimension W and Sora no Method, so it's a studio that still needs to prove its worth and form an identity. With Kiyotaka Oshiyama at the head, who directed Space Dandy 2nd season's episode 5 and worked as animator in other several projects, Flip Flappers seems to be a step in the right direction due to its creativity and delivery, taking all the advantages of being an anime original. I will try and spoil as little of the plot as I can, since part of the experience consists of the main story and factions revealing themselves as the characters grow.
The covesynopsis tells us that we're going to watch two girls going on a lot of colorful adventures while they search the "Shards of Mimi", and while that's not far from true, Flip Flappers also contains a coming of age story with strong focus on identity development inside a high voltage magical girl package. It doesn't rely on conventional narrative hooks, or huge expositive texts regarding ideals and complicated concepts or premises, since it prefers to convey all of this through one or two extremely meaningful and central lines of dialogue per episode, and visually through symbolism and shot composition. Said point leads us to talk about art and animation: it's great, the animation/motion itself isn't as polished as one would want, but it compensates with its great sense of style, being arguably on the same level of something made by Imaishi or Ikuhara, with a tone that's reminiscent of both because of their use of metaphor, stylized animation/art and bright color palettes to convey a story with more serious themes.
Its premise allows for a lot of crazy settings that make homage/reference to Ghibli films, and other pieces of media like Alice in Wonderland, Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, Mad Max and PreCure up to episode 3, at the same time remaining relevant to the plot, character and themes of the show and each individual episode's focus. The way Flip Flappers manages to convey its ideas with subtlety while also being so crazy and over the top taking the advantage of being an original work is just masterful, and makes it one of if not the strongest show in this season.
Its over-the-topness, presentation, and the lack of a strong plot/premise right from the start may shy away some viewers (it's a really "anime" anime), but for those who aren't turned off yet this show is a must. All the previous points that may be a negative for some are also a big part of what makes it stand out. Tl;dr: Flip Flappers is the anime equivalent of riding a roller coaster on acid trying not to lose your way, and truly deserves your attention.”
Another Perspective, courtesy of TaiBoss:
"I am not exactly sure how to describe Flip Flappers. People like to compare it to Trigger shows like Luluco or to Gainax's classic FLCL. However, having seen neither of them, I cannot really describe it that way. What I can do is describe it without such comparisons: Flip Flappers is one of those few "fun before plot" shows, that are not "So bad, it's good.", hell, I think Flip Flappers is one of best written shows I have seen in recent time, simply because the team around Yuniko Ayana, script writer for such shows as Kiniro Mosaic and Humanity Has Declined, actually abides to ‘Show, Don't Tell.’.
On the surface, Flip Flappers is the story of the goofy, fun loving Papika and the serious, down-to-earth Cocona as they repeatedly enter a fantastical world (worlds?) called "Pure Illusion" and the fantastical adventures they have there. But it's also so much more, simply because behind all the colours, the excellent animation and funny moments, there seems to lie a world that is crapsaccharine. As it turns out are the fragments that Papika and Cocona are collecting, the things creating the Pure Illusion in the first place, much sought-after- both by Papika's superiors and by their (maybe) adversaries. And so, by the end of episode 3, you begin to realise that below this whole sugar bowl lies a web of lies, betrayal, conspiracies and cruelty. And you start understanding that everything you've seen so far all followed a consistent in-universe logic, one that is not spelled out to us as a giant off-screen monologue over minutes and minutes, but one that is given simultaneously, piece by piece, to both Cocona and the audience. And so far, that's not much, but even those few scenes already give a lot of room to speculate and to discuss.
Flip Flappers is, to me, the fight of idealism vs cynicism, and how something that seems good doesn't have to be good, and vice versa. It's a treasure chest full of possible interpretations, from the plot to the characters to the world itself. It's an anime that is fun and allows you to turn off your brain, but doesn't insult you should you try to use it anyway.
But most of all, it's the wacky adventures of a goofy girl and a serious girl. Because such duos always make for the best comedies."
Fune wo Amu
Watch It
Banjo’s Perspective:
In Fune wo Amu, the cast have one goal in mind: create the best dictionary to the best of their abilities. Above the words and the definitions, though, rests the animation, for it’s a treat to behold. The walking of characters, the moving of their hands, and the subtle shifting of their eyes all have a fluidity, a believability that gives the anime a greater sense of realism and “action.” While the optimistic tone makes it difficult for the story to build real drama, and the characters themselves are not exactly the most interesting people, a recent (read: second-episode) event as well as its adult-oriented target audience give the whole package a lot of potential to embark on a great passage.
Another Perspective, courtesy of JexInfinite:
“From the two episodes that have aired so far, Fune wo Amu has provided a thorough introduction into what looks like an inspirational drama. This show is about a sector of a book company that is creating a new dictionary. Since there have only been two episodes the plot has not developed very far, but the all-adult cast all have distinct personalities, like Majime's reserved quirkiness, and Nishioka's straightforward and outgoing attitude. The art and animation does not stand out, but the voice cast is high quality, with Kamiya Hiroshi and Sakurai Takahiro as the main characters.
What makes Fune wo Amu stand out from everything else this season is its maturity of execution. The themes are not dark, the plot is not tense and exciting, and the art style is not visually stimulating, but this show wastes no time with anime tropes or pandering. It gets to the point, which is making a dictionary and finding the most accurate and concise way to define words, in a respectful manner (towards the viewers). In more coherent terms, this is a show that you would not be embarrassed to watch if your grandparents walked in; in fact, they may join in.
I would recommend to watch Fune wo Amu because it presents characters like real people, has delivered an introduction for a believable and realistic narrative, and promises an inspirational story where characters will grow as humans.”
Gi(a)rlish Number
Must Watch It
Banjo’s Perspective:
Cynicism abounds in Gi(a)rlish Number, an anime focusing on a rookie seiyuu (Japanese anime voice actress) named Chitose. Her constant inner thoughts – often of a mean or vitriolic nature – make her quite the hilarious person to follow. The harsh, behind-the-scenes look at the industry in general – with its rushed material, not-so-friendly people, and disrespect towards the creators – ups the satire the story has adopted. It even has some early development in its characters, brewing feuds, and disaster on the horizon. Combined with its strangely likable characters, the bits of cuteness, and those moments filled with cringe, the entire offering needs no he(a)lping hand.
Another Perspective, courtesy of randomdudeman12:
“Girlish Number is the dark horse of the season for me. The basic idea is cute girls doing cute VA things, but it's so much better. Chitose is a VA who's recently finished school and is looking to get into the industry, the only issue is that her personality (and talent) is terrible underneath that cute girl facade. Her reaction faces and mean words get a hearty chuckle out of me most of the time.
The other main reason to watch it is for Watari's writing. Watari is the author behind the Oregairu light novels and he also wrote the Chiba siblings in Qualidea Code. This series is filled with cynicism and meta humor, both of which Watari excels at. It's funny and depressing to hear cute girls talking about how trash light novel authors are, but they're not wrong. Moments like this keep popping up as we laugh about how terrible the reality of the industry is. I'm also almost certain that Watari's (or his close friends) experiences served as a basis for most of the humor. After the trainwreck that was Qualidea code, I could totally see him taking inspiration from that production disaster.
I can understand that this show won't be for everyone. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like characters who are full of themselves, or if you don't have a decent understanding of the industry. I can also assure you that there will be some minor drama later in the series, so if you weren't a fan of the drama in Oregairu, you won't be a fan of it here.
To sum up, if you enjoy industry-deprecating humor, and are fine with a cute girl protag who has the personality of a 3DPD, then you'll love this anime.”
Another Perspective, courtesy of Crabspite:
"Gi(a)rlish Number’s central hook is its focus on depicting the animation industry. The show, however, seems mostly interested in being a satire, focusing more on the farcical nature of the industry and the author’s own frustrations towards it rather than portraying a realistic environment, with mixed execution. Its commentary, while at times insightful, seems too simplistic and clumsy to make any sort of biting statement. Luckily, however, the show does a great job of supporting those elements with very solid characterization and dialogue. The show has considerable strength in the characterization, having a well-rounded cast that, while not great people, are not great people in ways that are charming, relatable, and multi-faceted. (Chitose makes such good faces, it owns) The way the characters personalities and underlying ideology bounce off each other is a joy to watch, and this in conjunction with the show’s views has already lead to some interesting character drama. If the show succeeds to use its premise to challenge and develop its characters, it could definitely end up one of the best shows of an already stacked season."
Hibike! Euphonium 2
Watch It
Banjo’s Perspective:
The members of the Kitauji High School band return for Hibike! Euphonium 2 as drama continues to swirl about them. Reina is still a cute, alluring person. The subtle touches in the art demonstrate finesse and care. And the yuri moments (while incredibly frustrating due to the wishy-washy-ness) are more than welcome. The problem? Kumiko. For two reasons. One, she’s not much of a character anymore. Her time to shine was last season, so, this season, as the plot takes precedence, she loses relevance. Which leads to two, her involvement. Each of her interactions are almost always purely separated. It makes the narrative feel empty, as though nobody else is involved in the drama until Kumiko just-so-happens to run into them while alone. Granted, she is the main protagonist, so it makes sense that most everything revolves around her in some form, but it has happened enough times to be as noticeable as an out-of-tune euphonium (or maybe a drumbeat).
Another Perspective, courtesy of zhongzhen93:
zhongzhen93 takes off his yuri glasses
“Hibike is back to vow us with more band drama, with the prime focus going to the seniors this time around as the band prepare to face off in another competition.
In a medium where expressions are usually over-exaggerated , Kyoani are champions in conveying them subtly and realistically. Take our new senpai,Yoroizuka for example, she comes off as emotionless as Nagato Yuki as first, but you quickly realise she's full of insecurities as any other teenager (with the PTSD), only she's just less capable of expressing them, she is stilled brimming with them on every single frame. Extend this to every other character and you have Hibike. Perhaps the greatest testament to that attention to detail is that even ribbon-senpai really grown on me.
Watch Hibike not just for the Sol Drama, but for the genuine human beings in it.
zhongzhen93 put his yuri glasses back on
Mother of god it might as well be a yuri adventure time this season. Barely 10 seconds in we already have hand-holding in it, what an utter blasphemy! The latter half one the first episode is just non-stop yuri and hand-holding! Kumiko's ruby red passion just goes well so with Reina's sapphire blue. I am going down with this ship as HARD as I went down with Haruhi's.
zhongzhen93 switches to a magnifying glass
There's no surprise that Hibike is gorgeous, but I want to give special praise to the summer atmosphere in episode 1.From the strong summer light is reflecting off the surface is ever present, to the slow and tuneful harmonies that comes with a band, right down to the slightly tired expressions and voices. Everything meshes so well to making it feel a lazy summer afternoon, it feels almost nostalgic like sipping hot chocolate on a freezing winter morning. Whether it is the freezing morning of December 16th or sweltering heat of August 17th, Kyoani excels in using visuals and soundtrack to make you feel as if you’re suffering along with the character.”
Another Perspective, courtesy of kaverik:
“Hibike Euphonium S2 vigorously follows the very same ideas it presented in its first iteration, so if you liked the first season there is no reason no to pick up its continuation. However, it's still thematically shallow for its potential, and tries to pull out The Big Drama out of nowhere with pacing of a lame snail. While trying to be dramatic and serious, it constantly teases you with light yuri which immediately ruins bits of the mellow mood. That being said, the real problem of Hibike Euphonium is that there is really nothing that stands out and makes it above other slice of life anime, except Kyoto Animation's production quality. It feels like the anime tries to manage several things at once - be reasonably dramatic, rather cute, with comedic sections, portion of fanservice and at the same time stay intelligent - but fells short almost everywhere.
There was a small hope second season would change something and highlight only specific parts of its story. Unfortunately, the anime is still fairly unfocused and just all over the place, where simple problems are being scaled to the size of an indian elephant. Hibike Euphonium stayed as an epitome of "eye candy" - it's pretty, moderately fun and ultimately forgettable.”
Watch It
Banjo’s Perspective:
Keijo!!!!!!!! puts the “butt” in “buttload.” Nozomi, Sayaka, and many other women compete in the popular sport known as “keijo” where booty reigns. As their behinds are pushed upfront, the ecchi material transforms from measly extra goodness to a literal narrative element. While their glutei maximi (yes, that’s the plural) are the obvious focal point (and oh are they ever), the awesome abilities, the very fun characters, and the tenseness in the action make those muscles even firmer. It’s not complex, and it’s not thought-provoking, but its derrière is one entertaining experience.

Another Perspective, courtesy of AlienWarhead:
“This show is what happens when you add Shonen sports insanity to the butt battle mini game from DOA Xtreme. That means girls are trying to knock each other in the pool with their boobs and mainly butts with the intensity of a Kuruko's Basketball or a Hajime no Ippo match. However that also means lots of fanservice because it's about girls in swimsuits, if you don't like that, I'm not sure if this show will change your mind. Some of it is funny, makes things more energetic and it can add to the hilarity of the sport because it feels the show is using a form of booty martial art. Also the characters seem good and are not there just for fan service, the main character Nozomi is a joy to watch because of her energy and enthusiasm. Overall this a fun and energy fan service show that can be really hilarious like Food Wars because of how the Shonen Sports tropes are applied to something that isn't Shonen Sports.”
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
Drop It
Banjo’s Perspective:
Koyuki has always dreamed of being a magical girl. And in Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku, she finally gets her wish. Although, as she and the other magical girls quickly discover, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. The show’s darker tone is hinted at from the get-go, and, indeed, the show moves down that path with due haste. The characters are cute, but that’s about as much as it has going for it. A lot of them are boring due to lack of focus, the plot rarely shows the lot actually being magical girls, and the importance of it all just doesn’t exist. The designs of the girls are pretty and the online hub-world creates a cute contrast with the real world, but it’s not enough – no matter how many candies are retrieved.
Another Perspective, courtesy of pittman66:
“(Minor Spoilers that are unfortunately unavoidable and nature to the show) We’ve had a more varied amount of premises that magical girls have crossed over with the last few years. Madoka Magica introduced magical girls to the thriller genre, Symphogear introduced idols and music like Macross has done with mecha, Nanoha Vivid series has moved towards the sports genre, and now this season with Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku (Magical Girl Raising Project) we are going into survival genre similar to The Hunger Games/Battle Royale.
While I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s a strong series and that it certainly has its flaws, I find it an enjoyable one with some magical helpings of cuteness, suspense, plot twists, predictions, magical girl equality, and an interesting view for the other characters. The series goes around the cast giving their own small views of life and alliances they’re making which is a nice change from other similar media. The first few episodes balanced out the lighter and darker aspects, although seems to be moving exclusively to the darker side now. Background art, music, animation, and the little action that has been seen are also done well. Having the actual girls range in both age and even gender is amusing, but most of the fun is the prediction on who’s going to survive, be taken off next, and how. You’ve got your variety from the lazy NEET, the traditional magical girl who does it to help others, the ultimate trap, mysterious ninja girl who we know little about, there’s probably at least one girl for any fan to get behind and eventually see their demise.
If I were talk about its flaws that may deter from watching, death flags come fairly obvious, the pacing can be a bit odd for some important scenes and gloss over some key details, and the characters on a whole don’t get enough time in order to have some kind of relationship, so it’s less being able to relate and more hoping your favorite girl survives.
If interested, get some popcorn, join in on the predictions, and sit down for an enjoyable magical girl series that probably won’t leave too much of an impact by the end of it.”
Consider It
Banjo’s Perspective:
Occultic;Nine takes on just that: the occult. Ghosts, spirits, and other phenomena, while once thought to be impossible, are slowly becoming more than just a fairy tale. The artistic direction is cool, the slight horror aspect is intriguing, and the general mystery of the whole story makes one wonder where it all will be headed. Unfortunately, the anime itself is surrounded in controversy. Extremely rushed pacing has led to unnecessary confusion. An over-the-top character design has become a distraction. And the first two episodes had been pulled from legal streaming sites for some time without much explanation. It has all created a negative vibe for this quirky show. It may have ninety-nine problems, but being uninteresting ain’t one.
Another Perspective, courtesy of cinnmarken:
“Occultic Nine is an intriguing show, a supernatural mystery based around an ensemble cast with some fun interplay. It’s one of few shows that I wish more people were taking a look at this season. In essence it follows the lives of 9 different people who are all in some way tied into a rather strange mystery. The 9 characters make up our principal cast, and they are all connected in some fun ways from what little we’ve seen so far. Now I know that some of the viewing public here on anime was probably turned off by the rapid-fire dialogue of the first episode, and in response I would like to let you know that the 2nd and 3rd episodes slow the pace down considerably and spend some more time with some of the other characters’ backstories and providing some more information. All in all the show is presented incredibly well, with an interesting cast and an intriguing mystery that seems like it could go some really neat places. I would go into more detail but I feel like that could kind of spoil the surprise for the newer episodes.”
Okusama ga Seitokaichou!+!
Drop It
Banjo’s Perspective:
Okusama ga Seitokaichou!+! returns for a second season, yet it is performing poorly. The anime has chosen to focus on each of the three main girls thus far, which is nice, but that simply takes away time from the more important relationship that Ui and Hayato share. Furthermore, variety remains low in the ecchi-ness, and the same can be said of the cute and comedic moments. Arguably, the only reason to even follow this one is for the occasional (uncensored) titillating scene. Beyond the boobs and the butts, though, nothing else stands out as a plus.
Another Perspective, courtesy of AniMonologues:
“Okusama ga Seitokaichou Season 2 is exactly what you should expect from it. It's a short series full of crazy hormonal teenagers doing ecchi comedy shenanigans. Its comedy and sexuality both come from its romance elements, and they blend pretty well. If you haven't seen this show because you haven't seen Season 1, it's not long at all (maybe 2 hour run-time full) and worth the ride. I may not be an ecchi fan, but this one is special.”
Shuumatsu no Izetta
Watch It
Banjo’s Perspective:
As the forces of Germania threaten to invade the borders of other countries, Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt moves to save both her land and her people. All the while, a certain red-haired witch makes her powers known. Thus begins Shuumatsu no Izetta, an anime with fantastical elements like gun brooms and blood magic. It also contains a lot of realistic warfare: trench fights, aerial assaults, and the brutality of war itself. The main duo, Finé and Izetta, are also fine leads. The former is stalwart in her convictions and meaningful in her words. The latter is sincere in helping and strong in power. They may not contrast all that much, but, together, they make for a formidable duo. It’s not a very deep show, it doesn’t contain anything immediately impressive, and the unnecessary sexual content gets in the way. Nevertheless, if one wants to see a princess lead and a witch dominate, then look no Führer.
Another Perspective, courtesy of aniMayor:
“Consider It... cautiously. There's a lot to like about Last Witch Izetta: the faux-WW2 plot is a familiar but under-used setting, they show the full intensity of the warfare, the plot and world-building get going right from the start, and a witch battling Nazi tanks/planes with swords and anti-tank guns is something you probably haven't seen before. So far so good, right? However, based on the three episodes released so far, there are already numerous hints that this may not be the plot-focused action romp you expect it to be. As heroic as most of the main cast is, there is not much depth in their characterization, and the script so far shows no interest in establishing complex motivations or relationships. It also appears that the titular Izetta is headed towards a very sexually objectified role (at least in the show's presentation, if not the plot). So, if the WW2-setting witch battles are intriguing to you, by all means watch this show... but steel yourself for the possibility that the invasion plot and action scenes will be awkwardly paired with sexual comedy, stupidly sleazy costumes, and various ‘otaku-bait’ cliches no matter how badly that detracts from the tone of a serious WW2 invasion plot.”
Yuri!!! on Ice
Watch It
Banjo’s Perspective:
Blades. Fancy music. Spinning. These details are just a few of the elements that make up ice skating, an Olympic Sport known the world over. And for Yuri of Yuri!!! on Ice, ice skating is both his life and his obstacle. One of the best traits of the show is its embracing of homosexuality: It does not shy away from a struggling skater’s passion towards his luminous, perfect idol. The complex animations for the skating performances are likewise welcome. And the story and its characters are primed for future development. The only aspect getting in the way is the intermittent comedy. It’s often overly silly, creating unwelcome dissonance with the more serious moments. Nevertheless, this one is far from skating on thin ice.
Another Perspective, courtesy of TheHaruWhoCanRead:
“Yuri!! on Ice is not yaoi. It's not shounen ai. And that's why this story about a male figure skater realizing he's in love with his idol, also a male figure skater, is so great. I mean, it's also true YoI is really well-written, beautifully directed, superbly acted and that the soundtrack in particular is phenomenal. But what makes it remarkable is that it's the single most blatant, up-front and unapologetic depiction of a male/male romance I've seen so far in a mainstream anime.
And yet, romance is not the focus of YoI. Have you ever said 'I wish there was a story where the characters just happen to be gay'? Or 'Gay content is fine as long as they don't make a big deal about it'? You were talking about Yuri!! on Ice. And if you really meant it, here's your chance to see something amazing. We're genuinely off the edge of the map for gay representation here, folks.”
Final Totals
Drop It: 2
Consider It: 2
Watch It: 5
Must Watch It: 3
Banjo's Top Three Picks:
1 3-gatsu no Lion
2 Flip Flappers
3 Gi(a)rlish Number
Banjo's Beginning Awards:
Strongest First Episode: Gi(a)rlish Number
Character with Highest Potential: Yuri of Yuri!!! on Ice
The Underdog: Fune wo Amu
Best Girl of the Season: Akari of 3-gatsu no Lion
Sequeliest Sequel: Hibike! Euphonium Season 2
Rockin' OPs:
“ClassicaLoid: ClassicaLoid no Themed” of ClassicaLoid; those paintings!
“History Maker” of Yuri!!! on Ice; déjà vu!
“DREAMxSCRAMBLE!” of Keijo!!!!!!!!; More Sayaka booty, woohoo!
Jammin' EDs:
“FLIP FLAP FLIP FLAP” of Flip Flappers; Cocona’s so scared!
“Vivace!” of Hibike! Euphonium 2; instruments over sweets!
“Fighter” of 3-gatsu no Lion; he’s basically Jesus!
(All OPs and EDs were provided courtesy of /AnimeThemes. Go check them out! :3)
And that is it! As always, I do not drop anything myself; when I complete the anime here, I will be reviewing them in full. But that is for another day. For now, I am appreciative towards any and all who perused what I have written.
Also, a huge thank you goes out to everyone who gave me permission to use their thoughts here in my post. Doing so has improved this thread tenfold, and, for that, I am truly grateful.
I hope that the community continues to enjoy this Fall 2016 anime season to its fullest! :3
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2015.09.11 04:46 Xemnas81 A message to The Blue Pill: Above all else, the reason young men flock to The Red Pill is because of shitty feminist dating advice.

edit: This is really fucking typical. First of all, you make out that my main issue was Looks Don't Count. No, my main issue was that the behavioural cues are confusing and contradictory as hell. Secondly, you say I'm doing nothing but blaming feminism while taking no responsibility. This is both an explanation for why your misinformation has helped create a toxic group of angry men, and also a suggestion to point me to better resources-because at the moment, I feel like you're saying "if you don't intuitively understand women, that's your fault." And that is…frankly, what RP says.
edit2: WHOOT made it to TBP #faptastic I enjoy rocking on my couch in my PJs
edit3: BORDERLINE autistic because I have an assessment for Aspergers next Wednesday. I score way above NT on the ADAAS scale
Edit4: I am officially diagnosed as high functioning ASD as of October 2015
Intro: I find it very frustrating and condescending when the Blue Pill makes out that men who come to The Red Pill are just losers who are too lazy and whiney to put in any effort to understand and get better women. I don’t believe that the Blue Pill realizes how shit feminist dating advice is for socially awkward and unattractive men. Advice I followed, for 7 YEARS. This is imo the main reason that The Red Pill has emerged. Here is my story on why.
Before we start, this is an actual response I received for defending Indian/Asian men turning to TRP.
Relevant thread
in which I both lamented at the cyclic self-victimising race threads, and defended the reason that they keep coming (feminised conditioning of Indian/Asian men). I received this in response:
Because I don't obsessively bitch about women who don't reciprocate my affection and seek to disparage their character at all costs? No, you're right. I don't know. You're a loser somewhere in a basement with no friends much less a girlfriend. Instead of taking responsibility for actions and actually improving yourself, you spend your time in an echo chamber with equally pathetic misogynist nerds. You think you're alpha but in reality you guys are the most beta of the betabux. George Clooney married a woman smarter and more attractive than him and he's much more respected than you'll ever be. A piece of free advice (better advice than you'll ever receive on that garbage dump called rp): Women don't want a basement dweller with a lisp who never showers, wears a fedora and talks on the internet about he wants to kill all women because they didn't give look at his stanky person. Cheers!
Behold the Nice Guy straw man. What a great way to set the tone, credit to Anon for this quote which perfectly fits my agenda :)
Disclaimer: Throughout this I use patronizing thought-terminating clichés in Full Caps. This is because, a bit like you don’t like the cult-like terminology of RP theory, feminist dating advice for men is generally very homogeneous, thought-terminating and indeed, condescending.
I’m also going to put a short summary of what I think is good and bad about TRP theory so far in my next thread.
Cliffs in case tl;dr on the wall of text:
So let's start with the obvious
This last point is the most important. This is a standard for most ‘feminist’ advice I seem to receive.
I saw a discussion between u/belletaco and u/TheKickBoxingGuy on the thread about the TRP sub being 'exaggerated' descriptions of RP theory (duh). The discussion essentially involved said BP belle taco stating these things
This resonated with me as horrifically negative and toxic to insecure young men for several reasons. The reasons should be obvious, so instead I shall share my personal experience of dealing with asking the fish how to catch a fish. A fish who thinks I am a sexist pig.
At 22, I am a virgin, and suck with women. All this SMP talk is an exercise in intellectualism to me. But I am starting to think I was given terrible advice by everyone. And no I’m going to say what I was specifically told about relationships, not Just Be Yourself or Looks Don’t Matter.
I came to TRP for the same reason I started avoiding IRL and spending all my time on the Internet; because I was trying to get good with women and in general socially, when I am borderline autistic. As in, I have a learning disability which technically is on the spectrum, I found out last year, and I have an assessment for Aspergers next Wednesday. #feelsbadman
eeit: Yep as above, psych. says I'm an aspie
edit: and yes I have actually scored way above Neurotypical on several tests and moreover been advised to refer myself by a doctor from a psychiatric unit. I'm not making shit up for pity this is real but I'm going to stay anon
There is a constant about this. I was actively trying to change.
For some reason or other I literally was not interested in sex the way that my friends were in middle school and high school. I was interested in 'girls' as an idealisation of overcoming my social anxiety, and because ‘that’s what guys do’ to achieve social status; they are wanted by women romantically and sexually. The actual act of sex was a mystery. Kissing hugging and some foreplay was 'the goal'. I was raised as a moderate Christian, and I don’t believe I as much as looked at porn regularly until I was 18. AFAIK I am not gay.
So my friends and peers were all these horny teenage motherfuckers growing up, making sexist jokes and sex references about Dick and Cum and Fuck and Cunt and Whore/Slut/Bitch, or doing a 69er or going Doggy Style and getting a BJ from Scarlett Johansson or which celebrity was hotter and who you’d bone/pork and who’d take it in the ass or who was gay and who was really a fridge or freezer and what you’d do with a rubber johnny or that time they had a threesome and yeah. Just teenage guy stuff.
I was not like this at all. It just didn’t appeal to me. Sex…genitalia? Innuendo? Eh?
It got worse in later middle-high school. All the teachers started making innuendos as jokes to lighten up intensive studies. I joined in, laughing, but it wasn’t as funny when some of the guys could say “hey guys, guess what? Chloe pumped my one-armed milkman last night ;)” for example.
Now my family. Now I should start with the fact that I’ve recently realized that I have had an almost…homo-erotic attraction to the idealized Masculine, which I have never fully represented, for years. Like literally since I was 7 years old, Disney’s Hercules has been more of a role model in my life than my father. My father was absent ever since I became a remotely sexually aware being, right up until the twilight of my childhood when, in contrast to my beginning to lift and really feel more confident, I saw him get whipped by Mom and finally he was divorce raped. For a reminder of that particular barrel of laughs see:
I am assuming now that perhaps unconsciously I have been very feminized and emasculated by an absent and somewhat weak male role model on these affairs, who was plugged in.
edit: Oh and just for the reminder about Renaissance Disney’s messages about relationships:
There are more but you’ve heard them before.
So here are my attempts to understand girls as a child/young adult.
First port of call, my older brother: He was (is) a genius nerd, just cool enough and not conventionally nerdy enough (nor hipster enough) to fit into the mainstream. I look up to big bro, he be 25 now. He clearly got laid, I saw the condoms, and he’s had a few girlfriends-no one super hot, but his status and intelligence has made him attractive to women despite being a bit chubby. But he would not like to discuss this with me. He’d just let me stay in adolescent mode, talking about Final Fantasy or Tolkien and stuff, impersonal matters in my presence. When my father broke down, he left for uni and never came back; he got good with girls there. He helped me with my ex once-taught me the 3 Day Rule, which saved our relationship after we hit the rocks near Christmas 2013-other than that he’s barely been home, and he never calls. His life is relatively awesome though, or at least it was until near the end of his phD, obviously now he just has to work a lot. Anyway…
My younger sister: Yes, my younger sister got laid before me. Actually she was a (plus-sized) model in her late teen years. Sometimes I would ask her for help with girls and most of her advice was something like “lol, puh-lease Xemnas, I’m going to be the cool kid around here. Just focus on your games or studies or some shit.” Obviously she was not as full of herself/obnoxious as that in delivery but you get the idea. It baffled her I needed to ask.
I asked my Mom getting desperate and of course she gave me a mixture of traditionalist Be a Gentleman Respect Women, and some more modernist/adult but stll generically shit advice like Go Out Have Fun Maybe You’ll Meet Someone Nice. Well my Dad’s ‘gentleman’ act had got him as far as a 30% split on the mortgage equity and loss of child custody, but I’ve told that story before. ^
And my Dad. Oh my Dad, poor sap. Here is the advice my father gave me about Women:
This is my being shallow, but his gf is obese with (I think) PCOS. They’re both perpetually tired together.
I felt like a bad person for being attracted to certain women, and not others. And yet, I felt obliged to look a certain way for women-even (especially) the ones I was not attracted to. But ultimately I was talking to women regardless of whether I was attracted or not, in the hopes of maybe friends, maybe more.
My strategy for getting a girlfriend in 2008-10 was (in hindsight) Captain Save a Ho', work your way in through the Friendzone, be Respectful and Work Out. I had a very odd flip between Nice Guy-ism and Alpha as a 15 year old conceives of the word.
To be fair, I had 2 girlfriends. One lasted 3 days; we went to see Ratatouille together, and then she avoided me in school before saying let's break up. The next lasted 6 weeks via MSN, I once went to her house to play Guitar Hero, about a week later she went away to a summer camp with school where she announced that she was lesbian. My friends used to be douches and call her She-Hulk because she was so huge
After this I started to struggle. Most of my friends-the ones who were remotely successful with women and starting to mature-could offer nothing except "Lift bruh!" and "Women are people, just with vaginas" I had been working out long before they had. I only stopped because of my nervous breakdown. Now I'm a skinny shrimp. Anyway, this advice was infuriating; it taught me next to nothing. They did give the advice "be funny" which was good, but resulted in my making shitty (yet popular) pun statuses on Facebook for a few years, and also having to get drunk for everyone, which was bad for my mood. I don't like hangovers and one time when I was drunk I hit someone and tried to lift a tree up
From 2010-2 I was so consumed with anxiety and hypochondria that I literally thought I was dying, my heart was 'plotting' heart disease and things like potassium in bananas would induce hypokalaemia (not very relevant but that's death by excess potassium and other electrolytes). I went to the hospital for an ECG, twice, and went private to visit a cardiologist. Don't even get started on if I wanted a McDonalds. I had a borderline eating disorder, orthorexia, and massive fear of exercise. I could hardly sleep and I spent most days thinking it would be my last. It was horrible, and yet there was nothing wrong with me. I do not know the precise cause of this, many therapists have suggested a combination of poor stress management, low self esteem re: social anxiety/Dyspraxia, impact of the divorce and fear of adulthood manifesting in self-sabotage. Being beaten up and having a glass bottle thrown at me somewhere near my 18th birthday may have also contributed, and I have never quite been normal since I had that toke
Anyway point is, I missed the first step of ‘the SMP’ in late high school, due to what to outsiders would look as a depression. edit: probably was actually depression lol. So I had to catch up a bit at uni. I also managed to crush whatever street cred I had built in school.
I was quite literally indoctrinated into academic feminism by my English tutors during this vulnerable phase, where I could not even go outside much lest my heart give in. (Don’t logic crazy please, I also tried to, you will go flop de doop) Anyway said tutor in question was also my SENCO, that means the one I could admit I was borderline autistic and did not actually understand my peers to, as well as my family situation. (At the time, pretty rough in the aftermath of divorce) I studied Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber for my A2s (SATs) and by repeating feminist critics like a flaming parrot, I got full marks on my exam. It’s the reason I got a university scholarship, basically.
I thought: shit! Yes! I finally understand Women!!!
In early-mid 2012 I stopped being so consumed with anxiety to such a horrific extent (but still I realise severe by normal people's standards) and started obsessing over my social skills and women again. I would have been 19, I believe this is natural. Fortunately for the women of the world, my testosterone was decisively low. Unfortunately for me, this is the time when girls begin to use ‘is a Feminist’ as a criterion for dating men-as in, ‘he must be a Feminist’, i.e. ‘Male Feminists are Sexy’. However, this needed to be reconciled with being a Feminist Just to Get Laid-bad bad move.
edit: Oh and this was around the time Rape Culture was becoming a thing and Misandry/SJWism the new cool.
There were a few sources of advice I went to, the main one was feminist blog DocNerdLove. At the time I thought HOLY SHEET, AWESOME! NERDS GET THE GIRLS! I was especially delighted to know that a man did not have to be an ‘alpha dude bro’ to be sexy.
However, I eventually hit a road block. There were so many contradictions, and yet I was heavily reliant upon this man right until I found TRP. Feminist PUA coaches are often counter-productive:
Can you imagine an autistic man making sense of that in real-time???
There was more that I can’t think of right now. This was confusing as shit. I began to wonder whether I was Part of the Problem.
I briefly perused the other big feminist blog Captain Awkward and most of the discussions centred around these things:
• How to get rid of stalkers and Stage 5 Clingers
There was also a lot of in hindsight, hamstering re: How to Look Good for Men, vs. Why Women are Objectified Too Much.
I began to believe that I must not have been trying hard enough. I was not just this ‘Nice Guy’ who sat around the house eating pizza and watching porn, magically expecting a beautiful woman to drop into my arms; I had never been this sad sack they described. I had put 6 solid years into self-improvement in what I reasonably could with my condition, only avoiding the single most difficult step of the social world.
This began to paint a very grim picture of what feminists actually thought of any man who was not their current boyfriend. Every feminist man was either so damn sexy, self-aware and socially aware that women just could not resist him DESPITE him being really nice and respectful and totally not an Alpha Dude Bro Asshole, or in some way just another deranged pathetic porn addicted rapist and abuser in the making with this huge ego and entitlement complex. So I began to wonder, how does a man just magically seduce women with Sexy Respect without falling into any of these latter Misogynistic categories? Because some guys clearly did it. When I went outside to parties I saw 2 things:
1) Alpha males getting girls . These Alphas would sometimes be Jerks/Assholes or Neanderthal types, offending my nerdish sensibilities, or they would just be really Hot Guys. I saw these guys pull all the times at parties, bars, clubs, land numbers at socials etc. of course. The girls seemed to love them, even though I was taught that this was ‘just a phase’ that immature women who don’t know what’s good for them go through. Hmm.
2) This one’s more interesting: Average guys just ‘with’ girlfriends. Like materialized out of thin air. I never once saw an average guy actually attract and seduce a woman, not one time I went out to a party, a bar, a club, a social. The part where they got together was concealed in smoke and mirrors. It just happened, apparently. Also it was a bit unfair to call these guys average as in actual Mediocre Average, they were fairly attractive hipster types of SMV5+.
I began to become very frustrated, even angry at Feminism for being so vague and confusing. But some guys had managed to use it effectively, right?! So I could not give up hope. And I dared not turn to any sexist advice, no sir. I was not so uncouth and debased.
This of course was when I stumbled upon Jezebel and the Femosphere's many rants upon being a Nice Guy who is Part of the Problem. Slate Star Codex has since covered this is ‘Radicalizing the Romanceless’. I'll link it if you want.
I also had a female friend who would become a campus feminist and she habitually posted a mixture of pro-LGBT and pro-effete men, but also that stupid ‘Women are not machines you put niceness coins in and sex comes out’ meme. Ugh. These Nice Guy rants were crushing to my self esteem. They were especially confusing because her boyfriend was a manly fucker; he lifted, had a beard and once nearly beat the shit out of me for my making a stupid (non-sexual) move at a party. He was also clearly good with girls. I thought: how come she is encouraging men to be more in touch with their sensitive side and open with their feelings, yet she has bagged an obvious Alpha Male???
These things would lurk at the back of my mind as I plodded on with my studies, somewhat hating yet looking up to all these guys, and myself for not ‘just getting’ women. At the end of the day, I would just go home and jack off to porn in my mom's house. I was 19/20 by this point, and depressed.
Now here’s the fun part. I did, through all these funny FB statuses and stuff, manage to work on my remedial social anxiety enough to function around women. I would always think “hey, this could be my lucky day!” I would get quite excited about talking to these girls, as we had so much in common. However, eventually she would slip the Boyfriend line in, very subtly.
e.g. [obvious simplification is obvious] at a film society: “Yeah, Marvel is great! I think that Iron Man is my favourite in Phase One, but my boyfriend and I recently went to see the Avengers and, what can I say, WOW”
I would not say I was in the Friendzone; these boyfriends may or may not have existed. But it was clear that the advice I was getting only made women not view me as an omega, i.e. socially approachable without being raped or covered in Man-Cooties or some shit. Not actually sexy.
I've mentioned my pseudonym Riku on The Student Room before, now semi-infamous in those waters to community and mods alike lol. I turned to this website looking for more answers. The answers were again confusing as shit; they basically said Be Nice Just Be Yourself Be More Confident, yet most of the girls on there were clearly with hot, accomplished guys. The guys on the Fitness forum sold it to me straight-you’re a shrimp, you need to lift, stop being beta, you're too sensitive, man up-but outside on the Relationship forums their advice was often very whipped/white-knight-ish. Outside the Fitness section everyone said ignore the Fitness guys smh.
Eventually the Relationship community all threw the Nice Guy beta card at me, in a fashion, as well as (obviously) recommending therapy.
As a last note, I did in fact frequent, for advice on lifting, diet etc. However, I found their stories about their sex lives just from lifting, quite unbelievable.
Eventually, I stopped being able to consistently motivate myself to lift because I thought that testosterone would turn me into an Asshole. Yes that's right. I was so thoroughly convinced that my sexuality oppressed women that I self-sabotaged my health to please them. Low testosterone is awful. Even now I have not been the gym in a week, and I feel its effects. I am lazy, sluggish, apathetic, my mind is erratic, and I cannot get it up. I am so much more happy and confident when I have testosterone.
Moving on…in late 2012 I bumped into my now ex during fresher's. I somehow managed to attract my ex despite no success with other women, because of my literally perpetual 'Monk Mode' throughout high school which I called 'the Regime'. In practice this involved my doing little but lifting nearly every day, reading a fuck ton and watching lots of films/playing musical instruments while working hard in school. I did little to improve my social skills with girls, but I was polite and interested in her at the youth group we attended, she told me. I am sure that it had more to do with the fact that I was at around 12% and fairly big for a 16 year old. However, I was not big when she met me again on campus. I was decisively skinny, slim at least, maybe…16%? idk, and still socially awkward. She was kind to me despite this.
To say I only got with her out of desperation is to do her injustice. I genuinely was attracted to her, at the beginning she was awkward and insecure enough herself to be obsessed with me, and we bonded as friends over depression and mutual social struggles. It's more accurate to say I would not have got with her if I'd have known just how much my being clueless on Game and the SMP would eventually hurt her, nor how much of a dead-end we would have eventually hit.
For a time, I was blissfully in love, and gave less of an obsessive shit about what Feminism thought of Nice Guys. Now I was a Sexy Respectful Male Feminist! If you think this is the part where I complain in typical Nice Guy fashion that she never slept with me when I was so good to her then you're wrong, I respected the reason she could not do that. The problem was something else.
Throughout all of this I was aware that at some point, due to the fact she was devoutly religious and we had significant cultural differences making any advancement beyond the stressful LDR we had impossible, she would dump me first. I intuitively sensed this. I tried my best to not let this end the friendship as I cared deeply for her; however I failed. I became insecure about her having guy friends, particularly the aforementioned 'Magic Mike', and that has ruined our friendship whether or not she got with him, so we are not in touch any more. Violins Her career success also was threatening; again remember that according to the feminist advice I had been given, a man who respects a Strong Independent Woman with her career will not be overlooked, Respect is Sexy. Like sexier than Success. Yet every couple I knew always had the guy doing some amazing shit, in some authoritative position. Come on, I was 20, how many stay at home dads would there be? It was also a reminder that my life was slowly going nowhere. As graduation approached, the real world became threatening and the world of porn more enticing.
When she went away for summer, I began to veer towards TRP in a round about way. First I re-visited AskMen, and their own PUA coach 'DocLove' who taught me about Interest Levels in women and basic Game. This was confusing because it conflicted with the feminist stuff I'd read. I then got heavily into Literotica, to embrace my sexual side because porn was scary (srs)
To a formerly feminist mind, the stuff I read was abominable. It mostly involved women being absolute bitches to men, cucking them, cheating on them, dominating them, manipulating etc. I thought, how could women do these things? This is so incredibly shallow and shitty. Surely only the worst women could do this. (In other words, I was plugged into the Women are Wonderful Effect.)
It was through Googling paranoid quotations such as ‘why do women enjoy hurting men’ that I found TRP, mostly through some off—the-wall PUA forums like Attraction Forums, and Let’s Get Laid Tonight (that last one’s a joke, the first is real)
I read RP at a time I was vulnerable, took Hypergamy Doesn't Care a bit extreme see this quote and my aforementioned thread about 'branch swinging' from Shiggydiggy, (Please ignore the first 'kill all Jews' troll posts)
The quote in question was: "Hypergamy doesn't care that you 'respect her religion' while she fucks other guys."
I only found this quote 2 days ago, but the sentiment found within the porn, the PUA blogs, and everywhere outside of my little comfy bubble of feminist literature and shitty advice, was my deepest paranoid belief.
And that spiraled a 6 month mental health decline which led to a breakup, relapse, being banned from TSR and my finding The Red Pill.
The past year I’ve read The Rational Male Year One, No More Mr Nice Guy, a portion of Mark Manson’s Models and summaries of various other RP books, as well of course as the sidebar and multiple posts including lengthy debate in here. Everything now makes sense, if I am to believe Rollo. As an emasculated low T beta, descended from my whipped divorce raped beta father, I was too tired and anxious to be able to question the shitty advice I was given, which put all the cards in women’s favour and allowed them to disqualify me from their hypergamous selections whenever they felt like it, while shaming me and gas-lighting me into only considering how I had failed in the process, in order to retain the feminine mystique around Hypergamy and AF/BB. AKA, fem-centric frame.
So that was my non-story about my near non-existent dating life as a beta in high school and college. I am far from the first dude to go through this really stupid depressing cycle. I even self-sabotaged my former fucking LDR due to feminist dating advice. Given this, Blue Pill, do you think that it is any surprise that some toxic shit like the Red Pill would emerge?
N.B. I already hinted that I am not 100% ‘with’ the RP framework yet, but that is for another post.
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2014.12.31 01:03 Thistleknot Greek Rationalism and Roman Philosophy

With Greek philosophy, I see a strong tradition at cosmology, metaphysics, sciences, etc.
I think a lot of it had to do with the open forums of the Agora, the political nature of Athens itself; which was lost to the Roman Republic and their system of government; which did not have an open floor at discourse like before.
With Rome... I see an interest in Philosophy, but not until after they had taken Greece; and then... it wasn't about cosmology, or metaphysics, but about ethics more so, and how to live a proper life, vs finding universal truths.
Though the three great Greek philosophers disagreed with one another on specific points, they all agreed that rational thought could bring to light knowledge that was self-evident – information that humans otherwise couldn't know without the use of reason. After Aristotle's death, Western rationalistic thought was generally characterized by its application to theology, such as in the works of the Islamic philosopher Avicenna and Jewish philosopher and theologian Maimonides. One notable event in the Western timelime was the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas who attempted to merge Greek rationalism and Christian revelation in the thirteenth-century.[20]
Did Rome keep the tradition of Rationalism alive? Or did political events surrounding Rome's shift from a Republic to an Empire cause a decline in Rationalist ideas? Idk, I'd love to hear other people's opinions on the matter.
What I see, is exactly what Wikipedia said. A divorce from rationality and a dive into religion. Reminds me of a quote by Ambrose
We confess, that Christ the Lord was born from a virgin, and therefore we reject the natural order of things. Because not from a man she conceived but from the Holy Spirit.
I'm very newb. I'm only on Democritus, but the books I'm reading their is a lot of cross reference, so I'm just getting to Roman Philosophy, but I'm not quite there yet.
Frederick Schiller on Solon's reforms and the bringing about of ideas
All possible paths were opened by the Athenian legislator to the genius and diligence of his citizens; the Spartan legislator walled off all of his citizens' potentials, except one: political service. Lycurgus decreed indolence by law, Solon punished it severely. In Athens, therefore, all virtues matured, industry and art flourished, the blessings of diligence abounded, all fields of knowledge were cultivated.
Where in Sparta does one find a Socrates, a Thucydides, a Sophocles, and Plato? Sparta was capable of producing only rulers and warriors—no artists, no poets, no thinkers, no world-citizens. Both Solon and Lycurgus were great men, both were righteous men, but how different were their effects, since they proceeded from principles diametrically opposed. The Athenian legislator is surrounded by freedom and joy, diligence and superfluity—surrounded by all the arts and virtues, all the graces and muses, who look up to him in gratitude, and call him father and creator. About Lycurgus, one sees nothing but tyranny and its horrible partner, slavery, which shakes its chains, and flees the cause of its misery.
Edit: 3-5-2016
I feel vindicated due to The History of Philosophy (shoutout to /wokeupabug whose title bears the same name!) by Will Durant which stresses these exact ideas in the beginning intro to Francis Bacon, as well as Oxford's Companion to Philosophy when discussing "Roman Philosophy"
When Sparta blockaded and defeated Athens towards the close of the fifth century B. C. political supremacy passed from the mother of Greek philosophy and art, and the vigor and independence of the Athenian mind decayed. When, in 399 B.C., Socrates was put to death, the soul of Athens died with him, lingering only in his proud pupil, Plato. And when Philip of Macedon defeated the Athenians at Chaeronea in 338 B.C., and Alexander burned the great city of Thebes to the ground three years later, even the ostentatious sparing of Pinander's home could not cover up the fact that Athenian independence, in government and in thought, was irrevocably destroyed. The domination of Greek philosophy by the Macedonian Aristotle mirrored the political subjection of Greece by the virile and younger peoples of the north.
The death of Alexander (323 B.C.) quickened this process of decay... But he had underrated the inertia and resistance of the Oriental mind, and the mass and depth of Oriental culture. It was only a youthful fancy, after all, to suppose that so immature and unstable a civilization as that of Greece could be imposed upon a civilization immeasurably more widespread, and rooted in the most venerable traditions. The quantity of Asia proved too much for the quality of Greece...
The introduction of the Stoic philosophy into Athens by the Phoenician merchant Zeno (about 310 B.C.) was by one of the multitude of Oriental infiltration. Both Stoicism and Epicureanism--the apathetic acceptance of defeat, and the effort to forget defeat in the arms of pleasure--were theories as to how one might yet be happy though subjugated or enslaves...
Oxford's section on Roman Philosophy
Greek philosophy was initially seen as subversive of Roman customs; philosophers were expelled from Rome in 1721 and 161 B.C...
Their writings are alike characterized by concern with the practical aspects of ethics and psychology [stoic].
Roman philosophy was, however, still only the junior partner in the Graeco-Roman philosophical enterprise.
Here the author stresses the events of Plutarch, Peripatetics, the Sceptics, but...
but unlike the Romain Stoics, hardly count as 'Roman philosophers'
then follows with Plotinus and Boethius
The question why Roman philosophy has in general been less significant than Greek can be approached in more than one way... On one level there was simply less Roman than Greek philosophical activity... on another, both Greek and roman philosophy in that period were characterized--as much else in the culture of the time--by looking back to earlier thinkers as models, the commentary and the scholastic compendium being characteristic forms of writing. But the contribution of Roman philosophy as here defined to the European tradition should not be underestimated.
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2014.10.30 04:36 Plarry2 I hate my mom.

This is just something I really need to get off my chest.
I used to hate my dad for divorcing my mom, its what began the beginning of my depression, but now I totally get why he left her, I would love to leaver her to. I hate her, I don't even have words to describe how I feel.
Freshman year of High school (I'm a Jr. now) I got sick with a cold, no big deal, then all of my asthma triggers happened at once, so I had an asthma attack right after I woke up. My inhaler couldn't keep up and I knew something was off. It was almost 7 pm, and I told my mom I needed to be taken to the hospital, I still couldn't breathe. She was too busy with her fucking Facebook game, and said "We'll go to the doctors tomorrow" are you fucking kidding me? I was already so weak (still couldn't breath, I was out of oxygen) I couldn't get to my phone to call for an ambulance, and my mom wouldn't budge. "She was busy", my sister was out with her friends and eventually came back about 11:30, so I couldn't get her to call for me. About 10:30, I told her she cant let me fall asleep because I was convinced I was gonna die. I had my iPod, and I texted a few friends told them I was "leaving" (I was done, and was ready to die, and if my mom didn't care, obviously I shouldn't right?) and I'd see them on the other side (they thought I meant the other side of Thanksgiving break), and laid down. I was too exhausted to be awake (or alive for that matter) and my sister got home while I was asleep.
The next thing I remember, it was about 1:30 am (my memory begins to get messed up at this point) I was in the bathroom coughing air into my lungs, violently (I later found out my lung was beginning to collapse) and my mom came in with this "can you stop I'm trying to sleep" face. I was almost dead, crying (I don't cry, especially after this moment in my life, what could be worse than your own mother not caring) begging to go to the ER, and finally, my sister came out. She saw me laying there, begging and began to call the ambulance (bless her soul), and flipping shit my mom hadn't took me already, or called an ambulance. My mom took my sisters phone, begins her OMG I need to get my favorite special most love able son ever to hospital. I was astounded! She had never acted that way. My sister went back to her room for something (don't remember) and my mom looked at me and said "well lets go". Like I could walk, I couldn't sit up right. So my mom and my sister begin to drag me out to the car, and I pass out. I come to when I need to climb into shotgun, and pass back out.
I wake up at the ER, unable to stand, or unbuckle, or do anything but cough until I vomit. My mom goes into the door grabs a wheelchair, and tells the ladies at the front desk I'm on my way in. One of them comes out and gets me into the chair and sprints me in for check in.
Now obviously for any medication to be successful the need to know my weight to administer the correct dose, but why I had to stand on the scale that had room for my wheelchair which they could Zero the wheelchair, is beyond me
I come to again in the er, I had like 5 I'vs in me. I heard I was a 12, (I remember thinking... Ladies...?) which is the highest someone living can have on the asthma attack severity scale, 13 is dead. This is when I found out my lung almost collapsed. And I had some anti-emetic (or whatever is the anti-barf) and all sorts of other medicine. I get put on so many steroids to get the inflamed bronchial tubes to go down, "I was like I was high on crack" as the doctor put it, once that wore off, I fell asleep (about 2:45). I was checked on every few minutes, but was woke up about 4 for more meds, and permanently about 6 when they told me after some more meds I'd be moved to a more comfortable room.
I was alive, I was still trying to comprehend what was all going on I had forgot what my mom did.
During that seven day, eighteen hour and thirty eight minute stay in the hospital, I went 5 days without standing, contracted and got rid of pneumonia, and had a very mild heart attack. My best friend also died during this time. He was the only person who knew what went down, and the next day, died in a car wreck.
I missed two entire weeks of school from this. I was unbelievably far behind in school, borderline suicidal, and I was lost. My own mom tried to let me die. I would have put a bullet in my head if my other friends weren't so great, I literally owe my life to them. Between them, and my new found love of Hip-Hop, and a bit of a God-Complex. I was able to climb out of the pits of depression.
My mom is still absolutely belligerently rude, but I'm used to it. I mean, who could argue with getting grounded for a week for sweeping the driveway from left to right compared to right to left.
Im still a very angry, confused (I still don't know why my mom hates me) child. And I know I still have a lot of maturing to do, but I've seen death. That changes you. I am a different person, and I think all the shit I went through has helped me become who I am today.
Another thing I'd like to say is to everyone who says "your just an immature teenager who doesn't understand whats going on, your parents love you and they know best", pull your head out of your ass before you speak please. I am not stupid, I disagree with my dad on almost everything, but he always comes from a fathers point of view. I understand, I just want to go long-boarding barefoot at 11:30 pm. He is absolutely correct, that that's stupid. I'm a teenager, I want to do stupid things, that doesnt make me stupid. I know when stupid is stupid, and when its unacceptable.
TL;DR: not all moms are good. I hate mine, and I just needed someone to tell this to again. And Don't be on your phone and drive.
And the most inspiring, relateable (in my case at least) quote of my life:
I remember thinking I would rather die/Than go through what I was going through when I was struggling to survive/Full of ambition and I’m ready to ride
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